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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Elkton, Oregon

We head out early to get to Autumn William's home.

Why can't we stick to schedule?

We decide to take another 1.5 hour detour to go see Crater Lake. I'm just as guilty as the rest for wanting to add this stop. It was really cool.

We finally arrive at Autumn's and she is playing her piano and singing as we stand in the doorway listening. She has a beautiful voice and I hinted to her that I would love to sell her CD on my website.

She shows us around and is so so happy to see her buddy Craig. She then takes us next door to meet her mom, Sali and her dad, Bob...oh! and grandpa Bill!

Sali's house is the most wonderful thing to see! Each room is decorated with a theme and it would take weeks to see every treasure that is tucked away in each room!

If you all think Autumn is beauiful, you should know that she gets her looks from her mother! And funny, too! The whole family has such a wonderful sense of humor and made me feel so comfortable and right at home with them!

We went out to the local eatery for a quick bite then back to Autumn's to hang out and shoot the breeze.

This is has been a once in a lifetime trip for this Bigfoot Field Reporter.

I have to get permission to tell you all about the rest of the journey, and I hope I can! You won't be disappointed!

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