Monday, November 28, 2011

Dr. Igor Burtsev's Rebuttal


As Kemerovo region officials reported, a scientific conference featuring a boxing legend, Nikolai Valuev, and U.S. Bigfoot believers held in beginning of October, 2011 in that region of Russia, has claimed that it found "95 percent evidence" for the existence of a Yeti-like hominoid in southern Siberia.
But the opposition politicians ridiculed the findings as pure pre-election publicity for United Russia. On another hand, all this might attract so far is tourism, said the scientific opponents.

And just in less than a month after the Conference the Siberian taiga answered to both the politicians’ and other suspicious scientific skeptics’ accusations. See following.

On November 6 a resident of the Tashtagol city Yuri Koungoushev with his wife Svetlana and two daughters arrived for the weekend to their summer cabin in the forest not far from the city. They noticed big footprints in the snow which crossed the yard and went up a steep slope through the bushes. The family were surprised and scared by the size of the strides that were close to 4,5 – 5 feet. In some footprints they could see imprints of toes. The footprints crossed also a 14 feet wide creek, not having broken the thin ice on its surface, i.e. the creature just jumped over that fairly wide creek.
The stride up the slope became shorter, about three feet, but still too long for a human walking up that slope.

Yuri took shots with his film camera and made video-clip of the event. The family didn’t stay at the house for the night for fear of the creature, they returned to the city and informed the local newspaper about their findings.
On the next day the photo-reporter Kirill Sazanov with other collegues came to the spot and was convinced that those were real tracks of a huge biped. He also took several photos of the footprints, but fresh fallen snow made them not so visible. Anyway, the newsmen were very excited with what they saw and published an article about it which the local people sent over to me.
I connected later with Kirill, and he has sent me the video and photos of the findings.

Thus it looks that the Snowman decided to show to the skeptics that he really exists in Highland Shoria, and was not made up by the authorities for their electoral purposes, and not deceiving the international public. Of course, the authorities showed their wisdom and flexibility and attracted this phenomenon for the good of their population, which is worthy of praise.

And at the same time their attitude objectively contributes to progress in the study of these mysterious bipeds. For this the researchers-hominologists are very grateful to them.

Dr. Igor Burtsev,
International Center of Hominology