Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bigfoot in Vermont?

I've been to Vermont 3 times in the past three years and I must say it is a very beautiful state. The forests and streams and scenery are gorgeous!
I know people have seen moose, dear and black bear in Vermont, but I don't hear a whole lot about bigfoot sightings.

The most recent bigfoot sighting on the BFRO website is from October 2005 and there aren't very many more there.

Is there a bigfoot organization that covers the Vermont area?

We are in the middle of a great snow storm today and I am heading down to Salt Fork to do some squatching. (It's too late to cancel my reservations!) I hope I am rewarded for my efforts!

Have a great weekend everybody and get back to me on the Vermont thing. :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Major Conference Announcement!

Just when you thought that there would be no event at Salt Fork State Park this May, along comes:
Creature Weekend 2012!

This event is an original production that will include speakers and researchers of diverse areas of cryptozoology.

The event will follow the same formula as the previous conferences.
**Creature Weekend Schedule of Events**
Friday (May 18) : Meet and Greet (Mingle with researchers, share your experiences)
Saturday (May 19) : Conference (including vendor tables and speakers)
Sunday (May 20) : Crypto Tour (weather permitting)

A limited number of Vendor tables are available for this event. For more info, contact Arthur Vandelay :

***Please Note***: Seating is limited so please pre-register for this conference. Registration details will be posted when available.

So if you were deciding whether or not to plan your family vacation to Ohio, I say go for it! Stay tuned for more details!

Please make your reservations at Salt Fork State Park as rooms and camp sites will sell out QUICKLY!