Saturday, May 01, 2010

New film needs beast of a man to be the next yowie

* Samantha Healy
* May 02, 2010 12:01AM

A QUEENSLAND film student has launched a search for a man to play the yowie in a movie about the mystical ape-like creature rumoured to roam the Australian bush.

The casting call for the short film, called The Yowie, states the successful applicant should be tall, powerful, hairy, physical, a "Bigfoot" and aged between 25 and 55.

Perhaps our very own hairy Hollywood star Russell Crowe could take a paycut and step in to the role, or un-manscaped local talent such as Titans prop Brad Meyers or Wolfmother guitarist Andrew Stockdale.

Griffith University film student Col Bayford, 23, said the script was inspired by sasquatch stories in his native Canada and adapted to tell the tale of the Australian yowie.

"We've had over 80 applications for the role so far but the ideal candidate would be tall, hairy, rugged guy," Mr Bayford said.

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"Creating that humanoid look is important to us because we want people to think it could be a guy in a monkey suit but he just doesn't look quite right."

The film is based on two main characters, couple James and Vivian, who are spending a weekend camping when a mysterious figure appears in the bush.

The plot follows the couple as they battle to survive the night.

Mr Bayford said the film - which was funded by students - was "more thriller than horror".

But while the film is fictional, Australian Yowie Research founder Dean Harrison is convinced real-life yowies are out there.

"When you have done the research we have and seen what we've seen, interviewed the countless witnesses, taken plaster casts of footprints, you have to believe," Mr Harrison said.

"And there are photos and footage but that's all I can say and I can't say any more but they are very real," he said.

According to AYR, almost 10,000 sightings have been reported around the nation, the majority on the east coast, including bushland areas around Brisbane.

Similar to the North American Bigfoot and Himalayan Yeti, AYR believes two kinds of yowie live in Australia - a larger yowie which stands between 1.8 and 3 metres tall and a smaller version that stands between 1.2 and 1.5 metres, fully grown.

But is budding film director Mr Bayford a believer?

"I am a firm believer in science and evolution so I keep an open mind about these things," he said.

The Yowie begins filming at Murwillumbah in June.

Interesting facts about yowies in Australia

* There have been almost 10,000 reported sightings of yowies across Australia.

* The name 'yowie' is believed to be an adaptation of Aboriginal names 'yuuri' and 'yowri' which were two commonly used words to describe the creature, particularly in NSW

* Yowies are believed to be similar to the equally mysterious ape-like creatures known as bigfoot (in the US), sasquatch (Canada), yeti (China) and chuchuna (Russia).

* The largest populations of yowies are believed to be in the remote mountain ranges of southeast Australia.

* Yowies have thick, dark skin on the face, with deep skin folds and a flattened, wide nose. They often have a strong odour. They are powerfully built with broad shoulders, a small neck and muscular legs, similar to an ape.

* Yowies have some serious body hair and walk upright.

Reported yowie sightings in Queensland

July 2009 - Rockhampton:
A driver, who had pulled off to the side of a road, reported seeing a a very tall, grey-haired creature with similar body features to a human standing on two limbs. The creature ran extremely fast and dove into scrub.

September 2002 - Beerwah:
A horticulturalist, name withheld, was in the Beerwah State Forest off Roy's Rd when he heard a high-pitched scream. He turned around and saw a ``black furry thing about waist-height'' which ``got taller, almost to my height''.

August 2001 - Laidley:
Mrs Crouten (first name withheld) was driving north towards Laidley Creek when a creature appeared on the right side of the road. It was walking on ``all fours'', was covered in dark hair and looked like a large version of an orangutan. Simlar sightings have been reported over the years.

Mid-2001 - Mount Tamborine:
A jogger was running along a road when he saw ``this big dark form''. As it turned to its side, he realized it was mobile, on two legs, and 2.13m-2.43m (7ft-8ft) tall.

1999 - Ormeau:
Jason C spotted something moving in bushland while clearing trees for a house construction. He recalls seeing an ``ugly thing'' sitting crouched in the bushes and decsribed it as an ``ugly human'' with dark brown hair body hair, a flat nose, a large head, about 2.74m (9ft) tall, long arms and solid. It ran in a side to side motion.

1977 - Springbrook:
Former Queensland National Party senator Bill O'Chee reported that he came face-to-face with a yowie while he was a young boy on a school camp. He said he was with a group of 20 fellow TSS students when they saw what they described as a 3m tall, hair-covered creature. It had a flat face and walked to the side in a crab-like style.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Searching for Sasquatch here in South Texas

Searching for Sasquatch here in South Texas
Reported by: Delaine Mathieu

LEAKEY, Texas - Last fall, after several people called police saying they saw something that looked like Bigfoot on the Northwest side of San Antonio, we were contacted by a group of men who call themselves Bigfoot investigators. They said they're convinced that Sasquatch is here and probably always has been. So, our Delaine Mathieu said -- prove it!

Last December, a homeless couple in San Antonio called 911 saying they saw something in the woods off Highway 151 and Culebra. "I would be a liar if I said I thought I knew what it was, but I don't know. I know it picked up that deer and walked," reported the caller. Police checked it out, but nothing was ever found.

Troy Hudson believes Bigfoot is here. He used to work for the Department of Homeland Security and now runs TBIG -- The Bigfoot Investigation group in Dallas. "I've been in the woods a lot as a child and I've seen things I can't explain to you," Hudson told us.

We set up camp with him and his colleague, Chase Robinson at Garner State Park in Uvalde County near Leakey -- where a man in a truck reportedly saw a Bigfoot on Highway 83 in 2006. "It was in December, early December around 10:30pm," Hudson said. "He was messing with something and he happens to look up and notices movement." He says the creature ran across the highway and disappeared.

"But that sounds crazy!" Delaine told Hudson. "That sounds almost ridiculous, right?" Hudson told her there are too many witnesses, too many reports across the country, too much documentation, too much data that suggests what are these people seeing?

Crazy is a word Troy and Chase say they hear a lot in their line of work, but there are several Bigfoot investigative groups in Texas like TBIG -- determined to find Bigfoot. "If people in Vermont are reporting a tree knock and a whoop as well as someone in California, Florida, Utah, Oklahoma, Texas -- it only leads you to believe that there's something out there."

And to the unbelievers out there who call these guys nuts? They say, just go on an expedition. "Try it. Before you condemn us, go out and try it," Chase told us. "See what they see and listen to the sounds of the night."

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Man Saves Drowning Bigfoot

Bigfoot saved from drowning in icy Siberian river

29 April, 2010, 13:51

A Russian hunter claims he has saved something that can only be described as Bigfoot from a frozen river in central Siberia.

Russian news agency Itar-Tass quoted a source in the administration of the Tashtagol district of the Perm Region as saying that the incident took place in April this year near the village of Senzaskiye Kichi. The village is located 140 kilometers away from the nearest human settlement and the only connection with its residents is by helicopter. The latest flight to the village brought back a written report about the encounter with the so-called Bigfoot.

The letter read that professional hunter Afanasiy Kiskorov together with several other hunters was fishing when they heard a loud cracking of ice and a howl. When they approached the source of the noise, the hunters saw an unusual creature described as “like a huge man covered in dark brown fur.” The creature was in the river, about 10 meters from the bank and it unsuccessfully tried to get out of the water and stand upright.

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Kiskorov rushed to the rescue and reached out for the drowning creature with a dry tree branch. “Bigfoot” then grabbed the branch, got onto shore, and walked away.

Authorities in the Kemerovo Region have repeatedly released stories of Bigfoot sightings over the past few years. According to them, those interested in cryptozoology could help to develop the Siberian tourism industry.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Congratulations Mike Rugg!

Congrats to my friend Mike Rugg, curator, Director and proprietor of The Bigfoot Discovery Museum for being selected by as one of the top ten coolest roadside attractions in America. is a website designed by men for men and this is what they have to say about The Bigfoot Discovery Museum:
Bigfoot Discovery Museum – Felton, California
Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti whatever you want to call it, this mythical creature has been the star of countless blurry photographs and home movies. What better way to get all the… err facts? …about this giant ape than from the experts. The museum houses all kinds of odd Bigfoot artifacts from photos and movies to plaster casts and a guide on “How to Spot a Hoax.” Hours and days of operations may vary, after all these “scientists” do have a giant ape to capture.

Keep up the good work Mike!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Report From Pennsylvania

Stan Gordon of The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society reports that a family in southern Westmoreland county reported hearing loud screams, growls, grunts and whooping sounds of a large animal moving around on their rural property. This took place night April 24th at 8:00 pm and again that morning at 3:00 am. Familiar with local wildlife, they report they never heard anything like it before.
If you look closely at the Pennsylvania map, you will see that Westmoreland county is just north of Fayette county.

Eric adds: Incidentally this took place about 7 miles to the north east of where the sighting report I recieved on Friday April 23rd at 3:00 am took place. Could it be the same creature? Sightings in Fayette County in 2009 and 2010 have been heavily reported and now moving into southern Westmoreland county now?

I have asked Eric if he feels the sightings are of the same creature, or if he feels there are more than one creature roaming the woods of southwestern Pennsylvania.

So far, no one knows anything for sure.

I really believe with all of the reports submitted within the past year, that there is something going on here.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bigfoot Has Arrived!

Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

In the past year there have been numerous sightings and reports coming out of this small area in western Pennsylvania. Too many to ignore.

The BFRO has reports dating from 1974 and the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society has been actively investigating reports from as recently as this past Friday night.

Eric Altman, the Director of The PA Bigfoot Society reports the following:

On April 22, 2010 at 3:00 am a man was awoke to the sound of his dogs barking outside. He also heard a woman screaming. He thought his neighbor was beating his wife. He looked out his bedroom window and saw what he thought was a large but skinny dog walking around in his yard. The creature stood up on two legs and walked into the woods behind his house and into an open farmers field. He described the creatures as skinny covered in black hair and could see the arms swing as it walked.

This is just the most recent report coming from this area. Eric has been keeping very busy with his investigations and has organized and outing to be held in western Pennsylvania at the end of April.

It is exciting to us who believe that these creatures do exist, mostly because the sightings and reports are coming from citizens who have never given a second thought about the viability of such a creature, and the events occur without warning or active pursuit. They weren't looking for a Bigfoot. They were simply going about their normal routine when Bigfoot found them!

More updates as they become available. Happy Squatching!