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Volunteers Needed!

What could be more fun and exciting than working with Loren Coleman in his International Cryptozoology Museum?

If you are in the Portland, Maine area and have a willingness to assist the legendary curator, author, cryptozoologist, then here is your chance!

Loren is searching for an Inventory Docent to give a limited amount of your volunteer time to the museum. Do you like to have a sense of accomplishment to a task? Do you enjoy making lists, counting, and documenting exactly what exists in a specific site? We are looking for your involvement.

If you are interested, please contact Loren Coleman here by clicking on this url:

Loren is featured in the Faces of Bigfoot Research Calendar which can be purchased here

Incident at Boiling Springs Campground, Idaho

This story comes to me from a reader who is interested in learning if there are other reports, sightings or incidents near the Boiling Springs Campground area.

Witness report-My bigfoot story begins with me reading about three other reported sightings in the area of Boiling Springs Camp Ground between 2008 to 2010. So I decided to do my bear hunting at the same site.

The day was Saturday, September 24th, 2011. My friend Eric and I were bear hunting and we set out about 8am. The weather was clear and sunny; the temperature was about 46 degrees. We hiked about 2 miles up the south fork of the Payette river and crossed over to start moving into the tree line.
After about a half mile we were moving up hill and were stopped by the noise of something moving through the brush. We did not see anything as the wilderness up there is quite thick. We got behind a large downed pine tree and waited to see if the thing would continue to come in our direction and it didn’t, so after 20 minutes we decided to walk in the direction of where we heard the noise, we got about 150 yards up a old game trail and were moving up hill and come to a small stream with water running in it, but the bushes were so thick you couldn’t see the water. During the hike there were typical forest sounds such as birds, squirrels and bugs. Once we got closer to the bushes the forest was dead silent and at one point I told Eric to listen and he said he couldn’t hear anything and I said that’s what I am talking about there are no noises at all. As we moved closer to the bushes a large but new green pine cone with pine needles still attached came flying out of the bushes in our direction. So we stopped and looked at each other and not knowing what to think we decided to move closer and I am scanning the hill with my weapon L-to-R and then I noticed as we got closer to the bush a rock the size of a softball maybe a little bigger came out of the bushes at Eric, it wasn’t really thrown at him but it was in his direction for sure, so we stopped and I put my weapon on fire at this point and am in full Recon mode as we walked even closer at this point we are about 30yards from the bushes still moving up hill and from a different area up and to the right and further up the hill another pine cone came at me this time, and Eric asked me what we should do and I said let’s get out of here because to be honest I wasn’t ready to kill something that I don’t know what is was….we never saw anything but I do feel like something strange happened up there.

Back at the campsite there were no other hunters in the camp and we saw no other hunters as we moved through the woods. At no time did anyone announce their presence which is what I would have thought a hunter would have done considering we had our weapons pointed at them.

We were on the downhill side of the encounter and the wind was not heading in our direction but we did not smell anything out of the ordinary. Please keep in mind Sharon I am a Special Forces Trained Solider as a Force Recon Marine and Air Force Combat Controller and have three tours in combat there isn’t much that get the hairs on my neck to stand up but in that moment, it’s hard to explain but I was on edge.

I have spent a lot of time in the wilderness around the world from jungle, deep woods to tundra both hunting and training while I was in the military, I know how to be a part of my surroundings blend in.

Previous sightings reported on the BFRO:

The first sighting was in 2008 by a husband and wife on ATV’s and it was at the end of Sept. they were riding on the Forest Service Road and the wife saw what looked like a hairy tall person run across the road in front of her and up the hill so she speeded up to catch up to her husband whom was around the counter looking up at the same thing, and they both realized that they saw a bigfoot.

LOCATION DETAILS: Near Crouch Idaho(Valley County) about 20 or so miles up rd.# 698 is Boiling Springs Campground and a few hundred yards away is a forest service cabin and a creek right next to the campground. On November 1st 2009 around 8:00 p.m. we saw something between the trees between our sight and the rest rooms. It was walking back and forth in the clearing and swaying back and forth in the same spot when it stopped to better see us through the opening in the trees. Nothing occured to us except it maybe have been some one but we were the only campers for miles. The following year in October 30th 2010 around 10:00 p.m. at the same location we were getting spooked by the area for no reason and we actually packed up and left when again there were no other campers and we heard what sounded like a large boulder about 75-100 yards away hit the ground with a great thud. No boulder rolling or crashing down a hill but like it was thrown or dropped out of the air. No smells or sightings except a few possible 11 inch tracks in the dirt a month prior while hunting in that area.

Vocalizations reported in June of 2004

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Bigfoot Breakdown

Although crudely written, still is worth reading
Have you been to the Bigfoot Trap? It's located in the Siskiyou National Forest in Jackson County. Tourists visit the trap to see if a Bigfoot can be caught. Since it was completed in 1974, the legendary creature has yet to be captured in it.

Yet, the hunt for Sasquatch continues intensely today, among experts and folks in southern Oregon.

Bigfoot has a dedicated research organization, the "Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization," that documents sightings across the nation. Bigfoot even has a dedicated television series called "Finding Bigfoot" on the Animal Planet channel. They try using modern technology to find it.

But it's the scientific community at large who doesn't believe Bigfoot exists.

Dr. Matthew Johnson is out to change that. Eleven years ago, he says he encountered a Bigfoot and since then he's aimed to prove their existence.

Johnson's research is well known his work can be found in local articles and websites.

"As far as my credibility is concerned, I had some people who accused me of making this whole thing up, as a way to drum up business as a psychologist, like 'come see me, I'm the psychologist who just saw Bigfoot.' Like, yeah, that's a good marketing strategy." Johnson said.

Johnson has marketed things before not dealing with Bigfoot.

He's done seminars across the country and sells a book he wrote on parenting.

On his website,, you won't find any mention of Johnson's Bigfoot encounter.

"Immediately following the year after my family's encounter, I attended the Oregon Psychological Association's annual conference." said Dr. Johnson, "The president asked me to stand up to 300 of my peers and said, 'this is Dr. Matthew Johnson, and he's the guy who saw Bigfoot with his family and had the courage to come out and say it.' and I got a standing ovation from all 300 psychologists there. It was a real coming out to say these beings exist."

There are many others who believe Johnson.

Karl Haekler is a Grants Pass native, a veteran of Iraq's Operation Freedom and a lifelong outdoorsman.

"There is something that makes human-like tracks in our forests." Haekler said.

Within 20 miles of Grants Pass is an area where Dr. Johnson says a family of Bigfoots may live.

That's one of the many research/interaction sites where Doctor Johnson and his team camp for a couple days. Their goal is to interact with the creatures at night.

To gather data, Dr. Johnson will spray paint tracks and use a parabolic microphone to capture sounds.

"They may try and imitate owls and make more 'whoop' noises." He said.

Johnson said the best way to interact with them is in darkness. No flashlights. No campfires.

"Bigfooting is like fishing. Some days you get lots of bites, lots of action. Other days, you get nothing."

Another sound he captures is wood-knocking -- the sound Bigfoot allegedly makes when hitting an object against a tree.

"It happens at the time of day when they're calling the others in. Cause it's time to start bedding down." said Johnson.

Johnson's girlfriend, Cynthia Kreitzberg, is part of the team and plays tunes with her recorder -- hoping to invite the creatures.

"I'd always believed that Sasquatch was real, but I thought they were extinct. Finding out otherwise has been fun." she said.

In the mornings, Dr. Johnson spray-paints and finds prints to make cast of the footprint.

"You see the heel here on the dirt. It comes up here and you can see, kind of lightly, the impressions of the toes working its way up here and back down like right there." said Johnson pointing to the tracks.

Johnson says the creatures have a mid-torsal break, where the front of their foot can bend forward curling down to grip.

Johnson says the Bigfoots can scale steep mountain sides "with great ease."

To prove authenticity, Johnson shows off some his most revealing foot casts.

"I think they are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. Early on, my goal was to get them identified, protect their habitat, but I think they have things under control. My goal now is to come out and interact with them. Get to know 'em."

However, anthropologists from the University of Oregon and Wildlife biologists from Oregon's Fish and Wildlife hesitate to conclude that Johnson's findings prove the existence of Bigfoot.

"Dermal ridges... if you really wanted to could probably be faked." said Dr. John Lukacs, a longtime professor of Anthropology.

Lukacs is more familiar with the Asian version of Sasquatch, known as the Yeti.

He spent three field trips to Nepal where natives still report sightings of the Yeti.

It's in Southeast Asia where fossil evidence dating back over 300,000 years shows the existence of a giant ape known as Gigantopithecus.

Scientists say they are extinct, but Bigfoot researchers believe those giant apes are the ancestors of Sasquatch.

Lukacs is skeptical.

Citing evolutionary biology and population dynamics, Lukacs said primates typically travel in groups of at least 25 individuals.

"The fact that the evidences seem to pick up a footprint or a footprint track or a sighting of an individual, seems to me, contrary to the idea these animals exist, in reality." said Lukacs.

Another University of Oregon anthropologist, Doctor Stephen Frost agrees with that critique.

"All of the evidence that's ever been put forward is always a trace sort of evidence. It's unclear whether it could be faked or not. You know there are very clever people out there." said Frost.

Frost takes his criticism further, discounting the ways current bigfoot researchers prove the beast's existence.

"No one has found any visible scat, or tooth, or hair -- anything that could be verified in a scientific manner." Frost adds.

Johnson had recordings of what he says were bigfoots roaming around his campsite near Grants Pass.

Oregon Fish and Wildlife biologists hesitate to really separate those sounds from the sounds of what could actually be animals.

"It's difficult to distinguish sounds from far away. Especially with all the different types of vocalizations our wildlife can have. You know bears from a distance can make different noises, deer, elk...some birds can make some really interesting noises. Just to hear a sound and confirm somethin' it would be very difficult for me to prove."said Mark Vargas, a local district Wildlife Biologist.

A book review in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology sums up the take on Bigfoot today in the academic world.

Written by Matt Cartmill at Duke University, he compares the work of two scientists with differing views on Bigfoot.

Jeff Meldrum, from Idaho State University, agrees with Johnson in saying some of the footprints show anatomical features "that are too subtle and technical to have been generated by inexpert lay pranksters."

But University of Florida anthropologist David Daegling says pranksters can be experts too.

Fake Bigfoots like the Bardin Booger, Cripplefoot, and the Minnesota Iceman Cadaver are all examples of the length some folks have gone to prove its existence.

Daegling's fundamental question: Why do people report encounters with an animal that doesn't exist?

Try asking that to folks like Johnson.

"Just had a visual three weeks ago where one walked up during our night-sit area, where one walked up to the three of us, and walked right by me, and bumped me, spun me around, as it walked by and back into the trees and brush on the other side of our night-sit area." said Johnson.

Cartmill said it's hard to demonstrate that something doesn't exist.

Some philosophers say it can't be done.

Perhaps that's why folks continue their fascination with Bigfoot today.

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Seasons Greetings to the Squatcher in all of us!

With the Christmas season quickly approaching, I thought I would give you all easy access to the most popular websites featuring Bigfoot items that your favorite Squatcher would enjoy under the tree or in their stocking!
Of course I must begin with my friend Mike Esordi's Bigfoot Surplus which features many of his unique and creative designs!

One truly great find were these amazing Bigfoot collectibles from Bigfoot Valley. They are hand-painted and mounted on a base made of real Manzanita wood. These whimsical creatures each have their own distinct personality.
You'll want to collect them all!

For the person who likes to wear their passion on their sleeve, I suggest the Sasqwatch! I have a pink one :)
For your holiday decorating needs, Bronner's Christmas Wonderland has both a Bigfoot and a Yeti Christmas tree ornament. They do have another Bigfoot bulb ornament in their catalog, but I did not see it on their website. So maybe you might want to request a catalog from them!
Now many of you have seen the 3 foot tall Bigfoot garden statue by Toscano that many Squatchers show off on their profile pics, but did you know that Toscano has a new Bigfoot item to share? I love this, I saw it in their catalog, it is the Bashful Bigfoot. He clings to trees in your yard and is less expensive than the garden statue. Also, not to be outdone by Bronner's, Toscono offers this adorable ornament.
Don't forget the Bigfoot Researcher Calendar and coffee mugs you can order here.

And of course there are the multitudes of books written by everyone from Dr. Jeff Meldrum to author David Coleman who has spent the last few years researching every Bigfoot movie and documentary he could get his hands on for his newest creation The Bigfoot Filmography: Fictional and Documentary Appearances in Film and Television, his epic examination of all-things Bigfoot-related as appears on tv and in movies. And every researcher should read the conversation invoking book Enoch, by Autumn Williams.

Also, many DVD favorites such as Sean Whitley's Southern Fried Bigfoot ; Don Keating's Sasquatch at Salt Fork DVD which can be ordered through Don directly @; and the theatrical thriller BIGFOOT! starring Bob Gray.

And as we all know, Christmas is for GIVING! You can donate to my cause, or better yet, make charitable donations to Michael Rugg's Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, California and/or Peter Byrne's International Wildlife Conservation Society.

And for your Christmas Card giving, a message from Robert Swain:

"I know that this isn't Black Friday or even Cyber Monday, but just wanted to throw out that Laughsquatch Christmas cards are available.
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As you can see there are many options for gift giving to the Squatcher in your life, and don't forget your favorite reporter, me!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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Kyle Hester-Artist

So many Bigfoot enthusiasts have artistic talent! Must be because their minds are more open and imaginative!

I received some creatively adorable artwork from Kyle Hester who is an elementary art teacher.

I asked Kyle if I could feature the artwork on my blog and told him (her?) that others might want to copy the pics and use them on Facebook to which Kyle replied,
"I would love to sell them but more importantly, for me,
I want people to enjoy them, so please post them. Please let me know
about any feedback."

So please feel free to contact Kyle at with your feedback or simply comment here!

Sorry Friends

I know there hasn't been much headway being made in proving the existence of Bigfoot to the general population. We go into the woods as often as we can looking for one shred of evidence that will keep us coming back.

Thanks to social networking, we now have access to hundreds of backyard squatchers. There are videos popping up everyday, new blogs, numerous radio shows, hundreds of blogsquatch photos and unfortunately, one too many "authorities" on the subject.

So many of you, us, want to see that indisputable piece of evidence. Some want it so badly that they actually see a Bigfoot in the pictures and videos that are quite obviously fakes or hoaxes.

Sometimes owls are simply owls. Sometimes old men walk in front of a camera and take video of themselves. Sometimes people want to be on television so badly that they create a situation to put themselves in the limelight. Enough is enough!

For the people who have had a face-to-face encounter, perhaps they can speak a little more loudly against the actions of those who are creating this hype.

Ben Rivers

Last night I received an email from a person named Ben Rivers. I have no idea who he is, I have never heard of him before and I am not sure how many others he sent this email to.

It appears Rivers has created a blog for one purpose only; to expose the Patterson-Gimlin film as a hoax.

From reading his "expose" it appears that he has not done much research. The core of his report stems from a paragraph taken from page 32 of 'Big Footprints' by Grover S. Krantz, 1992.

'The shape of a footprint can be dug into the ground with the fingers and/or a hand tool, the interior pressed flat, and it can then be photographed or cast in plaster. My first footprint cast was made by a student in just this manner (Fig.10). Roger Patterson told me he did this once in order to get a movie of himself pouring a plaster cast for the documentary he was making. (A few days later, he filmed the actual Sasquatch; See Chapter 4).'

Did Grover Krantz believe that Patterson documented a hoax?

Ben Rivers has no other posts. His blog can be accessed by clicking here.