Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reason, Science and Sanity in Bigfoot Research

A few days ago Steven Streufert added me to this new page he created on Facebook which he called  "Coalition for Reason, Science and Sanity in Bigfoot Research.  The group is just starting out, and is very small, I believe there are 86 members today.

We were having several very nice, intriguing discussions among many threads, the most active one being,  "Do you think the government already knows about Bigfoot and possibly already recovered a body? Why would they not tell us about it?" 

Another thread soon turned to DNA evidence and more people were added to the group.  Now it was getting interesting.  

There are those who believe that Bigfoot can disappear into thin air, or appear as another creature, or explode into a ball of pure, white light.  Some believe the Bigfoot to be a primate with no hominid qualities, then there are others who deem these beings as "Forest PEOPLE" implying that the Bigfoot is as human as any of us reading this, but with more hair.  I won't say which group I belong to, and you can decide for yourself where you fit in, however, perhaps we need to dissect each group and try to rationalize, irrationally, what can be happening.

I believe in the possibility that there are extra-terrestrial beings and UFO's. I believe in the possibility of angels and demons.  I believe in the possibility of Bigfoots, Dogmen, Mothmen, Skunk Apes, Sea Serpents and Chupacabras.

I am not going to rule out anything just because I have not experienced it first hand.  BUT, if you are going to try to convince me that the owl I hear is really a Bigfoot IMITATING an owl, then I suggest you turn the video camera around and post THAT on Youtube.  I am willing to view any physical evidence you can provide with a very wide open mind.

I was intrigued by the video of the angel who came to a young girl's hospital door moments after she was taken off of life support, and the girl survived.  Now maybe I'm just gullible, but that was very intriguing!

I would venture to say that if a researcher was out in the woods and a bright light enveloped them, they may have had an alien or spiritual encounter.  But why would this researcher (no one in particular)  believe that it was a Bigfoot encounter?

Everything that occurs is open to individual interpretation, so for the sake of research, we must begin to separate interpretation from cold, hard, scientific fact.

We have so many different types of people putting forth information, while not really accurate but perhaps their own interpretation of what is going on out in them thar woods.

We have the Youtubers who really think they are going to be the next "break-out" reality show star.  Then we have organizations that instruct hundreds of members to pay dues and to follow the rules of said organization.  Then there are the people who claim habituation, but refuse to share their Bigfoot with the world with any hard evidence but we are to just take them at their word.  Then there are those who are all too eager to show their Bigfoot evidence, usually in the form of blobsquatches, leaves, tree stumps, get the picture ;).  And then we have those who communicate with the Bigfoot through mind-speak.  Now, if you are not actually seeing the Bigfoot, how do you know you are not reading the mind of a chipmunk or woodchuck?
It is all so very frustrating and it becomes more frustrating when the ones who want hard, solid facts sit by and watch as innocent enthusiasts flock to the new Bigfoot gurus, or flit from one belief to another.

We so wanted the Georgia Bigfoot in the freezer to be the real deal.  We wanted that flesh and blood body to be 100% legitimate, and not an alien, or a spirit.  Yet once again, we were disappointed.  Perhaps at some point during our infatuation with Bigfoot, we simply give in to the idea that it just may be something not of this world.

I hope to hear a lot of feedback from eyewitness who can attest to the fact that this creature is real.  Warm blooded, oxygen breathing, omnivorous with a sense of humor and a taste for exotic spices.

Norfork Man Recounts Bigfoot Encounter

The encounter happened, according to LaBrecque, between 9-10 p.m. near a woodpile behind LaBrecque's home in the Windsor Heights suburb of Des Moines, Iowa. Prior to the altercation, LaBrecque says he observed almost nightly a Bigfoot specimen — about 8 feet tall — that sometimes appeared with two apparently juvenile Bigfoot creatures.
Read the entire story here.
A closeup look at Clifford LaBrecque's model of Bigfoot
I find that the full facial hair is interesting.  Many people claim that the Bigfoot they see has little or no hair on the cheeks/face.  Marc DeWerth captured some fascinating footage many years ago and it clearly depicts an ink black face with full facial hair coverage.  I hope he converts it to an electronic file soon!