Thursday, March 04, 2010

Believe it Tour/Ohio Conference Promo

Yes that is the Hype Machine you hear cranking up and hooray for it!

It is in the best interest of Don Keating and all of the vendors and attendees to promote an anticipated event!

I'll never understand why there are so many haters out there. Can you name one organization who WOULDN'T do their best to promote their event?????

I love what Mike has done here and I hope to see many more promos like this in the future!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Happy Camp Activity

This report has come in to me via Tara Lee Hauki of Happy Camp, California:

Early afternoon on February 2, 2010 my boyfriend Alan and a friend of his took a short drive up Indian Creek near the town of Happy Camp, Ca. The day was warm and sunny. An atypical day for this time of the season here although there is a nice patch of springtime weather in this area from year to year. Just enough to confuse the daffodils and hyacinths into making an early appearance.

They drove on up Indian Creek to an area at the base of Grey Back mountain known to the locals as "Grey Back". Just before the entrance to the West Branch campground they turned the opposite way and pulled into an area known as the Siskon Jade Mine. As they drove up to a place to pull over, Alan noticed a path of large footprints going from South East to North West off to the side of their rig. They had an idea they knew what they were so they stopped and got out to have a look.

Alan's friend looked around at some of the tracks and told me he could see toe prints and what are called dermal ridges in the almost melted snow of a few of them. They thought they were just big boot prints until he saw those. They got nervous at the thought that a Bigfoot could be near so the friend took a couple of quick shots with his cell phone camera and then they got in the rig and left.

I want to add that this is an area where previously a local man got a cast of a print that is well known to the locals here. There have been other sightings in this area in the past. Some people actually think the campground is haunted because of the strange feeling of being watched when they go there. It is not a favorite camp spot for many locals because of it. And as typical with a lot of sightings the two guys don't want to talk about what they saw. My boyfriend being one of them!

Alleged Bigfoot Sightings Draw Crowd In Ohio Valley Park

I am only providing the link so as not to violate copywrite laws...

Monday, March 01, 2010

South Idaho Bigfoot Sighting

Thank you Terry Baddley for sharing this with us.

Bigfoot DVD Launch Party

Bob Gray of Mentor, Ohio has successfully produced, directed and starred in his own movie called Bigfoot!

Bob will be throwing a DVD launch party, Friday, March 26, 2010 at the Thirsty Camel in Mentor, Ohio. The cost is $20 with proceeds being donated to the cause of Juvenile Diabetes.

This looks to be a fun event supporting a worthwhile cause.

I will be sure to keep you updated with the complete details for the event!

Vote for the Zorgy Awards

What does "fortean" mean?

I had to look it up because Lord knows I am not as savvy as all of you veterans in this field.

What's that? You aren't either? Oh, but you are more than happy now that I have looked it up for you, and you didn't have to admit to not knowing. I am such the educator.

The word "fortean" pertains to "anomalous phenomenon". Now what does that mean? Let me break it down.

Anomalous phenomenon is that which is not sufficiently explained by science or inferred knowledge. Sasquatch, UFO's, Loch Ness monster, Dogman, Chupacabra's, get the picture.

We all believe that one or more of the above mentioned "anomalies" exist, despite the lack of scientific proof.

The Zorgy awards are presented to people of the "fortean" world who we feel provide us with pertinent and up to date information. People who we can believe in.
The awards are presented to top paranormal researchers, web sites, blogs, discussion forums, television shows and podcasts.

Now, I did not see my website mentioned so I am a bit miffed. Just kidding!
Please click here to submit your votes.

You can only vote once! (perhaps you can write in The Bigfoot Field Reporter!)

The polls will close on March 7, 2010.