Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oregon Sasquatch Symposium, Breakdown

Oregon Sasquatch Symposium, Breakdown

I never thought I'd utter the words "the beautiful Ohio weather" but that is what I said as I left the 80 degree days to head out to Eugene, Oregon where the temps were expected to be in the low to mid 60's as the high! But, alas, the Bigfoot Field Reporter goes where the action is.

Friday was a day for meeting up with old friends and hanging out for awhile before the festivities began. Several of us headed out for lunch and a visit to the Museum of Unfine Art to observe the local Sasquatch art on display. It was amazing to see how the artists portray their version of Bigfoot. The pieces varied in price from $45 to over $300; if I had more money, I would have bought them all.

We then headed over to the Red Lion Inn for the pre-symposium Meet and Greet and I had to prepare for the live radio show. Well, as many of you know, that turned into a train wreck due to loss of signal and other malfunctions. I did however record some interviews and will piece together a pre-recorded show for your listening pleasure.

There were about 50 people in the room. Bob Gimlin, Paul Graves, Jerry Hein. Jerry made buttons for some of us with our pictures on them. He is so sweet!

I finally got to meet Toby Johnson, the coordinator of the event. He really did a heck of a job and does a phenomenal Neil Diamond! Henry May was there as well as Autumn Williams, Kathy and Bob Strain, Thom Cantrall, Jeff Meldrum, Craig Woolheater, Sali Sheppard-Wolford, Cliff Barackman and so many more!

After the crash and burn of the radio show, we headed down to the lounge for some Bigfoot Karaoke. Due to the absence of Tom Yamarone we were forced to entertain ourselves! Wow. Talk about a fun night! I was doing a little smack talking with Autumn and challenged her to a sing-off. It was on...I think I will take the high road here and concede that she won the match by a very slim margin. Just you wait missy!

I can't believe I had so much fun on the very first day! I am in love with the west coast squatchers, they are so amazing.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Artwork from the Museum of Unfine Art

KATU Report on the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium

Have you seen Bigfoot? Better head to Eugene meetup

EUGENE, Ore. - Hiding behind many names - Wild man, Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot - our furry friend has been noted and talked about through history.

Starting June 19, Lane Community College's first Sasquatch Symposium will take place, allowing for believers, and those curious to discuss their experiences and learn more about the alleged creature.

Fact is, more than a thousand people have reported some sort of Sasquatch sighting or experience in Oregon. "It's something that seems to be happening in our own backyard," said Toby Johnson, an organizer of the symposium.

His Bigfoot experience dates back to a cold February morning years ago. "I was on a hike with my son not far from Springfield," Johnson said. They came across a large footprint in the frozen mud and took a picture of it.

"You can see the five toes clearly," he said.

And he was hooked, which is why he helped create the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium at Lane Community College this weekend.

Oregon has more than 30 million acres of forest land, that's nearly half the state, and Oregon believers say that may be why Bigfoot has been able to stay hidden.

In addition to witnesses there will also be Big Foot researchers like Oregon's Autumn Williams. She is the keynote speaker. On top of being a witness herself, she has been hunting Big Foot for nearly 20 years and recently released a documentary about her search. She also owns and operates one of biggest Bigfoot websites in the West.

Now of course there are many non-believers of the Oregon Sasquatch. To this day many scientists discount the existence of Bigfoot and consider it to be a combination of folklore, misidentification and hoax.

But for people like Johnson, a once in a lifetime experience is all it takes. "When you talk to someone who has seen one of these things, you get the feeling they are absolutely authentic," Johnson said.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The 911 Calls From Tim Peeler

I cannot get the first call to embed...

The second call:

He sounds really drunk...maybe he is in shock, I don't know...I don't want to waste my time going down there to investigate this if this is a hoax...

Other Knobby sightings

•21 Dec. 1978 Toluca, North Carolina Minnie Cook (88) Saw "Knobby" outside her house. Tracks found and screams heard in the area of Carpenter's Knob, and other sightings reported.

•Late Dec. 1978 Casar, North Carolina Sammy Price While working in backyard, heard high-pitched scream and saw 6-7-ft "tree" which started to walk.

•Late Dec. 1978 Casar, North Carolina Kay Price Day after previous sighting, heard scream and saw "Knobby" eating soybean crop in field.

•15 Jan. 1979 Casar, North Carolina Mrs. Kay Price, Gaye (18) & Wanda Smith Saw "Knobby" by road, Gaye went closer.

•Late spring 1979 South Mountain (located within 10 miles of Casar), North Carolina Fisherman Saw black shape run into undergrowth; next day shot at same creature...

News Interview of Sasquatch Witness

Thank you Dwayne for sending me this link! :)


Monday, June 14, 2010

Good Old Knobby

Bigfoot afoot? Local legend resurfaces after reported sighting near Casar
Monday, Jun 14 2010, 10:00 am
David Allen

Legend speaks of an ape-like creature who called Upper Cleveland County home in the late 1970s.

Robert Williams, then covering the news for Charlotte media outlets, named him “Knobby,” a towering beast many considered as the resident Bigfoot.

Williams never saw Knobby — “I only wrote what I was told.”

Knobby stories flew overseas, Williams said, drawing interest from New Zealand and beyond. Newspaper articles from 1979 detail more than a dozen Knobby sightings and investigations by the North American Research Association and researchers from a university in Massachusetts. But the rumors and sightings near Carpenter’s Knob — hence the creature’s name — mysteriously stopped decades ago.

Then, Timothy Peeler called 911.

Read the entire story here

Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Annual Oregon Sasquatch Symposium

After a long, quiet winter, the Bigfoot Field Reporter Radio show will be returning this Friday at 11:30 p.m. est live from the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium pre-conference.

The show will be archived for those of you who can't stay up that late on a Friday night!

Hopefully blogtalk radio will cooperate and everything will run smoothly, but, we know better, right?

Bookmark the page and set your reminders on your calendars!

The Bigfoot Field Reporter Radio Show