Saturday, June 09, 2012

In Fayette County, Yet Again!

For the past several years, Fayette County has been a hot bed of Bigfoot activity! I believe there are over 20 reports that have been submitted to the PBS in the past 2 years alone.

On June 2, 2012 Eric Altman and several other members of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society were investigating a "hot area" for suspected Bigfoot activity.

The homeowner had been finding tree breaks, and on more than one occasion, other family members have seen something large, lurking, watching them from the treeline.

At approximately 10:30 p.m. that evening, they captured something on audio that seemed to be responding to the whoops. Listen to the audio HERE. Eric shared the findings the next day on his Facebook page and upon hearing the audio, and because I was dying to get into the woods again, I loaded up the Squatchmobile and drove the 4 hours to my destination.

I had asked the homeowner if it was ok for me to pitch my tent on his property and he gladly agreed!
I arrived around 6:30 p.m., we made introductions and he played his audio for me. Very interesting! I was wondering if I would regret my decision to camp out solo.

He then took me on a hike of the property and showed me where they had found several tree twists w/breaks and some odd formations. It was growing dark so we headed back.

Several teenage boys were present as well as 2 steer, goats, sheep and dogs. The property was absolutely breathtaking. Approximately 100 yards from the house, past a small patch of forest, was a pond stocked with blue gill, bass and several Koi. We decided the best place to pitch my tent would be next to the boathouse. I had help from one of the boys then we sat and waited for others to arrive.
Ron G and his girlfriend Kristen were the first to arrive, followed my Dave and Cindy Dragosin.
As soon as Eric arrived, a plan was devised for our evening ops.

2 way radios were dispersed and we split up into 5 groups in various locations.

The cool mountain air was beginning to settle in on us. There was electricity in the air. The enthusiasm and excitement of the teenage boys made us chuckle. They were having their first researching adventure!
Several whoops were made and the radios would come alive with chatter as the boys nervously claimed they were seeing "big things".

The researchers employed Tarzan whoops as well as Bobo whoops. Eric played several audio clips, the creepiest one being the crying baby, in an effort to stir up some Bigfoot curiosity.

As the hours passed, the night became more and more quiet. Too quiet. The spring peepers that were so obnoxiously vocal in the audio recording were dead silent. Nary a barred owl or night bird called.

A strange, loud wind began to blow the leaves in the trees making it impossible to hear anything. The wind finally subsided and a soft, cold drizzling rain peppered us off and on for about a half hour.

Around 1:00 a.m. we decided to reconvene at the boathouse. Soon researchers packed their gear and left, one by one, leaving me all to myself.

Two of the boys came back and started a fire and we sat out talking until 3 a.m. We said goodnight and I crawled into my tent and passed out almost immediately! It had been a very long day!

Unfortunately, nothing happened for the rest of the evening and I broke camp and made my 4 hour drive back home.

Some of the guys are headed back out tonight and I hope they have better luck than I did!

Visit the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society Facebook page at:

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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Tyler has a Dream

Tyler Bounds has a dream: To go hiking with BACKPACKER's very own Gear Pro/Chick, Kristin Hostetter. But rather than just let his dream rattle around in his head forever, he's gone and built a Facebook fan page. Here's a summation of his mission:

Kristin Hostetter, the Gear Chick at Backpacker Magazine, is my dream hiking partner. She knows how to set up a tent, boil water, and bandage a blister. Plus, she is very easy on the eyes...She would be the Ultimate tentmate and trailbuddy.

I have been a subscriber to Backpacker Magazine for many years, and have always had a "thing" for Ms. Hostetter and her insights. For a gearhead like me, she is the golden gear goddess...

Well, Tyler, the BACKPACKing gods have heard your prayers, and they've decided to answer them. But we're not just giving a prize this great away. We help those who help themselves, so it's his task to raise as many fans of his cause as he can. Here's the breakdown:

1,000 fans: Tyler gets to be an official gear tester
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BACKPACKER readers, you can help him reach his goal with a single click. Go to Tyler's Facebook page and be his fan—you'll help make his dream come true.

(The sackfuls of fan mail we get every month tell us that Tyler's not alone in his ardor for our beloved Gear Chick. But for all the whiners out there saying, "hey—no fair! That's my dream!", Tyler's the first to actually take the initiative and actually do something about it. So there.)

—Ted Alvarez

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Monday, June 04, 2012

500...An Epic Post On a Glorious Blog By a Spectacular Blogger

So, here I was doing my blog, promoting others, editing, fixing grammatical errors adding pictures when I look up and notice that I am at 499 posts.
Stop the presses! Here I am ready to squeeze off another one like a teenage boy watching Tomb Raider.
What was I thinking? I have been promoting Mike Rugg and his fundraiser. I was discussing bear anatomy compared to humans. I was about to give myself a promotion for my Squatching U.S.A. project..but is it worth #500?

What the heck could I possibly blog about for my 500th post?

I had to stop and reflect upon The Bigfoot Field Reporter.

I began this blog and my mission in 2009 under the direction and support of Craig Woolheater. He took me under his wing and introduced me to many notables in the Bigfoot world. But it didn't begin there.

I began as a sole individual. The BFRO sucked me in with their fantastic database. In 2006 I began reading every report. I was blown away. Here I am thinking Bigfoot was a Pacific Northwest phenomenon...then I find out there was a sighting in the 80's fifteen minutes from my driveway!!!! I began snooping around. Before long I had my own personal experience and wanted to share it with someone. I had been a regular on the KY Research project vigil and had befriended Todd aka Grtpumpkin. He told me I should join the MABRC. I did and I shared my story with them and before long I was joining members on expeditions. I met my number one research partner, Bob Durdella. I went to West Virginia with Rick Skeen. I went to Honobia, OK with DW Lee and Randy Harrington. I went to Billy Creek and Salt Fork with Todd and others. I was traveling across the United States on my own dime. I loved it.
I began a new radio show for the MABRC with Drey Blevins. I interviewed Scott Nelson, Doug Haijeck and Thom Powell. I co-hosted another radio show with Don Keating. I was meeting people and having a blast. Eric Altman has invited me on many of the PBS outings.

I have met so many people and have been so many places that it all becomes a jumbled blur.
Why do I do this?
My mission, my initial goal, was to unite researchers across the United States. To share information. I think I have done that. I have met and hung out with and squatched with and have sung with so many researchers. I feel so blessed.

In 2009, I went on a tour of the west coast for my birthday. We spent 2 days at Bluff Creek with Steven Streufert and Bobo. We were guests of Autumn Williams and her mother Sally on our way to Beachfoot to celebrate Peter Byrne's birthday. I met Cliff Barackman and Steve Inness, Robert Michael Pyle, Bob Gimlin, Tom Yamarone. Too many people to name.

It has been a lot of fun and I want to do more with it.

I would like to have my project funded so I can have an epic summer of story telling! We shall see! Thanks for reading!