Monday, August 02, 2010


This weekend I was asked my thoughts about the Patterson/Gimlin film.  One thing I realize is that there is no way we will EVER know the God's honest truth because we were not there.  All we have to go on is hearsay and speculation and other people's theories.

Many have analyzed the film up, down and sideways and still cannot conclude with 100% authority that the film is real or fake.

I do not know all of the circumstances that lead up to the filming, and I was hoping that many of you will be able to give me your thoughts and opinions and theories, maybe shed some light on areas of which I am not aware.

What bearing is there to the fact that Rene Dahinden and John Greene were at Bluff Creek  prior to the filiming?

Was there really a terrible rain storm the night of October 20, 1967 that washed out the go road?

In 1967, how was it possible that a private plane was accessed so quickly after the filming?

So many questions.  Can someone answer these questions?  Share your thoughts.

I do have one observation to make.  I was at the Bluff Creek location last August and the terrain was rough.  As you can tell from the 1967 film footage, Roger was stumbling as he was chasing after the creature.  He finally had to stop and rest the camera upon a fallen tree so that he could film steadily.  In my opinion, a large man, wearing a heavy costume, would NOT have been able to traverse across that terrain with such ease and swiftness.  As you can tell in the Patterson film, Patty strides easily and purposefully across the creek and up into the treeline.

I would really like more input on this matter because I have not read every book or blog or article and I would like to know what other details I may be missing, or opinions that you might have to shed light on the subject.