Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bigfoot in Kentucky!

Don't forget to head out to Henderson, Kentucky this afternoon, February 26, 2011 for the book signing of Bigfoot in Kentucky.
Barton will be at Matt’s News & Gifts, 106 N. Elm St., downtown Henderson, Kentucky from 12:00-3:00 

Barton Nunnelly, is an author and artist who was born and raised in Kentucky, where he spent decades searching the bottom lands of the Bluegrass State for evidence of its unsolved mysteries which he shared in his first book, Mysterious Kentucky. His curiosity has brought him face to face with such creatures as Bigfoot, water monsters, black panthers and other mysterious cryptids including a Thunderbird in 1998.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wineka column: Sasquatch is right here | Salisbury, NC - Salisbury Post

Wineka column: Sasquatch is right here | Salisbury, NC - Salisbury Post

The Devil at Lost Creek

Thank you Raymond for this short Gem!  Bigfoot enthusiasts will get a kick out of seeing the Bigfoot books and figurines that we have in our own collections!  Not a lot of great acting, but a fun, short video to watch on your lunch break at work! ;)

The Devil at Lost Creek, 27 minutes, 2010. Complete film. Directed by Raymond Castile.

Little Gary and Shelley live in a dismal world of poverty, trying to avoid their mothers abusive, drug-dealing boyfriend. Their mother, Susan, hesitates to seek help, afraid the state will take her children. Gary and Shelley escape into an innocent dream world, trekking into the woods to search for Garys obsession Bigfoot.

Children say, if you hit a stick against a tree three times in the wilderness, Bigfoot will appear.

In a moment of crisis, Gary calls forth a creature of rage, death and destruction. Is it a demon or avenging angel? Not even the children are safe from its wrath. At Lost Creek, the devil is on the loose.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Visits from the Forest People

I received my complimentary review copy of Visits from the Forest People by Julie Scott and the Scott family and sat down on a snowy Saturday afternoon to read.  The book was not very long at all and I was finished by dinner time.
  The Scott family moved into a new home on the Oregon coast and immediately began having strange experiences with what they believed to be a Bigfoot creature.  I was disappointed in the lack of physical evidence shared by the story teller, but I had a chance to chat with researcher "Barb" who assures me that the occurrences were real.
 Julie and her husband make no secret of the fact that they were not happy in their new home and had moved on after only 6 months.  Ironically, a Bigfoot enthusiast took over possession of the home for the remainder of their year long lease.  Several researchers inhabited the homestead in the 6 months and gave up the property as the incidents decreased over time.
The book offers little more than a Class B report and Julie's story has been told on several internet radio shows and reported on the BFRO website. 

 The book is available at for under $13.00

Use this link to purchase your copy and to support Cryptomundo click here

The Bigfoot Filmography: Fictional and Documentary Appearances in Film and Television

The Legend of Boggy Creek~1972
Good news from the folks at McFarland. My new book The Bigfoot Filmography (ISBN 978-0-7864-4828-9) will be first published as an oversized, hardbound edition in the Fall of 2011!
Complete with 100s of rare photos, many never-before published, and interviews with key Bigfoot genre filmmakers, The Bigfoot Filmography: Fictional and Documentary Appearances in Film and Television is a first of its kind reference guide and genre-defining critique of “Cine du Sasquatch” — a newly-proposed genre of horror filmmaking.
But as the overview of every-known Bigfoot film & t.v. appearance makes readily apparent, Cine du Sasquatch is actually as old as the narrative film itself. Citing the earliest examples of Yeti movies by pioneering filmmakers such as George Méliès and Willis O’Brien, and then moving forward through film history to denote key moments in the genre’s progression, The Bigfoot Filmography meticulously documents how the Cine du Sasquatch genre has always been lurking, just out of classification in film critique annals and as misunderstood as the cryptozoological namesake which inspires the films.
With a foreward by noted cryptozoologist, author, and museum curator Loren Coleman (no relation, alas for me, save our shared heredity of a love of Bigfoot Cinema!), The Bigfoot Filmography also includes a complete listing and critique of every known Bigfoot, Yeti, and Sasquatch movie and t.v. appareance, cameo, or significant mention, complete with cast and crew credits, running times, and other resourceful information about each listing.
I’m truly thrilled that after literally years of work, The Bigfoot Filmography will be available for the Bigfoot Cinema fans like myself, many of whom equally feel they’ve been “in hiding” as much as any cryptid for their dedication to a what is still (until publication date!) a misunderstood cinema genre. More info as it becomes available, of course! :) Dave Coleman

When I met Dave in 2010, he was a veritable wealth of information on Bigfoot in Media.  He was overwhelmed with the amount of data that he found every day and could not keep up with all of the books being written on the subject.  This book will definitely be a "must-have" item in every Bigfoot enthusiast's library!
If you would like to order the book from Amazon, contact Craig Woolheater at for information on how to order the book using the Cryptomundo access so that a small amount of the sale will go towards Cryptomundo!