Monday, October 25, 2010

John Cartwright's Encounter

For as long as I've known John Cartwright, I have never sat down and listened to the details of his Bigfoot sighting in 1982.  Here is John's story:

John Cartwright's Sighting (An interview by the Blogsquatcher)

This experience comes from 1982, so it predates any talk about infrasound. The witness, JC, was 17 years old at the time. He made a report to the BFRO in 1998, #3335, and most of the details from that report match what he told me on the phone, with a couple of exceptions. He wrote that the incident happened in October, though he remembers it to have happened just before Labor Day now. “I said around October [in the BFRO report] because I could not remember the date when I made the report,” he told me via email yesterday. And he wrote that the creature was “around 8’ tall” in the BFRO report, though he said it was a foot taller when he spoke to me. He doesn’t think that discrepancy amounts to more than a different way of putting it then and now. It’s true that details like these can be hard to remember, especially as time passes and we go through phases of not thinking about something. Although JC hasn’t been able to forget the experience for long, because he continues to suffer from nightmares ever since the incident.  Read the rest of the story here.

This video clip shows 30 seconds of John's presentation at the 2009 Ohio Bigfoot Conference.
The entire DVD of the 2009 conference is available by contacting Don Keating at