Friday, December 10, 2010

Everybody Has One!

Last night on Facebook, a friend posted this pic claiming that it was caught on a game cam near Fouke, Arkansas.  He claims " My fiance's coworker has a husband who checked his game cam recently...and look what was on there"

I then wake up this morning to read on Cryptomundo that this image is being posted on MSNBC as from a game camera in Berwick, Louisiana.  I checked the map and, hmmm Fouke and Berwick are not even near each other!

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Is there a hoax in the making??????  If anyone has more information, I'd love to hear it!

Obviously it is one of those hoaxes that spread rumors like wildfire....There are people all over the internet claiming to have captured this exact image on their trail cam pic.  Here is a post from another website "

Very freaky trail cam picture.... don't know what to think..?

Don't know what to think about this one fellers.... Went and checked my camera today and this is what it had on it.... The ground directly in front of my tree was completely tore up, the trail cam had been torn off the tree, straps were popped and everything. Camera was laying face down about 10 ft. from the tree it was attached too. Bark was knocked off the tree where the camera had been, like something had knocked it off while trying to twist camera off the tree. This was the only picture I got of "it" as I had it set on a 2 minute timer. The first picture is of "it", and the second is a picture from a lil while ago of the same spot, just for reference. Checking this right at dusk with a 3/4 mile walk out ahead of you will scare a feller..... When I saw it, my blood ran cold. Still gives me shivers.... What do you guys think?"  Of course the picture was of the same ghoulish figure.  However this man did have another picture dated  earlier from the same location.
I would love for the real owner to Please Stand Up!  I have a feeling it is an advertising gimmick for Wildgame Innovations!   What a way to get people talking!