Thursday, July 15, 2010

Attention East Coast Organizations

I am in the process of compiling a list of all of the East Coast Bigfoot organizations.
I will promote your websites free of charge.

Please submit a comment including your website link and the name of a contact person.

This project is huge so I am beginning with the East coast and will expand westward in the near future!

Thank you for your cooperation!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Part 2 of Cliff Barackman's Research in the Oregon Cascades

The knock came from the thick woods to Will's north. It seemed to be responding to either the sound of the car door shutting, or to the dome light being turned off. Either way, the sasquatch was monitoring Will's campsite. I thought it best to not walk up the road quite yet in case my presence would shut down the situation. Being patient, I decided to sit in the dark and listen a while longer.

About twenty or thirty minutes later, another knock came from Will's north. This time, it was a double knock. Multiple knocks always give me pause. Often (but not always), multiple knocks occur in quantities that match the number of people present. This could be just a coincidence considering I usually go bigfooting either alone or in pairs, and I usually hear one or two knocks. Still, in the light of recent primate research, this sort of coincidence deserves some thought. They might be counting us and communicating our numbers to other bigfoots nearby.

After this double knock, Will suggested that I join him. I readied my mobile thermal imager and took the long dark walk to Will's camp. I moved at a snail's pace both to thoroughly scan my surroundings in hopes of capturing a sasquatch on video, as well as to not crash Will's party, so to speak. After a ten minute stroll, I came upon Will sitting on his tailgate scanning the woods with his thermal imager.

We engaged in a whispered conversation detailing our experiences and assumptions of the previous knocking events. Directions from where the sounds came from were indicated without pointing into the woods (it is my opinion based on an experience I had several years ago that sasquatches don't like to be pointed at). Before too long, another loud and clear knock rang from the dark woods to the north. Was this a signal that another human (me) had joined the first? Was there another sasquatch listening nearby to interpret these signals, whatever they might mean?

Giddy like school children, we strained our ears to hear whatever the forest might tell us about the ape man (or is it man ape?) we suspected was nearby. For quite a while, the forest gave us nothing to go on besides the usual clicks and clacks of the night. Eventually, we heard the most dubious knock of the night which seemed to come from quite a ways to the west of our location. I cannot say with much certainty that this was a knock, but it was significantly louder than the other snaps and noises the forest makes. It was just too distant to tell.

After another long silence, I decided to head back to my camp. The walk was long and slow as I scanned the meadows and marshes that dotted the roadside. I returned to my truck and settled down to listen once more. Shortly thereafter, Will radioed me to tell of another loud, clear knock this time coming from his south. It seemed that he had been flanked without knowing it. This knock was to be the last of the night.

Recordings of two of the knocks have been posted on my website. You can hear them by clicking here. As usual, the recordings do not do the sounds justice. You just had to have been there...

Morning brought another onslaught of mosquitoes and warm temperatures. We walked through the woods and on the roads looking for signs of our nocturnal visitors from the night before. Finding nothing, we debated about what to do.

By staying one more night, we would run the risk of shutting down any activity. However, the sasquatches might be a little ticked off that we were there again and come down on us a little heavier than they had before. We eventually decided to stay one more night instead of moving locations.

The day passed at a leisurely pace since we had nothing in particular to do. While on a drive, Will saw a large black bear run across the road ahead of his vehicle a few miles from camp. Later in the afternoon, Will's brother joined us for the night in his own vehicle.

Unfortunately, no bigfoot activity was noted that night. In a way, this was fortuitous because I had a "control group" sort of night against which I could gauge the knocks from the previous evening. If there had been several loud knocks that night as well, it could have been possible that these sounds just happen there for some other reason.

It had been a great weekend. Hearing the unsolicited howl on Thursday night was a real treat. Getting six knocks the following night was even cooler, but mostly because the sasquatches were much closer. I can't wait to get out in the woods again. I won't have to wait very long, either. More on that soon.

Comment from William Mayes

Every time I open a comment I get nervous inside. Believe it or not, I do get some nasty email!

William Mayes sent me a comment on the Mr. Mike situation and although I wanted to let this story fade away, I felt that William actually read between the lines of my story and he understood what was not said.

William Mayes said...

'Why would a person with mental problems be in charge of a 90 year old blind person? What were the qualifications of the people who claimed that Mike has dementia. Were they Psychologists?
I listened to the show and Mike seemed not only sincere but very sensible. One wonders that an organization that makes money off the mystery of bigfoot might be worried that if that mystery disappears then their whole reason for existence is gone.' ~W. Mayes

We all heard Mr. Mike. I do not know enough about dementia to diagnose the severity of one's condition. But if I were to practice Psychology 101, I would think that Mr. Mike's story might have been a little more...well...demented!

His story in fact, mirrored the accounts of many eyewitnesses! He said they were big, he didn't claim that they were giants towering over his house. He said they were very loving towards one another and had a lot of contact with each other. He didn't claim that they were violent animals trying to break into his home and eat him and his sister. I would think a person with dementia or hallucinations, or a crazy attention seeker would come up with something more unbelievable.

There is more to this story folks. You might not hear another word about this for 6 months to a year...then one day you will be watching television and see something that makes you say...."oh crap!".

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Respect the Squatch!

My good friend Cliff Barackman recently returned from researching in the Cascade Mountains.

Read his blog for a re-cap of his adventures!

Click here...I dare you!

Champ Camp!

This is one event that has me so excited. Who says that adults can't or shouldn't go to summer camp!

Attend Champ Camp! Feel like a kid again! Laugh, swim, camp out in a tent, tell campfire stories, make s'mores, take a cruise on Lake Champlain! So much to do.
Treat yourself!

Believe It Tour Champ Camp July 23-25, 2010

Champ Camp Scenic Lake Cruise

Champ Camp lake Cruise A scenic, narrated cruise aboard the Spirit of Ethan Allen offers amazing views of the Green Mountains of Vermont and the Adirondacks of New York. On the cruise you'll get to hear some fascinating American Indian folklore tales, stories about some important historical figures that visited the area, and even a few interesting legends about the lake and it's inhabitants. You also have a great opportunity to see the distinctive geography of the area and the beauty of the lake from a unique perspective.

Plus don't forget to bring your camera and keep your eyes open for a possible Champ sighting. The lake's largest mass sighting of Champ, the Lake Monster, was aboard the Spirit of Ethan Allen in the summer of 1984.

Educational Workshops (Optional)

Campfire Storytelling
There's nothing more exciting than a good folklore tale or spooky ghost story told around a roaring campfire. Pull up a chair and join your host as he shares his good old-fashioned storytelling magic with you.
Lead by: Michael Esordi. As Believe It Tour Founder, Michael brings his interest in the art of storytelling to the camp with some classic tales.

Nature Hike
Explore the amazing beauty of Lake Champlain with a nature hike along one of the nearby trails. Follow your guide as you learn about the area, the unique geography, and the native plants and animals that make the lake their home.
Lead by: Diana Smith. Believe It Tour explorer and avid hiker, Diana has extensive experience backpacking into the most remote areas of the United States.

Lake Creatures Big and Small
This workshop, led by a marine biologist, will explore the fascinating creatures that live in Lake Champlain. Learn about the diverse life in the lake that ranges from the enormous lake sturgeon to the tiny, monster-like opossum shrimp.
Lead by: Katie Archambault. A lover of all things aquatic, Katie's degree in Marine Biology has allowed her to be in the field exploring marine science throughout Maine.

Water Ecology
Get an in-depth look at the lake as you learn about the role of water in the lake ecology and the importance of water quality on the lake life cycle. Learn what water quality is, the chemistry behind it, and how to test it.
Lead by: Craig Woolheater, President of Innerline Technologies, the only licensed green plumber is Northern Texas. He's also the founder of Cryptomundo, co-founder of the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy, and an avid Bigfoot researcher.

Track Casting and Evidence Gathering
This unique class will cover the basics of track casting and how to gather evidence using standard scientific methods. This exciting workshop will show you where and how to look for tracks, how to make a cast once you find some tracks, and how to preserve and collect any field evidence or samples you might find when you're out exploring.
Lead by: Michael Esordi and Diana Smith. Michael has traveled throughout the United States where he has utilized his tracking skills in the field for the last 15 years. Diana is a Microbiologist that was trained in environmental and scientific collection techniques.

Create Your Own Champ
This fun and creative workshop is for all ages. Whether you're a kid or just a kid at heart this class will help you design your very own mixed media cryptid creation as you let your imagination run wild.
Lead by: Michael Esordi. A graduate of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design Michael is a life-long artist and creator of the Believe It Tour characters.

Morning Yoga at the Lake
Nothing could be more relaxing or centering than being outdoors and doing yoga by the lake. Connect with nature in a new way as you start your day with a gentle, but exhilarating hatha yoga class for all levels.
Lead by: Diana Smith. Believe It Tour's very own Yoga Alliance registered Yoga instructor.

Champ Camp Cookout
Join us for a delicious welcome barbecue cookout. What a great way to start the weekend as you enjoy good food, great conversation, and meet the other folks on the adventure.
Lead by: Michael Esordi, Diana Smith, and Craig Woolheater.

More Talks and Workshops... (TBA)

© 2010 Believe It Tour™

Monday, July 12, 2010

Overnight AM, Mr. Mike, Dementia, and Bigfootery Antics

I just got off the phone after a quite lengthy conversation with the now well known to you, Lan Lamphere of Overnight AM radio.

Overnight AM is an internet talk show that touches on many subjects. A successful radio show is designed to entertain, enlighten, instigate discussions and encourage people to open their minds and consider other points of view.

Lan’s interests have never been Bigfoot oriented as it is well known that he is a UFO enthusiast.

When William Birnes came to his good friend Lan about Mr. Mike, (and yes his name is Mike) they had no idea how cruel and devastating the shark filled waters of Bigfoot Research could be. As I stated in my previous blog post, the people in this field can be quite nasty to one another, even their so-called friends.

Lan wants you all to go away. He doesn’t care if you listen to his show ever again.

The story of Mr. Mike will most likely end tonight as far as Overnight AM is concerned but not without a bang. Overnight AM is not a dedicated Bigfoot show and Lan would like to get on to producing his show as he has done for the past 9 years.

I have a statement from Lan that I would like to pass on to you, the Bigfoot community.

“The reports of Mr. Mike’s encounters with Bigfoot have been highly exaggerated and over exaggerated not on the part of Overnight AM but on the part of Mr. Mike. He is suffering from a form of dementia. Now this is according to the researchers that were there. Whether that is true or not I do not know because I was not there. I only have the Bigfoot community and these researchers inside of it and their integrity and moral compass to go on. That’s all I have. That’s all that anyone who listens to this program has. But there’s more to this story than just hallucinations or chain of events that have led to him reaching out to this radio show and to UFO magazine. There’s more to it than meets the eye. And I think that the story falls within the realm of the pretentious and mean nature of the Bigfoot community as a whole rather than falling back to Mr. Mike’s “alleged” mental illness, hallucinations or instability.”

Overnight AM did not make any claims that this event was real. Mr. Mike’s opinion and testimony was confessed on Overnight AM in his own words.

Did Lan hire a private investigator? Yes. Did the private investigator discover any negative information about Mr. Mike? No. Did the Bigfoot community attack and shred the story as the witness told it? Yes. Do you trust that any Bigfoot Research group is going to tell you the truth about what they found on the property? Even when people in this field turn on each other every day?

Tonight Overnight AM will put the Mr. Mike saga to rest. But rest assured my “friends” the story is not over.

In the words of the infamous Bill Green, “To be continued indeedy!”

And I can guarantee that The Bigfoot Field Reporter will be the only place to get the real story.

More will unfold in the weeks to come, but ask yourself who do you trust? Who can you believe?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Fun Never Ends

While I was resting from our mountain hike yesterday, I finally was able to get a signal on my cell phone.

Message after message began pouring in.

Craig and Monica both resigned from the board of directors and the entire TBRC organization altogether.

I am aware of the details of the resignations, but it is not my place to reveal that information.

Another message came from Lan Lamphere, the Overnight A.M. internet radio host who has caused us so much excitement this week.

Lan asked me to call him because he wanted to share with me exclusively the details of the Mr. Mike story that he will be revealing on his show Monday evening.

So after my long day and night of squatching, I returned home at 5 a.m. and went to bed immediately. Within 3 hours I was wakened by that darn cell phone going off and people telling me that Chris Noel of Impossible Visits, and Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo had blown the Mr. Mike story out of the water.

Still needing much sleep and now a very crabby reporter, I sent Lan a message and asked him if I should even bother telling his story since everyone else seems to have the answers they need. I told him I wasn't looking to waste any more of my time.

Lan calmly told me, "Just call me Monday".

So while I am not sure what Lan will be telling me tomorrow night, I can conclude one thing from this weekend.

People will do many things for attention. Little old ladies who want company. Old men wanting to feel important. Friends turning on friends in the name of Bigfoot.

There are so many personalities involved in the Bigfoot arena.

Internet radio show hosts hunger to see more than 35 people in their chat rooms.

Bigfoot Organizations trip over themselves to be the first on the scene to investigate a sighting.

Blogging fingers fly to tell you their interpretation of stories, events and witnesses.

And what I have seen this weekend has really got me thinking about how disgusting and dirty the whole Bigfoot business really is.

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, whatever you want to call it has been around since before we were born and will still remain a mystery long after we are dead.

For us to turn on each other, to stab our "friends" in the back, to argue Bigfoot politics, to run around trying to profit off of Bigfoot-mania is the sole reason why the creature is more civilized than us and will outlast us all.

Tune in tomorrow for more drama tomorrow night. I can hardly wait.

Saturday, July 10, 2010 Follow-up Report

I headed out with my cameras and audio equipment to check out the property in Dunbar, PA , located in Sasquatch sighting rich, Fayette County.

I was meeting with a fellow researcher who had invited me to come along with him to check on the latest report, one of 4 (alarms going off) by the 66 year old twin sisters who own the property of the multiple sightings.

I arrived at the location to find him, the sisters and approximately 14 feral, mangy cats ranging from 6 weeks to 16 years old.

The sisters were so pleasant and were so happy to show me around the property. There was a large hole in the ground where their beloved homestead had been. The home was built in 1876, but due to years of neglect and abandonment, the sisters had the fire department burn it to the ground.

The sisters are confessed insomniacs and visit the property several times throughout the day to feed the cats and reminisce.

The following report is from the first sighting the sisters experienced in July 2009:

'Witness stated that she and her sister arrived at their family property around 8:30am to feed stray cats and check the property. One sister remained in the car while the other fed the cats. The property is enclosed by high, thick bushes, preventing anyone from seeing into the property from the road, driveway, or other surrounding properties. As the witness walked past the thicket of bushes, she noticed movement along the bushes to her right. She observed a 3 to 4ft tall, gray, fur covered creature picking blackberries from the bushes. Startled and unsure of what it was she was looking at, she stood perfectly still for what seemed like minutes. Shortly the creature must have detected her presence and swiftly escaped through very tall grass. It was at this moment the witness noticed a much larger, taller creature walk out from behind the tall bushes. The taller creature had dark, long hair with a gray beard and built like an extremely large football player or weight lifter. The taller creature stood and stared at the witness for a moment, before turning and attempting to exit through the thick briers/vines. It seemed to be frustrated when it became entangled in the vines, turning and walking further along until it found an opening to pass through. No sound or smell was experienced by witness. Upon further investigation by paranormal researchers, it was determined that the taller creature was over 9ft. tall. Gender was undetermined. Witness stated that the smaller creature appeared to have layers of fur (rabbit like) on its back. The sister remaining in the car did not have any knowledge of this sighting until later.'

The property is abundant with blackberry bushes and abuts acres and acres of Pennsylvania game land.

He and the sisters took me on a tour of the area and eventually took a 5 mile hike through the nearby mountains. We rested for about an hour, it was now early evening.

I then began to ask the sisters question about all of the sightings they have had in the last year. Since their first sighting in July, 2009 the sisters have had 3 more sightings. Here are the reports as they were submitted:

January 5th, 2010-Two sisters driving along ***** Rd. witnessed a large hair covered creature walking up an embankment from a creek, crossing ***** Rd. (dirt road), climbing up the hillside into the woods on the other side of the road. Later investigation revealed two shelter-like structures, a footprint, and a deer carcass.

May, 2010-Witnesses observed a dark hair covered figure walking quietly through the trees on their property at around 2 am in the morning. No dogs were barking and no other people were around. Witnesses could hear the figure stepping on branches as it slowly moved through the trees, and could see its silhouette from the street lights on the road below the tree line. The figure was approximately 25 to 30yds away. The witnesses lost sight of the figure suddenly (suspecting it may have crouched down out of sight).

July 3, 2010-While working with her sister cleaning up brush and mowing grass on her property, the witness heard something walking around in the brush. When she walked over to the driveway to see if she could see what it was that was making the noise, she encountered a 3ft. tall hair covered creature standing on the footpath, within 10 feet from where she was standing. She did not get a good look at its face, due to it turning quickly and running extremely fast back through the brush. No noise or smell was noticed. Follow-up investigation did not reveal any tracks or hair samples. Further investigation is required.

It was a very enjoyable day yesterday.. The weather was gorgeous, the night was clear. Any day Squatching in the woods is a good day...whether you have activity or not.

The sisters loved having company. They talked non-stop from the moment I arrived at 12:30 p.m. until I left at 12:30 a.m. They even invited me to their Family Reunion next weekend.

I feel that there is abundant Sasquatchtivity in the area due to the numerous sightings by other witness as well as the sisters, however, I am not sure that all of the sightings submitted by these sisters are legitimate.

It is my observation that they are not seeking any publicity, however, they crave the attention that comes with eager researchers who will sit and listen to their stories. They are well versed in the history of Dunbar and can tell you stories about George Washington, Christopher Gist and the beginning of the French and Indian War.

My time with the sisters was very enjoyable and I hope there will be conclusive evidence collected in that area in the very near future.

In my haste to report I failed to respect that this was also an on-going investigation site for the PBS. There are many sightings reported in this county and general area that it did not occur to me that I might have given away a location in my report. My apologies to Eric Altman and the PBS.