Monday, August 08, 2011

Calling All Researchers!

A few weeks ago I played around with the idea of a Notables of Squatching calendar.
Well it appears that the idea has potential and now we are moving on to stage 2.

I would like to take a poll on the top ten people you would like to see in the calendar.

So far a few candidates are: Bart Cutino, Monica Rawlins, Autumn Williams, Beth Heikkenen, James Bobo Fay, cliff Barackman.

Please submit your suggestions and votes to
Here is the photo that inspired the calendar!

An Important Message From Toby Johnson

So why did the OSS and Bigfoot & Beer come to such an abrupt end? Well, it's something I have been thinking of doing sooner rather then later and now know that the time to concentrate on other things has indeed arrived.

As you may already know, I created the OSS with the help of all of you. I will miss a great portion of the planning and the visiting with the Squatchy community, but my heart is no longer in it.

I even thought briefly about giving it all to a few close friends, but I am realistic and admit that it would be impossible for me to take the needed step aside. Perhaps you the witness or the enthusiast can create your own symposium or continue onwards with your own quaint meeting place.

The website will still be available for the remainder of the year, but will be no more come 2012. This will give the members here a chance to exchange info, ect.!

Frame352 Productions will still be in existence and will be updating on FACEBOOK at!/

or email me at

The future for Frame352 will be in the cocoon, but is in the metamorphosis of something much larger and grander in design. STAY TUNED!!!!!



Toby A. Johnson