Friday, April 09, 2010

Bigfoot Wanders onto College Campus! (Comedy)

Bigfoot Explores Campus

By Kelsy Reynoldson

Published: Monday, April 5, 2010

On Sat., Mar. 27, the ape-like creature known as ‘Bigfoot’ or ‘Sasquatch’ was reportedly seen rampaging Nebraska Wesleyan University’s campus at 6:34 p.m.

Witnesses say that the hairy creature was about 6’7” with long, mangy reddish-brown hair and looked as though he or she was hungry. It entered campus through the Townhouse Village and started scavenging through trash barrels.

“It makes sense that the notorious missing link came to visit Nebraska Wesleyan,” said young Bindi Irwin (daughter of late Steve Irwin), who came for a secretive visit to NWU to see the evidence of the creature.

“Because of the harsh winter that much of the northern United States has had, Bigfoot has probably wandered down from the mountains and made his way here, trying to escape from a depleted food source,” said Irwin.

It was reported that Bigfoot found the dumpsters behind the Student Center but found the food inside them to be inedible.

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Ancient Seletal Remains Shed New Light On Evolution

(CNN) -- Scientists may have discovered a new branch on your family tree.

A team of researchers working in South Africa has unearthed what they believe are the remains of a previously unknown species predating modern humans. They recently discovered a couple of partial skeletons -- an adult female and a juvenile male -- that are nearly 2 million years old.

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tara Hauki

Being on Facebook can connect you with so many people you would never have come across before the invention of the internet.

One such person is Tara Lee Hauki from Happy Camp, California. Tara has a keen interest in Bigfoot creatures and has allowed me to share one of her stories with you.

The following was sent to me and I am printing it here without any editions or commentary.


My Story (by Tara Hauki)

The war was starting and I had a moment of instinct, pure and undiluted. 9-11 had happened and the ticker tape under the news casts was a new feature. I noticed it because I was paying a lot of attention to the T.V. set in those days. I think I would be right to say we all did.
Along with the strong pervasive telepathy I felt as those days droned on I began to see familliar phrases run across the screen. Conceptual pictures of what was occuring began to form in my mind and that's when I went and got my bible.
There were correlations between the books of Matthew and Revelations, and old stories from the history of Israel and the middle east that I noticed between watching the screen and flipping through my dad's bible. That and the fact that I had just suffered a great family trajedy, made up my mind and I wanted to leave the world.

All of it!

So, on the morning of May 5, 2003 I sat in my truck and I said, "I'm going to go live with "Sasquatch".

And then I did.

I spent six months living in the Marble Mountains and there abouts. I traveled all around South Western Oregon and North Western California. Those days were the best of my life and many of my adventures had paranormal aspects I would like to write about some day. Not a few of the people I met led me on to where I was unknowingly at the time, meant to live. Looking back is so easy now.

I moved into the trailer and property I live at now in September of 2003 and it has gotten very interesting.

First of all, I had no idea that the area I moved to is one of the prime areas for Bigfoot sightings in the world. I only knew the things about Bigfoot the people of my generation learned in Jr. High.

I did not know the famous Patterson Gimlin picture was taken near where I moved to, or that I actually camped right above there that summer.

So here I was.

The first morning in my new home I awoke to my father in his high school prom suit standing in my bedroom door staring at me. He gave me quite a shock because he had passed away in 2002. There he was and I might not have believed it today except my boyfriend also saw him.

Around a year and a half later, I was doing some faux painting in my bathroom that went unfinished, or so I thought, until 2006 when I glanced at it in the shower one day and realized it was a mural that tells the story of two or more legends from long ago, all connected together. It is fascinating and mind blowing in it's implications, but it's just my painting, so to speak. It starts at the left as a large woman with a baby in her abdomen on her right side. One of her feet are attached to what looks like a giant buffalo and between her and the buffalo there is a tornado, or storm. Connected to the right of the buffalo is a bride/nun/long haired woman pulsing a beam up and out to the right and connected to the bride/nun/long haired woman, under her side, is a bear. They all stand on what looks like a bird or a toad.

Then, on July 13, 2005 I awoke very early and went to walk out of my slider into the yard and that is when I saw what I thought was the biggest bear in the world. It wasn't until it turned to run away that I saw long arms and very long legs. I realized I was looking at a Bigfoot.

The story about the Bigfoot got out and some big time "researchers" showed up and set up night vision cameras in my yard that hooked up to an internet connection called Insync. Because of this I had monitors in my house that showed two areas of yard on them.

At night I would watch the cameras sweep back and forth across an area where a spring comes out from beneath a tree. I would see a sudden bright white flash and then as the flash would fade I could see blue foot prints on the path by the spring. They would fade gradually with the prints closest to the tree fading first as if they were traveling away from the spring, and then another flash and more foot prints, and so on. I noticed those things on more than one night. The Bigfoot was never recorded although I did see it three times in those six months.

In January of 2006 I had been having horrible stomach pains so I went to have an upper G.I. In the nearest city. I had to stay for the week end so that I could catch the bus home on Monday.

While I was there, I met two very beautiful and extremely odd people. I skipped up to them, and said hello in my typically sunny attitude. We began sharing pleasantries and I mentioned the word Abba because that's a word I use to call God a lot. It means basically "daddy", and the man suddenly became very interested in me. He said that I was the only other person he had ever known to use that word.

His wife said she was looking for her mother and that she had lived on the Klamath River, and when I told them where I lived, she said that was where they were looking for. I invited them to stay while they looked for her mother.

They came and stayed a week. I want to note that they had wavy blonde hair and the bluest eyes I have ever seen. Looking at them was like looking into water. They used words like EL and YAH when they talked of God. He wore a rabbit skin coat he would only tell me he had been given it by his father as a gift. They mentioned one day that I should read Revelations 12.

I had a waking dream/vision the first morning I got back from the upper G.I. and my guests were here. I saw a series of snapshot looking photographs that came before my eyes in rapid succession. The first was a ladder in the sky. The second, a pair of locust legs in the sand. Third, A row boat coming in from the top of the shot. All you can see looking at it is the front tip of the boat, a red boat, coming in toward shore and you can see a pair of legs wearing tennis shoes. In the fourth there is a blonde man, the stranger who came and visited, kneeling on a rock at the edge of a lake. He is golden or bronzed looking even though he is clothed. The fifth snap shot was of a distant slightly rounded hill with three dark trees growing equal distant from each other. As I watched the sun comes up from behind them, up into the sky until the sky goes brilliant. The trees leaves have a golden cast to them.

As the sky turns white in the light I see a dark cloud form in the right lower corner of the snap shot. A Bright star comes out of the cloud moving skyward and then the snap shot is replaced by the sixth frame. In a long shaped snap shot I see a bright star in a black sky covered with red and white lightning, fall to the earth and plow into it.

Then there were no more snap shots and I was standing on a dirt road looking ahead of me at a huge loud of dust coming towards me. At first I sense elephants and dinosaurs in it but then I see a buffalo coming out of the dust towards me and I realize it is buffalos and emus, and then all animals, and then all races of people. And then I woke up. About six months later I saw as I was laying down to sleep, a snap shot with one dark tree on a hill.

When I woke up that morning, my actual eyesight was in black and white. Everything was to me for three days. For the first few days after that morning, food tasted 'new'. Like I had never tasted it before. It was also at this time that my two strange visitors told me I had a new name and it was 'Arise'. I thought that was strange.

The first night while we were outside looking at the stars, I noticed a funny popcorn like cloud and said I thought it was going to turn into a picture. As we stood looking up we saw it turn into a woman with long hair standing with a wolf at her side. I had long hair at the time and three months previously had been given a white wolf.

A few nights before they left I felt the urge to go walk up into the grave yard across the road from my house. I walked through the snow up into the trees and stopped at a family plot surrounded by a white picket fence near the far back gate. I stood next to a grave stone there and a couple of things happened at once. I felt the people in the graves as if they were only sleeping. At that moment the scriptures of the ones trapped beneath the stairs came to me and I heard a voice say tell them they are free to leave.

I started to pray and all I can say is that I felt a feeling of great release ... And then I awoke, laying in the snow.

I got up and walked out of the grave yard. I walked across the road to my driveway and saw my boyfriend standing at the edge of my driveway and his eyes were as big around as saucers. He told me that he had just gotten home and as he walked by the cemetery he had seen people standing in there. He said they were just standing there on the other side of the fence.

Before the two strange people left the man told me that he was hiding from the government because earlier that summer he had gone to the millitary and told them that if they didn't shut off the HAARP system, God was going to show them "he" was in control of the weather. The stranger left the pentagon and three days later Katrina hit New Orleans. He said the government was trying to find him and that is why they were on the road.

They left and soon after, I started noticing things. Whatever I did during the day would 'repeat' in one form of media or another. Mostly books, but also in movies and such. I seem to be five minutes ahead of myself. As if time around me flows in the opposite direction. I don't know, but it happens all the time.

It happens a lot, but the most notable example was one day when I was so freaked out and stressed over the last few years experiences that I called the sherrif.

I stood in my driveway and told him about the Bigfoot, my graveyard experience, and about the mural in my bathroom. He sympathized with me and I felt a little bit better. A few hours later I went to the library and bought a ten cent novel by Dean Koontz from the used book box. I went home and sat in a warm bath reading my new novel and in one paragraph read something to the tune of ... "It was as if I'de seen a Bigfoot, or a ghost in a graveyard, or a water stain of the Virgin and child and coming apocalypse."

I really freaked out on that one, but those things happen so much I barely get scared anymore.

It was right around then that I started seeing my birthday everywhere. May 20. EVERYWHERE, like in Evan Almighty, so I googled it. (incidentally, I did not see Evan Almighty until just a few months ago and I haven't watched it all yet. Too freaked out.)

There is a prophecy I would like to explain concerning this. On May 20, 2012 there is going to be an eclipse as far as I have found on the NASA website. An annular eclipse. On that day our solar system will line up with Pleiades. This apparently will cause our Milky Way to twist on itself creating an eternity symbol shape. The eclipse will cause on that day and the next, May 21, a shadow to slowly descend the temples in Mexico and Central America, from what I've read. These events fullfil a prophecy called "The Rattlesnake Constellation Prophecy". It is a romanticized star calendar from the Cherokees long ago that has startling accuracy in it's predictions. May 20 is also mentioned in the Mayan calendar and prophecies.

I'm Cherokee and I will be fifty on that day. The prophecy states that our Milky Way will 'bloom' or 'feather' out in the years 2004 and 2012. I had the best birthday of my life in 2004 with a beautiful thunder and rain storm, and I am expecting an even better one in 2012. Maybe the war will be over by then and I'll have a very good reason to celebrate. Let's hope.

Something I have only just learned is that the Cherokees and the Israelis have very similar aspects in their cultures. I think it's cool because the number of fifty years to the Israelis means "jubilee".

I love God with my whole heart and I can say that aside from a few strong inklings, no pun intended, I have no idea what is going on here. Every day I notice more, and every day I get confirmations of what I just did, but where all of this is leading? Who knows. It's a winding path, I know.

Well, that's the abridged version of my experiences so far. I write this for information, and for interest. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Some Nice Words for Southern Fried Bigfoot

"Southern Fried Bigfoot is the closest any true Bigfoot Researcher is going to get to going on an expedition to track down the elusive giant without actually getting off the couch!"
Todd Dezago--Writer, Sensational Spider-Man, Tellos, The Perhapanauts.

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Spring is Here!

I can't begin to tell you how beautiful the weather was Saturday!
Bob (Lowrider) invited me to go Squatching and I was there!

I admit I am a fair weather Squatcher! After camping in WVA last year with Rick, Nick and Larry in March, I decided maybe I didn't need to show everybody how tough I was camping out in 30 degree weather!

Bob is still, in my opinion, the BEST squatcher in Ohio! He had already baited the area before I arrived so I did a 3/4 mile hike on the trail and met him back at the car. He then asked me if I wanted to go on an extended hike and I was more than happy to. The temps were in the upper 70's, there was a nice could smell the earth awakening and releasing itself from winter's cruel grasp.

We headed southwest at first and found an area that was littered with abandoned deer stands. Our first sighting was that of a 4.5 foot long black rat snake. He let us take his picture and we stayed out of his way. We then saw what could be a small cave under the creek so we decided to hike down the ravine. Man were we ambitious. At one point we had to cross a small creek (2 feet across) and I found what appeared to be a large footprint (16 inches) heel impression, visible toes, leaves smashed to the side...possible...Bob will be posting the pics.

We then headed back north and then crossed Mill Creek and hiked to the Grand River. We traveled up river and found an area littered with clams and snail shells...hundreds of them! We saw beaver tracks, and an eviscerated turkey carcass.

After 4.5 hours we headed back to our vehicles. I felt like I had just competed in a marathon!

Oh the best part was when we were crossing another part of the creek and I went to step up the bank and slid face first into the mud! I laughed so hard and it felt great to get dirty like a little kid and not have a care in the world!

Weather permitting, I will be joining Bob and another squatcher this Saturday to hike in the area of a sighting from 1986 in Paine's Falls.