Monday, August 22, 2011

The Davis Report

Here is a new site to visit regularly for updates on the work of M.K. Davis.
The Davis Report
Marlon Keith Davis (b. 1955 in Canton, Mississippi) is an amateur astronomer who used off-the-shelf software packages to enhance the Patterson-Gimlin film (PGF).

Davis began his research into the PGF after seeing a copy of Frame 352 (the most famous frame of the film) in a photo by Bruce Bonney sometime in 1997; he decided he could use his skills with astro-photography and off-the-shelf software to perhaps clarify the film.

MK Davis has appeared in a number of documentaries and in a low-budget fictionalized movie called An Encounter With Reality.

As time progressed Davis made claims of seeing various items in the film, including scars, bullet holes, braids and clasps in the hair, tumors, a stick in the left hand of "Patty" and other anomalies on the creature itself.

In late 2006 he announced that, based on his research, he thought the creature was a human.

Davis is currently cooperating with Florida film-maker John Johnsen on a DVD project highlighting his 10 years of research. ~ Courtesy of Squatchopedia

Click here to view MK Davis's frame by frame break down re-enacting Patty traversing across the Bluff Creek site.

Thank you Steven Streufert for this find.

Have They Returned?

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