Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This tutorial written by Margaret “Cookie” Elizabeth Sims of the National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory in Ashland, Oregon is a training tool used as an identification guide for Wildlife Law Enforcement.

This comparison shows the differences between a Black Bear paw and human hands and feet.
'Partial wildlife remains found out of context cause much concern over the possibility that the unidentified remains may be of human origin. Wildlife forensic scientists are often asked to identify unearthed bones found near human activity areas, such as new home construction, excavation sites, etc.
There have even been cases involving skinned bear paws that had been deliberately placed in public areas to startle those who mistaken them as human hands.
Gilbert (1993) suggests that paw bones discarded at taxidermy “dump” sites could also be confused with human remains. Because bear paws and human hands and feet are similar in overall size and shape, morphological examination of the skeletal elements are
required to enable forensic scientists to identify partial remains in cases where the skin and/or
claws are absent.'

Read entire report and view images here

This is relevant to Bigfoot research to know the anatomy and physiology of a bear paw since it has been used in the past by a certain hoaxer to try and pass it off as a Bigfoot hand.

We learn and grow from so many sources!

Ohio Bigfoot Lecture

Longtime Ohio Bigfoot Investigator Marc DeWerth of Columbia Station, Ohio will be speaking on Bigfoot in Ohio this Saturday, June 2nd from 7 to 10 PM for the Aurora Park District in northeast Ohio. the address for the event is 129 West Pioneer Trail (Walker Building), Aurora, OH 44202. The cost is $3 per person and reservations are suggested and can be made at 330-562-4333
Marc’s talk will focus on the abundance of sightings in northeast Ohio, the best places to go Bigfooting in Ohio, and he will recount his own alleged personal sighting from 1997. The lecture will be followed by a night hike where Marc will demonstrate proper call blasting techniques. Marc is currently the President of the Ohio Bigfoot Organization and was the host of the Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2012 that took place on April 29th in Cambridge, Ohio. He has nearly 20 years of experience investigating Ohio Bigfoot reports and has personally investigated over 150 alleged Bigfoot reports working with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, the Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Investigation Center, and the Ohio Bigfoot Organization.

This event will be fun for the entire family!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Squatching U.S.A.

This is it! Dream big or stay home...ok, I changed the saying a bit, but I have had this dream to conduct bigfoot research across the United States and I am ready to make this dream a reality!

I have worked at Cleveland State University 12 years for the benefit of having my 3 love of my life daughters attend for free. I have lived my entire life for them and now that they are grown, I want to live my life for me!

On July 1st I am going to load up my Jeep with camping gear and clothes, my laptop and cell phone and I am going to begin a cross country journey to research Bigfoot, but mostly to document me meeting all of the Bigfoot enthusiasts I have met through Facebook.

I need about $5000.00 to begin the journey.

An outline of my proposed journey is located on my webpage here.

Approximately 6,900 miles total round trip.