Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feb. 18th Bigfoot Sighting Investigation

Last night Don (Keating) text messaged me to call him ASAP. I dropped what I was doing and called him because I just knew that finally, something good was going on.

It's been a long, cold winter and most creatures and researchers have been dormant. I've been trying to keep busy, but nothing compares to getting out into the field.

Don then let me in on a brand new sighting report that he received from his friend Randy.

Early morning, Feb. 18th a young man who was working with heavy machinery in a remote location observed something massive and bi-pedal on the adjacent hillside.

He observed the creature descending the snowy hillside at a very rapid pace; but not running. It was moving very quickly.

The witness describes the creature as extremely wide and a very dark brown to black color.

The creature continued it's course in a straight line down the hill, then abruptly turned left and continued at a fast pace. It was then that the witness was able to see the arms of the creature swinging as it walked.

The witness has been working in his field for over 6 years and is an experienced hunter. He had never seen anything like this before and when he told his supervisor of the incident, he was visibly shaken.

He told a couple of his co-workers what he saw and of course they began to poke fun at him.. He decided that he wasn't going to mention it ever again.

The supervisor had known Randy from previous employment and knew of Randy's interest in bigfoots. He contacted Randy and coerced his employee to talk to Randy, lettinghim know that there is someone he can talk to who won't ridicule him.

The following day Randy went to the location and observed the trail of prints coming down the hillside, just as the young man had described. He then called Don, Don called me, and we all agreed to meet today to look into the situation further.

Looking through the binoculars, the prints didn't appear bi-pedal. This wasn't going to be easy. The snow was up to my knees and the prints were at least 100 yards away.

I decided to go to the prints. I had to. I didn't drive two and a half hours to not see something close up!

The first thing I noticed was that the prints were in a set of 4. Not bi-pedal...but the odd thing was that the stride length between each set of prints was between 9 and 14 feet apart. Yes, I said feet. I was confused.

There were plenty of deer prints around, and they were very definitive. But these odd prints, with the huge strides were baffling me.

I went back with my photos and showed them to Don and Randy. I said, i can't explain these to you, so Don and I headed back up the hill with a tape measure.

I tossed around many thoughts in my head, and if they were just prints with no witness, I would say it was one huge beast. I mean, come on!!! We are talking 14 feet between prints!

Was the creature leaping? Was it on all fours? Was it dragging it's knuckles?

What did this young man observe? He said to himself as this creature appeared before him that he had never entertained the thought of bigfoot before, but that morning, he knew darn well what he saw. A bigfoot.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Cryptid Factor

Bigfootery's very own Craig Woolheater will be the guest interview on The Cryptid Factor, a radio show from New Zealand.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oregon Bigfoot Symposium June 19-20 2010

What a busy morning for me!

Also coming up soon is the Oregon Bigfoot Symposium being held in Eugene Oregon.

Speakers include Autumn Williams, Cliff Barackman, Thom Powell, Dr. Jeff looks like this event is going to be the premiere event of the season!

I am pasting the info here from their website, I plan on being there to cover this event as well!

The Symposium is scheduled for June 19th and 20th, 2010. It will be held at Lane Community College in Eugene, OR. Since I don’t fly (my arms get tired – ha!) I’m thrilled that so many of the wonderful people that I’ve come to know and love around the country will be here that weekend, both as speakers and attendees.

The list of speakers currently includes:

Autumn Williams

Cliff Barackman

David Rodriguez

Thom Powell

Kathy Strain

Sali Sheppard-Wolford

Dr. Jeff Meldrum

Ron Morehead and Scott Nelson

Jaime Avalos

More information and speaker biographies are available here.

Here’s a little more information, straight from the horse’s mouth:

1st Annual OSS Eugene,Oregon JUNE 2010

Join us in the beautiful and cozy Willamette Valley next year as we kick off the first annual “OSS” Oregon Sasquatch Symposium in Eugene, Oregon. This event will be held at Lane Community College in the Forum Hall. Seating is limited, and tickets are on sale now!

The event was originally formed to unite Oregon researchers within the same venue to share information about what they have going on, basically in their own backyard. The Sasquatch phenomena is, of course, not only an Oregon experience, but given the history of this beautifully forested state, our Sasquatch is as much a part of our culture as the Douglas Fir trees that surround it.

The 19th of June will be a day when long-term witnesses and enthusiasts share their personal Sasquatch encounters at the OSS.

The 20th of June will be the day expert testimony takes front and center stage . Although not every attendee will be from our own Oregon backyard, we are still delighted to invite them into the shadows of our majestic forests. So far, all is looking fantastic as to the forecast for the 20th lineup. Maybe it is our little known saying that has got everyone so on board. “Oregon, will treat ya so many ways, your bound to love one of em”!

The Oregon Sasquatch Symposium provides a yearly forum for those within the field of Sasquatch or Bigfoot research to come together and discuss the historical mystery. This is done in hopes of educating others as to the facts that exist surrounding Sasquatch’s and at the same time dispelling some of the myths. The significance and implications of its existence weigh largely on those that have encountered them, but it should not remain there. For if such a creature has managed to survive our encroachment for 100’s of years if not more, we should all be mindful of their historical relationship with humankind.

You can get your tickets today via the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium website.

Are you planning to attend? If so, email me and let me know!

[Note: While I'm scheduled to speak at the Symposium and am assisting Toby in any way I can with arranging speakers, etc., this is his baby, so if you have any questions regarding tickets, etc., please contact Toby directly by clicking HERE.

22nd Annual Ohio Bigfoot Conference

It's that time of year again! Our favorite hairless Burt Reynolds look-alike is throwing his annual bash at Salt Fork State Park May 14th-16th!

Special guest appearance by some west coast friends, Mr. Bob Gimlin and Tom "Yams" Yamarone. Two of the nicest guys on this planet! I wouldn't be surprised if they let the flight attendants take their seats so they can personally attend to and entertain all of the other passengers! I kid, I kid!

I spoke to Lee at the Salt Fork Lodge yesterday and the rooms and cabins are going quickly folks! You better get on the phone today if you want to reserve your lodging!

Of course there will be the festive Meet and Greet on Friday evening.

This year Don will be charging a $5.00 mandatory fee for those wishing to attend Saturday's activities. Please be wary of any foreign camera crews. (If you spot one, please alert Henry May.) Again, another feeble attempt at humor folks. :)

Last years conference had over 450 people in attendance! Crikey!

I know I will be there! There will be other speakers that I have not mentioned and you can find out all the information you need at Don's website

22nd Annual Bigfoot Conference / EXPO

Only 85 days until the 22nd Annual Bigfoot Conference / EXPO !!! Web site last updated 1/24/2010.

img DATE... MAY 15TH, 2010

img TIME...4 p.m. to approximately 10 p.m. There will be a 1 hour dinner break included as well.


img LOCATION... SALT FORK STATE PARK LODGE located just off of US Route 22 in Guernsey County, Ohio. (See map)




BOB GIMLIN ... from Yakima, Washington. Need I say more? Bob is the only living eyewitness to the events of Friday October 20th 1967 at Bluff Creek, California when Roger Patterson took film of what appears to be a Bigfoot. I am not 100% sure if he will be speaking but he will be in attendance for you to meet and maybe ask a question or get a photo taken with him.

LARRY LUND ... from Vancouver, Washington. I was born NW of Mt. St. Helens in Tacoma, Washington on April 1, 1947 and along with my Mother and two brothers, moved to Vancouver, Washington, due South of Mt. St. Helens, at age four. Other than my three years in the Army, 1966-1969, I have lived in this general area. So it is no wonder much of my Bigfoot/Sasquatch Research has been all around not only Mt. St. Helens, but Mt Rainier, My. Baker and Mt Hood. We are blessed with many large forests, giving us a very large research area.

My deep interest in the subject started at a very young age as we heard about much of the activity in British Columbia, Canada directly North of us. While on my first deer hunting trip in 1960, again at the base of St. Helens, my Dad and two of my uncles and I, were sitting around the campfire one night when we heard a very distant, yet loud and guttural roar coming down from up on the mountain. When I asked if that was a bear, they told me no and it certainly wasn't a large cat sound either. My uncle Dick said to me..."Maybe it's that big monster your always reading and talking about." Well, so much for sleeping that night. I was 13 and my head was full of thoughts of Bigfoot/Sasquatch from then on.

I was fortunate over the years to meet and work with several of the well know investigators and authorities on the subject. Early on I got connected with Rene Dahinden who became a very close friend and introduced me to the deep forests in B.C.

I then met Peter Byrne in the early 70's for a brief time. It wasn't until the late 80's that we would meet again and actually start doing research together. That continues today.

Over the years I met most of the people I had only read about. Grover Krantz became a good friend, though I had to keep him and Rene at different ends of my research.

I have attended many conferences in different areas of the U.S. and Canada. I have also been part of many of the early TV productions which were often fun, but not always informative or laden with true facts. I tend not to accept invitations to do many appearances in the last few years.

I still believe in the existence of this creature and though I am referred to as "The Sasquatch Sleuth" I am also known as "The Skeptical Believer"

I must admit, that other than the "Patterson/Gimlin Film" we have not gotten much closer to proof that this creature exists. There certainly is a lot of fine evidence, but as of this time, we don't have that definitive proof that we so desperately need.

ROB MC CONNELL from Ontario, Canada (Bio coming soon!)

TOM YAMARONE is a singer/songwriter from Pleasanton, California. Tom is also an independent Bigfoot / Sasquatch researcher throughout California and the Pacific Northwest. He has written “Bigfoot songs” that are both historical and humorous since 2003. During that time, he has also attended and organized Sasquatch/Bigfoot research conferences in California, Washington & Idaho. He is involved with several Bigfoot organizations including the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers and the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. For more information, go to or find him at his YouTube channel bigfootsongs04.


The weekend will kick off with a meet and greet on the evening of Friday the 14th. Those speakers or special guests that have made it in to that point will be there. The meet and greet will begin at 6 p.m. At 7 p.m. a buffet dinner will be available in the lodge. (Location of the buffet to be announced). I added this to the Friday meet and greet as I though it would be a great way for everyone to hang out longer without having to worry about going somewhere to grab an evening meal. The cost of the buffet will be about the same as it was during the conference in 2009, which if I recall was $14.95.

On SUNDAY the 16th of May there will be other activities take place. Announcements on those are pending.

img ACCOMMODATIONS...Salt Fork State Park Lodge has once again agreed to give attendees who attend the conference and stay at the Lodge a HUGE discount on room rates! Just contact SFSP at (740) 439-2751 for rates. Make sure to tell them you are attending for the Bigfoot EXPO. Or you may check the RATES LISTING for details.

My thanks to every business and individual who help every year with their gifts. Without you, there would not be a Conference.

Stan Courtney's Sounds from the Field

I had sent Stan the audio I had captured at Salt Fork State Park in July of 2008 and he asked if he could post it on his sounds web site.

Stan has collected many recordings from researchers across the United States and has compiled a very nice assortment on his webpage for your listening pleasure!

Please visit: Stan Courtney Guest Sounds