Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ohio Bigfoot Conference Follow-up to Legends of Bigfoot Lecture

Good evening friends!

I am home now from a wonderful afternoon spent with like-minded Bigfoot enthusiasts from Northeast Ohio.

It was an overcast seasonable afternoon. I picked up my partner Bob and we headed west to Lorain county to the Carlisle Nature Center.

Marc was setting up his vendor table while Dave was setting up Esteban's PowerPoint presentation.

I went over to say hello to my favorite primate anthropologist; restraining myself from his boyish charms.

Bob and I said our hellos and were soon greeted by Dave aka 'Bluetracker" and Liam, aka, "Irish Guy". Psychic Sonya brought up the rear.

There were about 75 people in the room and some were boy scouts who had heard about the event from Marc's wife who is a den leader.

Marc began the presentation with a brief biography of himself and how he started out as a Bigfoot researcher over 20 years ago. He then told us a story of his first visualization and showed the video to corroborate his story.

He thinks the video is nothing.

Believe me when I tell you, that this video far surpasses anything ...any blobsquatch..anything by ButchyKid..just let me say..I was impressed. I have asked for Mark's permission to air the story and the video...I hope he allows you all to see it.

He then introduced Esteban. I wish that Esteban were a professor at Cleveland State University because I would definitely sign up for his class.

He began talking to us about the physical attributes of Great Apes. He provided slides that explained the disbursement of apes an humans all over the world. He showed how almost all Great Apes reside in countries near the equator.

He then segued into the Patterson film and how the subject in the film differs from an ape, and has more human characteristics.

Esteban neither confirms or denies that he believes in Bigfoot, however he will not rule out the possibility of a species of North American ape.

As always, Esteban was enjoyable to listen to and an attentive listener himself.

He loves the stories that people tell him and will give you his honest opinion when asked a direct question.

Marc DeWerth and his organization, the Ohio Bigfoot Organization deserve much credit for bring Esteban in, at their own expense, and charging nothing to the public. I would definitely send some donations his way.

Hopefully I will add some video and audio to this post so you can all feel like you were there!

It was an awesome afternoon and I am home now thinking about my next adventure...Honobia, Oklahoma!

Can't wait to see my dear friends Bob and Kathy Strain! xoxo muah muah muah!

Loving my life and what I do! Till next time friends!

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Legend of Bigfoot

This weekend the Ohio Bigfoot Organization is hosting The Legend of Bigfoot featuring the esteemed primate anthropologist, Esteban Sarmiento.

Characters welcome.

Saturday, September 11th, from 2-4 pm
Lorain County Metroparks-
Carlisle Reservation - Carlisle Visitor Center- 12882 Diagonal Road, LaGrange, Ohio 44050,
440-458-5121 (southwest of Cleveland, Ohio)
Join us for an extraordinary look into The Legend of Bigfoot hosted by the Ohio Bigfoot Organization.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Wild Side Man Cave Sweepstakes

Wild Side Man Cave Sweepstakes

Messing With Sasquatch

I had a special request to find this video...

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Everyone Wants to be like Tom Yamarone

Honobia Bigfoot Festival 2010

The Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference is a 2 day festival in October celebrating Bigfoot and Bigfoot studies. The festival includes live music, games, food and other activities while the conference provides research workshops and prominent Bigfoot researchers speaking about their experiences and research.


This year’s festival will take place at the Christ’s 40 Acres grounds, over 20 acres of prime festival and camping grounds. Bathrooms and RV hookups are on site and parking is FREE! Enjoy the warm days and cool nights at our campsites which can be rented for $20 dollars per day for RV’s and $10 dollars per day for tents on the festival grounds! There are other local camp grounds close by.

On Thursday night the festivities start off with auditions for Big Foot Idol at 7 p.m.

Autumn William's won't be there so I have a really good chance at taking home the grand prize! No video recording please! LOL

A great time will be had by all! Please stop by and say hello to me if you are there! :)

Bigfoot Observer's Field Manual

On January 1, 2010 I had read the Bigfoot Observer's Field Manual by Robert W. Morgan.

The book was very short, but filled with thoughtful insight and planning on how to create the perfect atmosphere for a researcher to experience a possible visit by the "Giant Forest People".

Recently, Robert has created an audio CD version of the manual.

The very first track entitled The Perfect Encounter sets the mood perfectly. Although I was sitting in my office while listening to the CD, Robert's descriptive narrating soon had my mind and thoughts whisked away to a perfect, warm autumn day in the woods.

As Robert continued on through the chapters, I was reminded of how very important it is that we aren't all running into the forest willy-nilly hoping to snap a photo of the Sasquatch, and how we should prepare ourselves physically and mentally for the ambitiously onerous challenge.

His chapter on how to grid and document activity in certain areas is pertinent to beginning any investigation.

The CD version also allows Robert to interject his intensity and passion as well as some personal comments and observations.

I would highly recommend both the book and audio CD to be carried by all researchers, rookie and veteran. The CD can be listened to while driving to your next expedition or to your research area.

On a side note, Halloween is approaching and as I stated before, the introduction on the CD sets the scene for a thrilling, woodsy experience and would definitely keep a den of Boy Scouts on the edge of their seats!
Perfect for a campfire setting!

The CD is not available through at this time.  However you can order your copy of either the book or the CD for $16.00 by visiting: