Thursday, August 20, 2009

Word of the day-Harrowing

So, we all start getting up and shaking off the chill from the night. The sun slowly begins to make it's presence known. Breakfasts are made, hikes to the creek for one last look-see.

We break camp and load everything into the rental Santa Fe and people pile into Bobo's truck to head up the mountain. Great, we are getting an early start!

Bobo sped up a little so he wouldn't dust us out. The sun is getting warmer.

We were traveling a little ways behind Bobo and I was taking video of the crazy ride from the back seat, and Brad was taking still shots with his fancy camera.

I gaze upwards at the rock slide area and said, "Hey Brad, that is a great photo op". At this point Mr. Woolheater, thought he would help us out by stopping so we could take a picture.

The Santa Fe is a front wheel drive vehicle. Craig then gave it a little gas to get our momentum going when the shale and other loose rocks shifted and slid the truck to the edge of the drop off.

We were screwed.

We tooted the horn hoping Bobo would hear our S.O.S. but to no avail.

We didn't want to disrupt the vehicle in any way for fear of it tumbling down the mountainside. After about 15 minutes, I said, "I have to get out, my leg is pinned against this gear and is going numb". Brad then instructed me to open the door very slowly without jiggling. This was difficult as the passenger door was tilted at an angle due to the position of the car and I had to work against gravity to hold the door open so I could get out. I was like a ninja I tell ya. I slowly slid out of the back seat and was tempted to scream SEE YA! and take off running for dear life. But, I stayed. I tried to assess our situation.

Craig and Brad are big guys and their weight was holding the car steady.

I used Brad's camera to take pics of the tire angles so they could make a plan of action.

There was no way this car was moving without going down the mountain.

I helped Brad exit the vehicle by holding the passenger side door open and anchoring it with my entire body weight...he got out. One to go.

i was constantly letting out my very loud whistles to get anyone's attention. Nothing.

So Craig is sitting in the vehicle alone. He could not go out the driver side door because it would have brought the car down with him. We decided to wait it out for the return of the rest of the tour gang.

Then we heard the rocks giving way beneath the front tire!

We said, we gotta get him out of there!

Brad and I both anchored the car from the passenger side, using our full weight.

Craig then slowly slid from the driver's side to the passenger side. and finally popped out.

What a relief!

I said he moved slowly, but I never saw a man his size move so quickly or nimbly!

After about 10 minutes of ground kissing and high fives, Bobo returns with Slash..did I mention how cool those guys are?

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  1. Wow - that's scary... Glad you guys got out ok...