Thursday, October 01, 2009

'Ardi:' 4.4 Million-Year-Old Fossil is Oldest Human Ancestor

Oldest "Human" Skeleton Found--Disproves "Missing Link"

An impression of what "Ardi" would have looked like based on the fossil finds

EOBIC Meeting

I have been asked by Don Keating to give a small presentation at Saturday's EOBIC meeting.

The meeting starts at 7 pm.

See you there!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Logo Needed

I would like to have a logo created for The Bigfoot Field Reporter.

If you are talented and creative, I would like to see your work!

I would like to incorporate a road map of the United States, a bigfoot character, a really nice design for the words The Bigfoot Field reporter. Maybe a cartoon image of me; audio and visual know to embody what it is I actually do..

The person creating the logo chosen for The Bigfoot Field Reporter will receive $50 cash.

I know it isn't much, but I run this show on my own dime!

Spread the word!

Submit artwork to:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eerie Horror Film Festival

Seems like it is always one event right after the other!

I will be doing a live radio show form the Eerie Horror Film Festival on Friday, October 9, 2009 at 9 p.m. est.

Presenters at this event are Eric Altman and Don Keating among many others!

Mark your calendars!

What type of beast clawed S. Jersey horse?

By Peter Mucha
Inquirer Staff Writer
New Jersey wildlife officials hope to determine what kind of animal severely wounded a South Jersey horse on Friday night. "We're investigating whether the injuries were caused by a domestic animal or a wild one," said Darlene Yuhas, spokeswoman for the state Department of Environmental Protection.
Something jumped on the back of a large white thoroughbred at the DD Ranch on Watsontown-New Freedom Road in Winslow, said Capt. Michael Bartuccio of township police.
Its underside was ripped open "from armpit to armpit" and its back was covered with gashes, he said.
"I know it sounds gross, but I could actually see his lungs going back and forth," Bartuccio said.
"It's incredible he's still alive."
With no witnesses who can talk, police aren't sure if the predator was some kind of dog, bear or cat.
Across the road from the ranch is a large privately owned tract of woods and swamp, Bartuccio said.
No large wild felines are known to prowl the area, though, and no similar attacks on area livestock have happened in recent years, he said.
Tales of cougars being sighted around South Jersey have been mentioned to Winslow police, but Yuhas downplayed that as a possibility.
"We do get a handful of reports about cougars from year to year but none of them have ever been verified," she said.
Investigators have already been to the ranch and another expert was expected to visit today, she said.
Since vets removed flaps of skin and cleaned the wounds, the horse's healing has been remarkable, Bartuccio said.
"This horse is an incredible horse and calm as could be," he said.
A horse owner himself, the captain estimated the wounded animal to be about 13 to 16 years old.
Sounds like South Jersey should also remain calm.
Even if a Philadelphia TV station wondered in a headline:
"Is the Jersey Devil on the attack?"

Link to Article

Monday, September 28, 2009

TBRC 2009 Conference Recap

I arrived at Tyler airport on Friday. I then went to the Tyler Sleep Inn to check into my hotel room. The lobby was empty except for one lone person sitting at the computer. Esteban Sarmiento. I went up to Esteban and introduced myself and we chatted for a bit. He is sweet and shy. He is intimidated by my likeness to an aggressive female primate. (joke)

After I got my stuff settled into my room, I came back down to the lobby and met up with Craig Woolheater. He asked me if I wanted to help him run errands. This was a working vacation for sure!

We retrieved Loren Coleman from the airport, dropped him off at the hotel, then proceeded to run errands buying consumable treats for the meet and greet to be held later that evening.

When we got back to the hotel, the lobby was filled with about 40 people! They all helped unload the truck, while I went to my room to freshen up for dinner.

We all piled into several cars and head out to Rudys for some Texas barbecue.

The dinner at Rudys was a lot of one bigfoot family reunion. Sitting with all the notables and chowing down. Peter Matthiessen, Bob Gimlin, John Bindernagle, Loren Coleman, Esteban Sarmiento, John Mionczynski...incredible.

We then headed back to the hotel for the meet and greet and I set up for my live radio show. The atmosphere was festive and we had a great time! Have a listen!

Live Broadcast of TBRC 2009 Conference Meet and Greet

New report from PA Bigfoot Society

Credit: Stan Gordon.

Thursday September 24, 2009 Approximately 5:00 pm Fayette County, near the village of Dunbar PA.

A woman and her daughter were driving on a rural back road. They were out for an evening drive in the mountain (Chestnut Ridge). They drove up the road and stopped and looked up and down a gas well line that crosses the road. They did not see anything. Upon driving back down the road, they again stopped. When they did they looked to the left and hear loud brush breaking. They were fully expecting to see a bear or deer. Instead the woman described that she and her daughter saw a large human like figure, tall, bulky like a football player with muscular arms and broad shoulders come quickly out of the left side of the woods, cross the gas well road and enter the woods on the other side. The creature moved very quickly and disappeared from sight. She stated the creature was covered in head to toe with very dark brown hair and its arms hung down at its side as it quickly crossed the trail. She did not see its face. She states they were only 100 feet from the creature.

I am meeting the witness and her daughter this morning at 8:30 to take me to the sighting location. If any evidence is found, I will be sure to contact those interested in going to check out the location further.

TBRC 2009 Conference Recap

I arrived at the Tyler airport on Friday, then proceeded to the Tyler Sleep Inn to check in to my room. Upon arrival I was greeted by Craig Woolheater. I turned around to see Esteban Sarmiento sitting at the computer and I went over to introduce myself to him.
He is a very nice man, a little shy. I know I scare him, must be my resemblance to a aggressive female primate, lol.

After I get settled, I got put to work! We picked up Loren Coleman from the airport, then Craig and I headed out to purchase treats for the meet and greet. When returned there were about 40 conference speakers and attendees in the lobby. They helped unload the truck and I went to my room to freshen up for the dinner at Rudys.

The dinner was so cool, it was like one big family sitting down, laughing, talking, eating, making new friends.

We then headed back to the hotel for the meet and greet where I set up for my radio show. The atmosphere was so festive and the radio show started off great! lol.
Have a listen...

Friday night meet and greet.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Living Legend

Many of us became interested in the bigfoot phenomenon by watching the Legend of Boggy Creek in our younger years. Some of us held onto that fascination into our adulthood. Some of us got busy with life, work family etc. and didn't think about it until we reached our 40's. Perhaps we needed more from life as we began to realize that we won't live forever. Perhaps our interest was rekindled because we wanted more from life. We want to be pioneers, adventurers, researchers.

In our bigfoot world, one true legend remains. Bob Gimlin.

Every single person who has met Bob has come away from the experience in awe of his kindness and love of life.

Bob has a love for life that I have never seen in my life until now. He gives me hope and faith in mankind.

He will answer all your questions, looking you straight in the eye, remembering your name and thanking you for becoming a part of his life.

I met Bob in Oregon last month, and when we met again this past weekend, he came right up to me, hugged me and told me how happy he was to see me again. I know he does this with everyone he meets, but I just get a thrill knowing that this legend, this pioneer, this "rock star" of our bigfoot world is glad to have met me!

I hope you all get the chance to meet him one day, and come away with the same feeling.