Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shady Neighbors

I met my fellow Clevelander, Thom Powell at the Oregon Symposium last year and we shared an interesting conversation on Bigfoot, the government and his research.  Thom is quirky, brilliant and charming and I can't wait to read his new book Shady Neighbors..

Shady Neighbors portrays a  'family who is threatened by imminent development of their rural landscape. At the same time, members of the family begin to notice other strange things occurring around them that seem to indicate that they have been somehow singled-out for some unknown purpose. While the family is trying to figure out how to use the unknown force, the unknown force is also figuring out how to use the family. Ultimately, an uneasy partnership forms as the forces of 'human energy' and 'a greater good' learn how to play on the same team. Baseball has long provided a metaphor for the struggles of our human condition.
As one can see from the unique cover art by Guy Edwards, the author has crafted the first fictional story in human history that humorously combines bigfoot and baseball. '

You can order your copy of Shady Neighbors by clicking here.