Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Modern Monster

Today was the first time I heard about a film being made in West Virginia by a young lad named John Mascella.

His film is titled Modern Monster and includes squatch-lebrities such as Eric Altman and Don Keating.

It will explore the evidence of bigfoot and focus on the pop culture of the creature. John hopes to enter his film at the Sundance movie festival in 2012.

Good luck John!

(You should have featured a certain blond Bigfoot reporter, shame on you)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trip to Southern Ohio

A few weeks ago, I was given information about a woman in southern Ohio who had been having squatchtivity in her neighborhood since 2003.  Of course that was my cue to jump in the old squatchmobile and make the 4 hour trek there!

There had been sighting reports in the 1980's, but she had never had her own experience.

Her family owns several hundred acres of land, and most of her neighbors, few and far between are aunts, uncles and cousins.  Hers is the last house on the gravel road.  The road takes you into a private property owned by the Division of Forestry.

no trespassing sign
In 2003,  she was walking down to her mailbox when she heard 3 wood knocks in the woods to the north.  She then picked up two rocks and clacked them together.  This resulted in three more wood knocks and her barricading herself in her house until her husband came home.  She then told him what had happened and they were both convinced it was a Sasquatch.

tree stump that creature leapt from onto rear of truck
A few years ago, her husband and nephew were  trying to attract foxes and were playing the sound recording of a rabbit being killed by a fox.  Most of us have heard that sound, if not listen here.  They then thought they heard a man's voice yell out, "Hey! What are you doing?"  They were startled, but then angered that someone was on their private property, so they jumped into the pickup truck and headed up the road to see who was there.  They didn't see anyone, then turned the truck around.  The nephew is a big boy, 6'2" over 250 lbs.  All of a sudden on the passenger side of the truck, they see a giant figure jump from a tree stump on the slope above the road, about 7 feet high.  The Sasquatch leapt from the stump and landed on the rear quarter panel of the truck and held on for about 15 feet before it fell off into the ditch.  The men claimed the creature was so heavy that the truck was swerving and dragging in the rear.

scratch marks left from creature as it clung on to rear of truck
The next morning, in the day light, they photographed the claw marks.

Although she has never seen the full body of the Sasquatch, she claims to have seen and heard them all around her property and has caught glimpses of an arm, shoulder and hand.

She leaves apples out, sings Indian songs and talks softly to them.

Her 6 yr old daughter has only seen Bigfoots on television.
daughter's drawing of Bigfoot
We then drove around and she showed me some tree and stick formations.
We then said our goodbyes and I made the 4 hour drive back home.

Although I did not see, hear or smell anything Squatchy, I did enjoy my visit and listening to the stories.

I have recorded some of the stories and will post them on Monday.

I love where I go, who I meet and what I research, even when nothing happens.