Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lincoln City, OR

On Friday morning we set out from Autumn's house in 2 cars.

I rode with Autumn on the way to Wal-Mart to pick up some supplies. We had about 45 minutes discussion of many issues in bigfoot research and she sure did teach me many things I had not known before.

As a side note, I like the fact that I am so new to this field compared to many of you, and I learn new things and keep an open mind. I do not have any convictions that would prevent me from listening and understanding other people's points of view.

Let me first tell you that we are on our way to an event called Beachfoot. This is the second annual gathering of Beachfoot and it is by invitation only. Don't worry, I wasn't invited, I kind of tagged along as a "plus-one". Believe me, I would not have been invited on my own merit. The guest list was premiere.

We pull in to the Halderman estate, 7 acres of rural land donated for the weekend by Hal and Lupe Halderman. Todd Neiss is there to greet us and he takes us up the hill to get registered. I figured we would check in, go get some dinner change and come back for the campfire chat. Well, I decided I was not going to be in "reporter" mode since I was an unofficial guest and didn't want to ruffle any feathers. So of course I am not prepared with a camera or audio recorder when Bob Gimlim comes up and gives Craig Woolheater a big hug and starts laughing and joking with him.

I shake Mr. Gimlin's hand and I am sure I muttered something totally unintelligent. I was in awe of this handsome, sweet cowboy!

As we make our way back towards the camp area we are greeted by Tom Yamarone, Cliff Barackman Paul Graves and Jerry Hein. Bob Gimlin then invites us to have dinner with them. He brought some fresh ground buffalo to make burgers. We run off to the store to get buns, beans and I got some salmon for myself...I didn't want to eat a buffalo! LOL!

We returned and the gang enjoyed buffalo burgers, ranch style beans and fresh veges from Bob's garden. Yams and Jerry and Paul did most of the cooking and it was the best meal I had in days!

Steve Inness joined us along with his friend Jason. We finally got the salmon cooked and Bob was like, "Oh boy, salmon! Can I have a piece of that?" In my head I am thinking Bob, you can have it all! but he just wanted a little and half was for Autumn too...it turned out great!

After dinner we headed to the campfire and sat around while Autumn sang, and Yams and Paul played guitar. It was so much fun!

I am sitting behind Ron Moorehead, and Orey Inness...there are so many faces! Such notables of the bigfoot world!

Then as the evening goes on, a familiar face comes alight by the fire's glow as he walks closer to the circle....Bruce Harrington!? LOL! He sees Diane Stocking and says hello, gives her a hug and a kiss, then he sees me and comes over and does the same! It was good to see another familiar face! By another, I mean Diane, she greeted me with open arms and a big hug.

We then retire and promise to meet back Saturday morning at 10 a.m. for presentations and more.....

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