Friday, May 27, 2011

Bigfoot in Spokane Spokane woman out for a day hike along the Spokane river claims to have proof of the mysterious and elusive Bigfoot.
Samantha, who did not give her last name, and her friends were hiking at Downriver Park over the weekend when they captured Bigfoot by using their iPhone camera.Samantha posted a YouTube video of the creature a few days later.

In her post, Samantha said she didn't notice Bigfoot until she looked at her video when she got home.So, far more than 1,500 people have viewed the video online."Someone asked me in the comments section if I believed in Bigfoot before the video," wrote Samantha in an e-mail to KXLY."I have never given it much thought, but now I'm not so sure. Seem real enough to me," she said.

Towards the end of the video they show the object in slow-motion and  enhanced.  To me it looks like it is a big 'ol hoax,  The leg and rear area seem baggy like a costume.  Oh well...back to the drawing board!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A New Report of an Old Encounter

As told by Sean J.~
Saturday night I was at a longtime friends house as he was telling some other guests about a scary incident that happened to him when he was in high school.
I knew the story as I had heard it several times before and had always gotten a good laugh out of it...but this time he added a few details that he had never mentioned before.
It was sometime in the early '80's and he was with his girlfriend and another couple at a "makeout spot", the Old Stone Bridge in the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area. To give each the other couple privacy, he and his date decided to go for a walk down a closed road. The road went down a hill and into a valley. It was a moonlit night and visibility was not bad. As he and his date got about 1/2 mile from the car, they both saw "a large man suddenly sit up inside the treeline on the right", ahead of them. They both froze. "And the guy was big. His head was probably 4ft off the ground as he was sitting there. And then he got up, with a real creepy weird movement. He was tall." (*The following parts are what he never told me before*)"He had like real long arms, like down to his knees", as he told this part of the story he was motioning with his hands on his arms, to show the length. "And he started to walk towards us and stepped onto the road. And it stunk....really bad like something died. I grabbed my girls arm and said "Run!"...but apparently I didnt grab her arm. I got to the car and started pounding on the windows and screaming for them to let me in. I yelled that if they didnt open the doors I was gonna break the fucking window! Theres a guy out here in the woods!...and then I realized the girl wasnt there! Shit! I ran back down the road and she was STILL STANDING IN THE SAME PLACE! Frozen with fear!I dont know where the guy was and didnt even think to look. I just grabbed the girl and basically dragged her back up the road to the car and they opened the doors and I told them to get the hell outta here."
This guy knows nothing about bigfoot, doesnt care about bigfoot and had never mentioned the arm length or the smell before when he was telling the story, and would have no reason to lie. The only people there last night was myself and another couple.
I almost fell over when told these additional details.
By the way, he lives in Bedford.

Caught On Cam: Bigfoot In Colorado?

Is Bigfoot real? It’s a question that many have asked since the first sightings back in the 1800s when explorers began talking about an ape-like creature that walked like a man. Many scientists have brushed off reports that the creatures exists, and so far no real proof has been presented.
Daniel Masias hopes to be the one to prove Bigfoot’s exists. His fascination began in 1982 when he claimed to have seen two of the creatures near his Green Mountain Falls home one morning.

“In the winter, when there was snow, we noticed there were footprints. The prints didn't have shoes on them; they were just bare feet," he recalled. Masias described the creatures as hairy and less than 6 feet tall, but the footprints they left behind were not human-like. Masias said one creature has a foot span of about 12 inches, the other about 7 inches.”So, not really big, about average human size," he said.When asked why no one has seen these creatures or taken pictures with current technology, Masias said he thinks the creatures are coming through a wormhole, an intergalactic travel portal from one galaxy to another.Masias isn’t the only one to have claimed to have seen Bigfoot. Ken French, a ranger for the Pikes Peak District, remembers seeing a strange creature near Centennial Point, near the summit of the peak. “I saw a dark uniformed color individual walking on the snow, and I stopped my tour bus and ask for binoculars,” recalled French.He thinks the creature was about 1,000 yards away. "It was big and dark and it had a big gate, so it looked unusual to me.” French remembered that it walked like a person, but he felt it was odd at the time.
"It's not unusual to see people on a snow slope, usually on a ridge line walking, but you do see people up there occasionally, but it's usually a couple of people,” said French.After the numerous sightings on Pikes Peak, ranger put up a Bigfoot crossing sign to warn visitors of what they could be in store for when they drive up to the 14,110 foot summit.Masias is convinced he will get a picture of the creature, he thinks is Bigfoot. His motion-sensor camera already has snapped pictures that no one can explain, including one he said is an alien.

Dan believes this image captured on his motion sensitive camera is that of an alien type creature.

Another Jewel in the BFRO Crown

The ever popular and lovely Paul Graves stars in this "commercial" for Chevy Cruze! 


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Recent Yowie Sighting

WHAT’S more than two metres (six foot) tall, solidly built and covered in shaggy hair?
If your answer was “that guy down at the local,” you’re probably right but it’s also a common description of a mythical Australian creature known as a yowie, a specimen of which has been reportedly spotted near Centenary Dr, north of Grafton.
A Hunter Valley man named Dean, who did not wish to be identified further, thinks he may have caught a glimpse of one of the creatures, a kind of an Australian version of Bigfoot, as he was driving along the section of road in the early hours of Tuesday morning.
Dean, whose work sees him driving more than 5000km a week around NSW, was travelling south along the Pacific Hwy, north of Grafton just before 2.30am when he took the Centenary Dr bypass. Shortly after turning into the road he saw something that shook him to the core.
“I reached the top of the hill and I was coming around the sweeping corner to the right when I noticed something a lot larger than a kangaroo in the middle of the road – my headlights weren’t on it yet but it was a bright night and I saw what looked like a large person stooped over, with a big overcoat on,” Dean said.
“At the time I thought ‘you silly old thing, what are you doing in the middle of the road at this time of the morning’, but next thing I knew my headlights started to light it up and it took one giant step off the road, it went from standing up like a person to going down on all fours and then it disappeared into the scrub in about three bounds.”
Dean, who is used to night-driving and fatigue management, slowed down and was looking into the scrub for the creature and said he saw it silhouetted against the sky.
“It had an almost sort of a square, shaggy block head sitting straight on its shoulders – I’m a pretty big guy but it made me absolutely awe-struck how huge its body was – it had its arm up against a tree and it had about a foot of hair hanging from under its biceps.”
He estimated the creature to be at least two metres tall and covered in what looked like jet-black hair.
Dean said he had no idea what to think until he described the incident to colleagues later who said it was similar to yowie-sighting stories they’d heard in their travels.
Since then Dean said he had been researching … to rationally explain what he saw but has yet to find a satisfactory answer.
“Anybody who knows me knows I’m the ultimate realist but this was an awe-inspiring moment, it’s definitely made me a believer,” Dean said.
During his search for answers however, Dean came across the website of Australian yowie researcher, Paul Cropper who was very interested in his story.
Mr Cropper, who has also co-written a book on yowies, said Dean’s story wasn’t unusual.
“In our book we recorded around 350 reports going back to the late 1700s, early 1800s, but I imagine there’s a lot more than that which don’t ever reach the media – people have these experiences and then just keep it to themselves,” Mr Cropper said.
Theories abound as to what yowies could be, including an unknown species of ape or even an undiscovered close relative to homo sapiens, he said.
“One thing you can say with absolute certainty is that Aborigines and Europeans have been recording these things for a long time – the Aboriginal stories go back to the Dreamtime and the European stories go back to basically the first settlement … there’s just this consistent thread of stories up until Tuesday morning,” he said.
Anyone in the Clarence Valley who has had a similar experience can contact Mr Cropper, in confidence, via email on yowie99@gmail.comThe Daily Examiner

Listen to Paul Cropper here

Monday, May 23, 2011

Believe It Tour Summer-Old Haunts 2011

 There is no other project quite like the Believe It Tour.  Michael Esordi and Diana Smith travel the country to investigate and share with you all types of fascinations including vampires, zombies, the Bermuda Triangle, Mothman, Bigfoot, Chupacapra, haunted houses and even Santa Claus!

The Believe It Tour also sponsors Champ Camp which is an educational and fun filled experience for the whole family.

The Believe It Tour uses most of their own funds  but they need some help! An on-line auction, beginning May 1, 2011, is being held to raise funding for their on-going travel and education projects. The auction will be filled with fantastic items ranging from signed books and original art to services and other merchandise.

Please help out my friends AND make sure you stop by the website and view all of Mike's amazing designs.