Sunday, December 04, 2011

Matt Moneymaker on the Ketchum DNA Project

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Heard from a reliable source connected with an article reviewer for Nature (a major science journal published in the UK) that the Ketchum paper was handed back (i.e. not *rejected*) for several reasons.
One of the reasons: The paper “does not contain a testable hypothesis”. Not that the paper writers forgot to include something … It’s apparently more an issue of what is, and what is not, “testable” … and it’s a very technical matter that may not be resolved any time soon …
Matt Moneymaker

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Studysasquatch on YouTube

There is a researcher in New Mexico who uploads videos of his research on YouTube.  I appreciate that his focus is on the research and not on himself!  I love this video of something "peeking" into camp at approximately 4:30 a.m. You can see it lower right of center.

He also recorded some very convincing howls:
Tell me what you think!  I hear a small whoop at the end of the howls!

A Message From Dr. Melba Ketchum

From Melba Ketchum-"For all of the people speculating on the Erickson project, Adrian and I have agreed to set aside the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to tell you that his group is a successful participant in this project. His research project to obtain the DNA samples is separate from us. His samples will be in the paper along with all of the successful submitters. And, yes, his great footage will come out so lets let all of the rumors go, OK? And once again, please know that we are at the mercy of the journal as to when we can announce. Thanks!"


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