Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Need Assistance from the British Columbia Area (Please Respond If You Can Assist)

by Troy Hudson 

TBIG is working with European film production company that is working on a 2 hour special on Sasquatch and they are looking for people that have basic or expert knowledge of the First Nations people of the BC area of Canada. First hand accounts and legends of Sasquatch is the topic of choice. TBIG has been in communication with the production company since the beginning of the Honobia Conference and has come away with some great leads for witnesses. 
In addition to witness accounts the production company is also exploring the research on vocalizations, infrasound, habitat, and survivability.  If  anyone in the BC area is interested please contact Senior Investigator Troy Hudson at troyh@thetbig.com as soon as possible. Time is critical here, travel and expenses are on a time clock with the project.