Tuesday, March 08, 2011

23rd Annual Bigfoot Conference

Every year Don Keating outdoes himself and this year is no exception!  This year it appears Don is adding a twist with  Demonologist and Paranormal Activity investigators

DATE... May 14th, 2011  TIME... 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

SCHEDULED SPEAKERS (subject to change without notice!)...
Dr. Esteban Sarmiento ... Dr. Esteban Sarmiento is a primatologist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Sarmiento is one of the scientists who has fully examined the Skookum Cast, a casting of a partial body print that many believe is that of a Sasquatch
Sharonlee and Ron Morehead
  Ron Morehead ... For more than 35 years Ron Morehead has been traveling to purported Bigfoot sites and interviewing people claiming encounters. Ron’s knowledge of the phenomenon has been fine tuned, having coupled years of many credible witnessed reports with his own experiences in the Sierra Mountains of California. Ron has been a guest on several radio programs, including the Art Bell show, and has been filmed by BBC, DISH Network and others.
Al Berry was an investigative reporter asked to visit the remote high Sierra camp and wrote his story, which Ron produced on CD in 1996, "The Bigfoot Recordings, Volume I." The 40 minute CD is narrated by Jonathan Frakes, of “Star Trek, The Next Generation.” In 2003, Ron introduced his story on CD, “The Bigfoot Recordings, Volume II."
The initial encounters began at the Sierra camp in 1971 and many subsequent events occurred in the years to follow. Most all Bigfoot reports of sounds or encounters are either a yell or a brief glimpse, hardly ever a series of events, especially with a communicative type effort on the part of these creatures. In 1978 the vocalizations were the subject of a year-long study by Dr. R. Lynn Kirlin, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Wyoming. His analysis was presented in a symposium in Vancouver, B.C., “Anthropology of the Unknown.”
A more recent year-long study was launched in 2008 by a Crypto-Linguist. Retired from Naval Intelligence, trained to crack codes, and currently teaching foreign languages, Scott Nelson deciphered a complex language in the Sierra Recordings.

 Carl L. Johnson ... has been researching unorthodox subjects and investigating reports of unexplained activity for the past three decades, commencing when he was invited to join a research team under the auspices of Rhode Island College, and in association with various colleagues such as the renowned ghost hunting couple Ed and Lorraine Warren. Specializing as a Demonologist, Carl was a member of The Atlantic Paranormal Society for eight years and appeared on the first two seasons of the popular SyFy Channel series Ghost Hunters. Carl is featured on the Animal Planet series, The Haunted, also The Travel Channel's documentary, Most Terrifying Places in America. His interests are directed towards origins of arcane lore. You may contact Carl at carcosan@live.com or through Beyond the Veil Paranormal
Dina Palazini will be here from Rhode Island as well. Dina had what may be the first documented sighting of Bigfoot in that state. Here is her bio…

Dina M. Palazini ... can be described as empathic and intuitive, plus she is training in demonology. Since early childhood, she has demonstrated an ability to experience the emotional state of others, human beings and animals, and to detect disembodied presences. Dina conducts an ongoing research with Beyond The Veil Paranormal, the investigating team which she founded in 2009. Dina has participated in television productions including the Animal Planet series, The Haunted, and Travel Channel's Most Terrifying Places in America. You may contact Dina either at her e-mail address, able2c@cox.net or through her Web site, Beyond The Veil Paranormal
In August of 2009, Carl Johnson and Dina Palazini began actively researching evidence and reported sightings of and physical evidence for the presence of a Sasquatch-type cryptid roaming within the borders of the state of Rhode Island. This study was inspired by Dina's personal experience of two decades prior: an encounter with the creature which she vividly recalls. In April, 2010 Carl and Dina founded Big Rhodey Research Society as a networking forum to more effectively continue their exploration of the enigma now for reference classified by Carl as Hominem Hylocomium Tenebrosus and the title of "Big Rhodey" derived from Rhode Island's nickname, "Little Rhody."


From Eric Altman:

I'm excited to announce that Dr. Jeff Meldrum has confirmed as our special Sunday Keynote speaker for the 2011 PA UFO and Bigfoot Conference in October.  He rounds out our fantastic list of speakers scheduled for Sunday's line up. 

The tentative speakers list stands as follows but is always subject to change.

Saturday October 22, 2011
UFO speakers
William Birnes
Stanton Friedman
Roger Marsh
William Konokolsy
David Twichell

Sunday October 23, 2011
Bigfoot speakers
Dr. Jeff Meldrum
Stan Gordon
Billy Willard
Steve Kulls
and David Dragosin and Eric Altman will co-present.

Dr. Meldrum is a fantastic addition to the line up and I hope you will help pass the word on.

Hoping to see you all at the 2011 PA UFO and Bigfoot Conference
October 22 and 23, 2011
at the W.C.C.C. Westmoreland County Community College
Youngwood, Pennsylvania

Monday, March 07, 2011

Sasquatch The Quest

Here is a trailer for Adrian Erickson's  much anticipated documentary,  Sasquatch the Quest.

The project has been in operation for over 5 years, documenting the Bigfoot in a location in Kentucky and collecting evidence from all over the United States.

The project is being handled scientifically with the assistance of respected biologist Dr. Leila Hadj-Chikh who has seen the Bigfoot and has analyzed the DNA collected over the past 5 years.

Hopefully, with the amount of time and money that has been invested in this project, the scientific community and the general public will now believe and take this evidence seriously.