Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I am going to take a break until after the new year! So much family stuff going on!

I would just like to say that I have had a wonderful year meeting all of you and traveling across the United States to meet researchers and enthusiasts from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine!

My year in review:

January - Salt Fork State Park - Temps were below zero and my Endeavor slid into a ditch. Not a very good outing.

March - West Virginia MABRC Expedition - Met with Rick Skeen and his wife Sylvia, Nick from North Carolina and Jason from West Virginia and the most awesome Larry Surf from southern Ohio. Temps were in the 30's, Rick and Larry both had heard strange noises in the middle of the night. The wind was almost tornadic. Nothing to report from there, but made a whole bunch of new friends.

April - Local squatching with my partner Bob D. aka Lowrider.

May - The Ohio Conference hosted by Don Keating. I met hundreds of people there. Met up with old friends Mark and Kelly, aka the Mohican Hikers. That was the day the girl fell and died at Hosack's Cave.

Also in May, I attended the MABRC Oklahoma expedition in Honobia. That was a lot of fun and it was my first time on a 4-wheeler :) (I'm like a little kid!). I hiked with Bobbie Lee and Carol, Bobbie fell into the creek...good times. We had strange whistling all night. An armadillo came into camp. And I saw 2 sets of red eyeshine on our night hike.

August - My adventure to the Pacific Northwest! Started out in San Jose to have dinner and a movie with Kathy and Bob Strain and John and Montra Freitas, then drove up the west coast to Bluff Creek California. Met up with Mike Esordi, Diana Smith and Brad of the Believeit Tour!, Steve Streufert, Bobo, Slasher. Spent the night at Bluff Creek, 40 degree temps, (why is squatching so cold?) The next day our car almost falling over the cliff. Then on to Happy Camp to meet Linda Jo Martin and Bob. We found a partial print! Pushing forward to Eugene, Oregon to visit Autumn Williams and her mom Sali, spent the night in her camper then driving up to Lincoln City, Oregon for the Beachfoot 2009 and Peter Byrne's 80th birthday. I can't even tell you how many people I met there! Shall I try?
Tom Yamarone, Bob Gimlin, Paul Graves, Jerry Hein, Cliff Barackman, Todd and Yvonne Neiss (our hosts) Diane Stocking (had met her in Ohio) Robert Michael Pyle, John Kirk and his wife, Hal and Lupe Halderman, the beautiful Rhonda Morehead and her not too shabby dad Ron, Orey Innis and his "not a poyne cone" son Steve, Joe Beelert, Tom Steenberg, Chris Murphy, Patti and Bob Reinhold, Cathy Griffin and more! What an amazing trip that was!

In September was the TBRC conference in Tyler, Texas. Stellar line up of guests and I got to hang out with my old pals and some fun new ones! Lee and John Murphy, Sean Whitley, Scott Herriott, Bob Gimlin, my all time favorite-Peter Matthieson (love him!) The fabulous Loren Coleman, my best friend Craig Woolheater, Monica Rawlins, Chris Buntenbah, anyway you get the idea...

Also in September I went night squatching with Eric, Dwayne and Dave of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society. Had rocks thrown at me all night from somewhere in the woods...what a rush!

October - Attended Bigfoot Discovery Days III in Felton, California. Later that month I attended the Eerie horror Film Festival. I hung out with Eric Altman and Bruce Harrington and again met more new friends.

November - My trip to the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

December - Mt. Clemens, Michigan to follow up on a bigfoot sighting report.

WHEW! Despite having such a fun year, it has been a difficult year. The economy is bad, the passing of loved ones. I pray that you all have a prosperous new year and that we will all work together to share our information and educate the world on the existence of the bipedal primate known as Bigfoot!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mt Clemens Bigfoot?

Ahhhh the life of a Bigfoot Researcher...

Fortunately I did not head out to Mt. Clemens Michigan for the sole purpose of investigating an alleged bigfoot sighting.

With the ultimate destination being the MGM Grand Casino in downtown Detroit, I coerced my husband to tag along for a bigfoot sighting investigation. He was more than excited to finally be allowed to join me on one of my excursions. I told him not to get used to it!

We headed out of Cleveland around 1:30 p.m. The day had been cold, dark and gloomy and by the time we had driven the 3 hours to Mt. Clemens, it was already dark out.

We drove along a river and woods that seemed like a very promising area for bigfoots to dwell. There were factories and what appeared to be an old mill nestled along the river bank.

As I followed the directions I had printed out, I found that we were actually leaving the woodsy area and headed towards the heart of downtown Mt. Clemens.

The city was actually very Currier and Ives with all of the Christmas decorations and the snow gently falling all around us.

The more I drove, the more disappointed I was becoming. We were getting deeper into a high traffic downtown area with a strip mall, office buildings and banks.

Then we see the Buffalo Wild Wings. Man was I pissed. There is no way a bigfoot could have gotten to the dumpster located behind the building without having been seen by hundreds of people.

I did a brief sweep of the location, snapped some pics, then headed inside to talk to this employee "Lou Klively".

The hostess was walking us to our table and I asked her if there was an employee named Lou there and she said not that she knows of. I then told her that he supposedly had a bigfoot sighting out back near the dumpster and wow did she give me the crazy stink eye!

Well, after a pretty crappy meal we headed over to the hotel and out for a night of gambling.

We came home ahead $200.00 so all in all, it was a pretty fun trip.

I guess part of reporting is that things and people are not always what they claim to be.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Headed out to Michgan today

I will be looking into the sighting of a dumpster diving Bigfoot by a Buffalo Wild Wings employee...maybe I'll have some lunch...inside the restaurant!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Article by Theresa Thurmond Morris

This article does not necessarily reflect the views of The Bigfoot Field Reporter

Abominable Snowman, Big Foot, Sasquatch, Yeti
A Paranormal Classification Alien Biped
by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

Based on my two sightings of a large hairy biped creature one dark brown or black and one lighter brown with red tinge, I suppose that these creatures in North America could be brothers in their own species. The colors would be part of the classification and taxonomy.

Some may consider these creatures extinct while there are too many sightings to be considered extinct.

Some may call these large shy giants one of the alien creatures left on this planet to survive like the rest of us humanoid species.

There is the survival of the species game on this planet that we cannot any longer turn a blind eye too.

There are many species on this planet not categorized based on the fact that there has been not enough interest in gathering information and fact finding.

In the past, when our humankind would have a certain interest and was educated with the ways of this world in school s taught by other humans who were somewhat educated based on the past findings of others, we would welcome their curiosity only if it fit into the normal.

The normal and not the paranormal is what we have based most of our present knowledge and history.

As one might guess, the topic I have chosen to write about today in my Blog is not one that we call normal.

Therefore, I shall add it not only to my Theresa MORRIS Blog but, my Social Paranormal Ezine or Magazine for the Global Community. Being a paranormal writer has it’s advantages. I can write about anything that is not considered normal and it is up to the readers to decide whether they consider the topics normal to themselves. At the present time on earth, there is interest expressed by some of my readers in this species that may be considered alien. The movie Star Wars by George Lucas had a character that could be considered alien to this planet that looked like a Sasquatch. Maybe this was intentional.

We have been lead on this planet by many forward thinkers, and dreamers who came to be movie script writers, producers, and film makers. George Lucas was one of the best along with all the greats of the 20th Century. We are yet to discover those who will be considered the best who most influenced our way of thinking into the normal from the paranormal. Much of science began as paranormal before it was normal.

Sasquatch may be one of those paranormal topics until we actually decide to accept this topic or species as normal for us all. We are a biped species and we cannot imagine that their may be other bipeds walking around on this planet or can we?

We are all considered aliens to the planet in my way of thinking. We are all extraterrestrials. There are various species on this planet of intelligent beings according to those above. But, when I speak of those above I mean those who are more intelligent than we when it comes to sharing information of the universe with those of us who were left here.

This is written for one of my email friends who is a writer. He is writing a book on the Sasquatch and has asked me "How does Sasquatch fit into all of this?"

I have not answered his question yet because I am thinking about it. So, for those of you interested in this paranormal classification of alien biped and doing the taxonomy, I would be most interested in hearing from you. After all, this is only the beginning of my sharing of this topic and for me it has to be classified as paranormal at this time although I have witnessed this biped hairy humanoid creature twice on earth in my lifetime.

What I find interesting is that both times were along the same route that is west of where I presently reside in the United States. My curiosity about why I was allowed to see these creatures makes me wonder if it is because I am more open in my way of thinking to actually be allowed to view these creatures based on the way the mind works.

I am now referring to the scatomas of the mind. In other words they could be living here all along and only certain beings with an open mind to see and recognize the images would accept the sighting. This is food for thought.

For those of you that did not read by story I saw this alien hairy biped giant of a creature that looked to be over 8 feet tall walking on legs the same as we do at night while I was driving in a large semi truck. I do not drink or smoke and was not doing without sleep. I was one who always had to have sleep at least 8 hours as a driver which left me 16 hours to drive or do whatever during the day and night as a commercial driver.

Both of these sightings were along the highway that exists between Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. I can remember exactly where I was and both times were late at night when there was very little traffic along the road. Now that I think about it, I believe that these creatures are berry eaters because it was in the summer and they were both leaving a fence that had grown up with blackberries along the road fence set back away from the highway. I cannot be for sure but I caught them by surprise and both turned to leave immediately. It was as if they had not expected to be seen because I feel that even if they appear at night that most of us would never be looking for them.

I know what I saw both times. I caught them in the light when turning one night and the truck just happened to one in the light when turning onto the highway. I don’t think that these creatures are normally afraid of anything just shy about humans and instinctively know to stay away from other creatures like us because we carry guns and such weapons that would tend to make any creature afraid. They can learn from what we do to animals during deer season and the like as we leave animals carcasses remains behind. I would run from humans too if I lived to survive in the wilderness. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know why these creatures stay away from our humankind.

My sightings were brief because they both looked surprised and moved quickly the opposite direction to the tree lines into the woods.

One was more defiant than the other. I would venture to say that the darker brown or black one was bigger and older. He was massive in chest size and the look was unmistakable. I felt I was not suppose to see him or look into his eyes for that brief second. He looked and left in a matter of a few short seconds. It was a glazing glance but I know what I saw.

The other was probably a female. I cannot know for sure but with two distinct sightings, one was masculine seemingly and the other for some unknown paranormal reason I believe was a female and this means that there would possibly be a reason why the males are darker and the females lighter. This is speculation and really not known only a thought pattern for me at this time.

If anyone ever does catch proof on film they will not have time to film much I know for sure because these creatures are intelligent. I have never seen small ones and only two in my whole 57 years on earth. But, two more than most humans I suppose.

I never came out and told this until I decided to be a paranormal writer in 2007. It took a lot of guts and soul searching for me to come out and admit things to the public that I thought were taboo.

I now believe it is time to discuss that which is not considered normal as in paranormal so that we can become wiser and more educated about all that could be real on planet earth.

For that reason, I propose to all those humanoids that are interested that we are only one species on this planet among many that have been left here to survive on planet earth.

We are vain creatures and choose to believe our past ancestors and their stories and history. The 21st century should allow us to become more aware of ourselves and our environment.

This will include learning about other alien bipeds that might be here surviving with us on earth. These will include the Abominable Snowman, Big Foot, Sasquatch, and the Yeti whether they are all colors and types of one species remains to be seen. I believe they are alien bipeds of an unknown species and origin at this time that we exist on this planet.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Your Input is Needed

I am writing a book about Bigfoot Researchers and I want to devote a few chapters on notable women researchers.

The problem is, I am having trouble thinking of more than 7. Please recommend to me the name of a female bigfoot researcher so I may include her in my book.


email me the info:

Kathy Strain, Rhonda Morehead, Monica Rawlins, Autumn Williams, Melissa Hovey, (does Jane Goodall count?), Linda Jo Martin, (not Janice Carter) Diane Stocking, myself-Sharonlee,

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Easy Peasy Donations to TBRC costs you NOTHING!

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iGive: Raise Money for the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy

Follow up on San Antonio Bigfoot Sighting

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The San Antonio Sasquatch Investigation

Last night I spoke to the lady who made the 911 call to San Antonio police to report a sasquatch sighting. I will go into some detail regarding that conversation but feel it would be beneficial for readers to hear the actual 911 call first. You can hear that call here. The witness sounds sober and coherent on the phone. She talks lucidly to the dispatcher and her request to have someone come out to the location to check things out seems reasonable to me. The witness did not want to meet an officer at that point in time. Some have criticized the witness for this or pointed to this detail as a sign the whole thing is likely a hoax. I am not so sure. As is clearly stated on the 911 call to the dispatcher, it was dark , raining, and the witness was too scared to walk through the wooded area to the nearest road where an officer could be met. This seems like a predictable and perfectly logical reaction to seeing something frightening, in my opinion. I also feel she must have been really shaken up to call the police as she and her husband would likely be forced out of their make-shift camp if police became aware of their exact location.

I cold called the witness and once she warmed up to me she rattled off details in a rapid-fire fashion that was sometimes hard to keep up with. I learned she and her husband are currently homeless and living out of a tent in a wooded area on the West side of San Antonio. They have been staying in this particular area for several years. The husband was talking at the same time in the background during the conversation in the same rapid-fire fashion, which sometimes made the conversation even more difficult to follow. However, I was able to glean some additional details not published, that I have seen, anywhere else. She claims not to have talked to anyone else regarding this incident and that no one has visited the sighting location. This would seem to make some of claims of other investigators who say they have found tracks, hair, etc. dubious at best.

The witness has a clothes line strung up that at her campsite that is, according to her, about five feet off the ground. She was walking near this clothes line when she noticed a large hair-covered upright creature staring at her from the other side of the line. She stared at it for a few seconds and then it bolted away from her, scooped up a deer carcass lying on the ground, and made its way into the brush. As it retreated, it let out a loud scream the likes of which neither the witness or her husband had heard before. The witness estimates she was no more than 30 feet away from the creature initially. The point at which she lost sight of it was about 50 feet away. While it was dark, she had, in her words, "a pretty good fire going." This fire lit the area up enough to get a good look at the animal. She added that there had not been a deer carcass in that location earlier.

She describes the animal as dark and covered in hair or fur. She is estimating the creature's height to be between seven and eight feet tall. She estimates this based on how much taller the animal was than the five foot high clothes line. It walked away very quickly on two legs. At no time was the animal ever on four legs. The deer carcass was picked up easily. The witness said, " It picked up that deer like it was nothing and tucked it under its arm like a football." She added, "It didn't even slow it down any." The husband corroborated everything she said. albeit from the background while she was trying to tell her story. The pair was very frightened by the idea something so large and powerful was in the vicinity and thought it best to call the police.

The witness described some things that intrigued me. The first was how the creature stood as if frozen in place for several seconds. This reminded me a bit of a fellow TBRC members sighting account. This gentleman was out setting up a game camera in an area where there had been several recent sightings. He looked up to see a large dark animal looking at him from a brushy area. He felt the animal must have thought he had been spotted. This "being seen" is what prompted the creature to run away. The San Antonio witness similarly said, "It didn't move until it realized I had seen it." She seemed to feel if she had not "gawked at it" it would never have moved at all.

The second thing I found compelling was the deer carcass. Sasquatches carrying deer, hogs, etc. have been reported before. What is interesting about this situation is that the deer was already dead and the location of the couple's campsite. According to the witness, dead animals are dumped in the area by, as she described them, "government trucks." If true, my best guess is that county or city workers are scraping up road killed animals and, instead of disposing of them properly, dumping them in this area. Why they would do this I cannot say. If true, this could explain why a sasquatch was in this semi-developed area to begin with. If these dead animals were dumped reasonably soon after being killed the area would be a continuous source of food for a sasquatch. It could stay hidden in this wooded area and wait for "deliveries" several times a week. Stories circulating about how the witness saw a sasquatch take and devour a live deer are not true, according to the couple.

The third thing that was very interesting was the scream the witness claims the creature made as it strode away. She said it was not a howl like a wolf would make but a scream. She had a bit of trouble in trying to describe it and instead tried to duplicate it for me over the phone. It may sound funny, and, no doubt, totally unscientific, but her mimicked scream rang true to me. It dawned on me that I had heard that before. The scream she made was eerily similar to the scream described by TBRC members heard outside their tent in the Big Thicket National Preserve during Operation Thicket Probe several years ago. At least it was very similar to these members best efforts at recreating it.

One more thing really made me sit up and take notice during our conversation. She claims, and her husband again corroborated, hearing loud banging sounds from time to time. According to the witness, they always seemed to come from the same direction. One day in the last week or so she and her husband decided to go try to find the source of the banging. She says they came across an old stump that looked like it had, in her words, "been beat to hell." Upon closer inspection, the couple found a hollow cavity at the base of the stump contained a beehive. She theorized that the creature was beating on the stump to get the bees to leave the hive so the honey could be accessed. I'm not sure about the validity of her theory but do know that chimpanzees have been documented beating on beehives for hours at a time in order to break through and reach the honey inside.

At this point, the witness really got worked up and went off on some tangents that raise some red flags for me. She claims that "government vehicles" have been driving all around the area since she called 911 and that sometimes they park for hours at a time. She says she has heard a very high frequency sound come from the vehicles during these extended stays. She feels that the sound is intended to flush the creature out of hiding. She also feels that there is a whole family of creatures in the area and that they are trying to "communicate with her by thinking" or, in other words, telepathically. She says she now can "feel" when one or more of these animals is close by and senses a "female presence" at times.

The witness was very convincing when discussing the actual sighting and the accounts of the banging and knocks heard over the last few weeks. After digesting her account, I am leaning toward believing her story regarding the sighting itself. I admit to being troubled by some of the theories she extolled on telepathy, government involvement, and habituation. However, whether I agree with the witness' interpretations of the events or not is not relevant to whether or not this person actually saw a sasquatch. I feel that is an important point to stress here.

I feel the monkey-like creature that visited a dumpster at a not too distant auto body shop is an entirely different and unrelated incident. By all accounts this small creature appears to be a macaque or similar small primate. I have no idea where this little guy might have come from but the location of his appearance and the timing of the incident appear to be entirely coincidental.

So, there you have it. The whole thing could be one elaborate hoax, I suppose. An on site investigation is going to be necessary before I can go any deeper on this one. I hope to have the opportunity to visit the sighting location in the next week or two. I will update things when, and if, that happens.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Don Keating on NBC Today Show

Monday, December 14, 2009

Detroit Squatching

This Saturday I will be heading up to Mt. Clemons Michigan to investigate the claims that a worker at the Buffalo Wild Wings saw a bigfoot dumpster diving out back behind the restaurant!
I hope to get a good interview and will keep you updated!

Read the story here

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Northern Minnesota deer hunters say they caught Bigfoot on camera

The Bemidji Pioneer reported this week that two hunters near there say they captured a Bigfoot in photographs in the woods. Biology experts aren't so sure.

This image, taken Oct. 24 by a game trail camera in woods north of Remer, Minn., looks like Bigfoot, say the hunters who set up the camera.

In the story, Tim Kedrowski told Pioneer Editor Molly Miron that he and his sons, Peter and Casey, got a photo of a Bigfoot-like creature on a game trail camera set up on their hunting land north of Remer, Minn.

Kedrowski told Miron that photo frame was clicked at 7:20 p.m. Oct. 24, a rainy night in Remer. They checked with neighbors and other hunters who might have been in the area and they all said the image isn't them, he told Miron. Kedrowski told the Pioneer he considered possibilities from a bear to a bow hunter in a fuzzy suit. But the arm and hand couldn’t be a bear’s, Kedrowksi said. The upright gait doesn't match a bear, either, he said.

The Kedrowskis checked the Minnesota Bigfoot Web site and contacted Don Sherman and Bob Olson, the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team.

Sherman is the facilities manager for the Cass Lake Indian Health Service Hospital, and Olson is an auto body repairman in Deer River, Minn.

Sherman is known for investigating reports of Bigfoot sighting and says he has made casts of footprints. He said he once caught footage of a Bigfoot on a thermal imaging camera and heard its warbling call.

Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team member Don Sherman holds a pair of plaster casts of what they believe are Bigfoot prints. The casts were taken after reported Bigfoot sightings were found near Bena and Walker, Minn.

Kedrowski said when Sherman saw the game camera image from October, he said it appeared to be a Bigfoot. Sherman went with the Kedrowskis to the photo site and measured the height of the creature in comparison to the sapling next to it. His calculations came up with a creature about 7 feet tall, the Pioneer reported.

“I’ve hunted there for 43 years,” Tim said of their property near Shingle Mill Lake. “I’ve seen one bear off my deer stand. I’ve seen three timber wolves.”

Casey Kedrowski said he and his brother had gone out to the family’s hunting shack prior to deer season to bring in firewood and make other preparations. They set up a game trail camera to see what might be wandering around their property.

Casey said he and his brother were the only people who knew where the camera was located. They took the camera down when deer season started, and a couple of weeks later checked on what they had caught.

When they came to the picture of the long-armed creature walking upright, Casey said, “We just looked at each other. Each of us thought we were playing a trick on each other.”

When they determined that neither of them had pulled a prank on the other, they checked to see if anyone had been in the area that night. Tim said the only neighbors were two elderly hunters in their own shack, neither of whom matched the size and appearance of the creature caught on camera.

However, he said, when he asked the men about the night the camera clicked on the mystery, they said they had gone out about 2 a.m. to use the outhouse and had heard strange squealing noises. Ted said he asked them to show him the direction of the sounds. They pointed to the area where the camera had been, although they had no idea of its location.

Sharing photo

Ted Kedrowski told the Pioneer he waited until last weekend to grant permission to publish the photo.

“It was deer season and we wanted to concentrate on deer hunting, and (we) really wanted to talk to people in the area and … make sure they weren’t scamming us,” he said. “We’re not 100 percent sure, obviously. After visiting with (Sherman and Olson) we feel they’ve done a lot more investigation. That’s why we put it in their hands.”

Sherman said the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team started receiving reports of Bigfoot sightings in 2006 and has had reports every year since, including four reports this year. He said the first reported sighting he investigated was from a man running a road grader near Six Mile Lake south of Lake Winnibigoshish. Sherman said he was able to make casts of the footprints. A more recent sighting report was by a truck driver.

“I’ve talked to this guy – this was last year – he was coming from Crosby (Minn.) with a load of lumber by Washburn Lake,” Sherman told the Pioneer. “It had hands, he said, like baseball mitts. It took three steps to cross the road. He was pretty shook up.”

Doubt expressed

In spite of Sherman's reports, Bemidji biologists remain unconvinced.

“Personally, I don’t buy the fact this thing exists,” said Blane Klemek, assistant wildlife manager with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in Bemidji.

“There are certainly species that are discovered each year – but megafauna – rare is it a big mammal is discovered,” he said.

Klemek noted the controversy over reported sightings and film of the what might be an ivory-billed woodpecker in the Big Woods of Arkansas, a species thought to have been extinct since the 1920s.

He also noted than no one has ever found a Bigfoot carcass.

“All organisms die; they don’t just go away,” Klemek said. “You’d think someone someday would find one.”

Evan Hazard, Bemidji State University retired mammalogist, also expressed doubt about the Bigfoot’s existence.

“I just don’t know,” he said. “My background in mammalogy makes me skeptical, not expert. My inclination is to say we really don’t have good evidence.”

Hazard said proof would be a clear photo matched with footprints at the same site – multiple pieces of overlapping evidence.

Search continues

Sherman said his search would go on. He said he believes the Bigfoot is intelligent and perfectly at home in the woods.

“That’s why they’re so elusive. They know the woods better than any hunter because they live it.”

Kedrowksi said they would never shoot Bigfoot.

“Absolutely not – no way,” said Tim Kedrowksi. “I asked my sons would they shoot it, and they said no. It has every right to live.”

Sherman told the Pioneer, “I’ve talked to people who’ve had them in their sights and their scopes, and they said they couldn’t pull the trigger.”

He urged anyone who wants to report a Bigfoot sighting or evidence of the creature to call him at (218) 308-1451 or Olson at (218) 246-8493.

Source: Grand Forks (MN) Wire Report

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Transcript of 911 call from San Antonio Bigfoot Sighting

911 Dispatch: 911 San Antonio Do you need Police Fire or EMF.

Caller: I'm not real sure mam, Um I just watched the biggest creat-critter, but it smelled real bad. I'm a homeless female I live right in the middle of the woods around 151 and Calebra. Just north where the light is? This thing was 75 ft away from me, smelled awful, devoured a deer carcass and then took off and like screamed, screached; and took off across the street. And I know you guys are going to think I'm crazy, but I'm dead serious,there was something very big. Bigger--a lot bigger than me (heh) -- out here. So we thought it was something you should know, really dont know what you can do about it.

911 Dispatch: Uhh, how long ago did this happen?

Caller: This im um. How long? Like immediately. Like I just, yeah. (Second voice in distance) I dont know if animal control? I mean its...

911 Dispatch: Ok, again, now tell now tell me where was it? This was is at 151 and Calebra?

Caller: Ok yeah like, you know the light right at 151 just up from calebra on 1604 like where 1604 splits and you can get off on the access road to calebra or tyou can take 151?

911 Dispatcher: Right.

Caller: That light right in there? Its, yes, right in there It is a very large scary animal of some kind!

911 Dispatcher: Now was it standing on two or four?

Caller: Well if I told you it was standing on two legs, your gonna think I'm crazy, but I'm serious it ran off breaking limbs in trees. And it kinda screached/howled. And a very creepy scary thing and like I said I live in a tent, um, here in the woods. So..Never...

911 Dispatcher: You live in a tent?

Caller: Yes mam I'm a homeless female, I live in a tent, in the woods and I just saw this creepy scary very large creature devour a deer and run off clera across the road so um...

911 Dispatcher: Okay is there any way we can have an officer contact you?

Caller: Uh yeah, I guess at this number. Um but I really perefer like animal control or somebody bigger than me. i appreciate it, I just thought somebody should know that there is a very large animal in the vicinity

911 Dispatcher: Now the deer was walking around and...?

Caller: No. The deer was dead and it got devoured, it was a carcass.

911 Dispatcher: Okay and did you see signs of um a dead deer? Blood or whatever?

Caller: Um actually Mam uh I'm not-I'm not going to check it out right at this moment. Is that ok?

911 Dispatcher: That's fine.

Caller: I'm waitin' for daylight, I got...I don't own anything but a machete and a hatchet. So, I'm kinda creeped out. I just thought, like I said, I just thought somebody should know theres a very large something big enough to eat a deer

911 Dispatcher: Are you with someone there?

Caller: Uh, yes mam.

911 Dispatcher: Did they see it too?

Caller: Yes mam.

911 Dispatcher: How about I have an officer contact you guys out there?

Caller: Um, I'm not going to leave my camp right at the moment, I mean if you want to come look at the light. (to her partner) She wants to send an officer

Caller's male partner: Like Hell!

Caller: heh huh, we're not leaving where we're at, is like what we're trying to say. I'm a little bit scared and its raining. And um, I just want somebody to maybe check it out in the morning when its not dark.

911 Dispatcher: What i can do right now is have the officer patrol the area. Which direction did it run?

Caller: It ran across um the light at 151, like towards the water tower on two feet. Like my husband said. Something very weird. I just wanted make a documentation to animal control.

911 Dispatcher: Have you ever seen or heard anything like this before?

Caller: No mam,I lived in the woods a while

Caller's Husband: I lived in the woods for 6 yrs. I'm gonna tell you right now, I lived in the woods for 6 yrs, i swear to god I aint never seen anything like this! the sonuvabitch was bigger than me!

Caller: And it had a very odd smell.

Caller's Husband: I'm 6'3", I'm 6'3". it was bigger than ME!

Caller: yeah so.

911 Dispatcher: Its bigger than 6'3"?

Caller: Yeah its bigger than 6 foot 3, its very large!

Caller's Husband: (muffled) He carried the carcass off!

Caller: Yeah.

911 Dispatcher: What did he say?

Caller: "He carried the carcass off!"

911 Dispatcher: Oh he carried it!

Caller: I mean it was like nothing. Like Just. Like, I want to believe it was like a large cat or a bear but I'm...

Caller's Husband: Bulls#!t, bulls#!t.

Caller: I'm thinkin', I'm not going to tell him what I think it is.

911 Dispatcher: What does he think it is?

Caller: (to her husband) What do you think it is?

Caller's Husband: What I think it was? I don't know. I would be a liar if I said I thought I knew what it was. But I know it picked up that deer and run--on two feet!

Caller: Yeah, its very large something. It smells bad and it's bigger than we are.

911 Dispatcher: So you saw it walk or runninin' or walk in which direction?

Caller: Uh, towards the light at 151 and 1604.

Caller's Husband: It went towards the water tower area.

Caller: Yeah, it went towards the water tower area and it screached/howled. (to husband) Yelled?

Caller's Husband: Yeah.

Caller: Yeah my husband's very large. Nothing has ever scared him. Ever. And um.

Caller's Husband: I saw it too!

Caller: I mean we both saw it, so.

911 Dispatcher: Did it have any type of clothing?

Caller: No No, It was fur.

911 Dispatcher: OK

Caller: As far as I can tell, I mean its a pretty light night out due to the overcast, we doused our fire. I have this like blanket thing hung up and we saw it over the top of that. And when it ran it cracked branches. yeah it was large, like the size of the grizzly bear! Imagine that! So...

Caller's Husband: (to caller) It had two feet momma!

Caller: I know.

911 Dispatcher: Okay and did you? What is your name?

Caller: Jennifer, Jennifer. yeah its raining now and we can't hear nuthin' outside. Its kinda scary.

911 Dispatcher: Okay alright we'll have an officer patrol that area and see what we can find.

Caller: I know, I mean you guys might find--or animal control might be able to find some tracks or something in the morning. Its hard to find tracks (innaudible, then to husband) She says she's going to send a patrol to the area. So.

Caller's Husband: Go to the light and sound your sirens.

Caller: Go to the light and sound your sirens, and we'll come oput of the woods and talk to you.

911 Dispatcher: you guys, you guys have you camp set up at 151 and Calebra?

Caller: Um not exactly, um yeah in the area. Just go to the light and sound the sirens and we would hear you (from) where we're at.

911 Dispatcher: At 151 and 1604. Right?

Caller: Yes. mam.

911 Dispatcher: Ok

Caller: Allright?

911 Dispatcher: Allright.

Caller: Thank you

911 Dispatcher: Your Welcome.

Report from

Bigfoot sightings in Michigan are on the rise

Mt. Clemens, MI – With the cold weather approaching, there have been quite a few Bigfoot sightings in the Mt. Clemens area, the most recent occurring last Sunday behind the local Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar out on 15 Mile Road in Clinton Township. Officer Stan Down was called to the scene by BWW employee, Lou Klively, who was visibly shaken by what he saw.

“Yeah, I was goin’ out there to throw out the trash like I always do, and about this time I seen this big hairy thing not more’n 10 feet from me take off into the woods right over there,” he said pointing to a thicket of bushes and trees that line a creek area just west of the strip mall.

While it was hard for Klively to give a complete description of the person or thing that he saw, he is almost 100% positive it was one sort of Bigfoot or another. Said Klively, “now I know it weren’t no Yeti cause they live up in the mountains or something, and I can’t say for sure if it was a Sasquatch or a Skunk Ape, cause although it did smell a bit out here, that coulda been the rancid butter sauce I threw out earlier. So I’m gonna go with saying I’m 99% sure it was just your average run-of-the-mill Bigfoot.”

Officer Down, during his investigation, found what he first thought might be human finger bones, cracked at the knuckles, but upon closer examination, he determined they were, in fact, chicken bones. Bigfoot creatures are known to like marrow and, during the colder months especially, it is an essential part of their diet. However, over on the other side of the dumpster there appeared to be half of a larger than human footprint in a puddle of bleu cheese dressing, obviously spilled by the creature when he was startled by Klively. “Yeah, he was out here having himself a meal alright,” said Officer Down. “The only thing missing was the crudité platter.”

Willow Creek, CA Bigfoot expert, Homer Dickson III, son of Dick Dickson, one of the most famous Bigfoot hunters in the country, is flying out next week to investigate the sighting and see if he can locate any more information about this particular band of Bigfeet that seem to be living very close to the BWW. According to Dickson, sightings of Bigfoot creatures are up all over the country.

“When times are lean for America, that means, they are lean for all creatures. With fewer Americans having the time or the money to camp out in the woods, these creatures are being forced to forage for food where they would not normally do so, i.e. in dumpsters behind strip malls. There have been a rash of sightings over in Kings Mill out behind the Walmart over there and we’re gonna investigate those sightings as well while we’re in Michigan,” he said.

The mayor of Mt. Clemens, Barb D. Empsey, welcomes the Dicksons with open arms. “Folks around here have been on edge, claiming they’re seeing things and wondering if they’ll be next to run into one of these Bigfeet creatures. Although, we can’t be sure they exist, it can’t hurt to have these guys come out here with their chrome magnonmeters and their electronosphincters to test the area for possible infestation. Until they give the all clear, I’m urging all Mt. Clemens citizens to stay in their homes and only go out at night if absolutely necessary.”

This post was written by P. Beckert

P. Beckert - who has written 40 posts on

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Squatching 12/6/09

After reading Todd's report, and with the fresh fallen snow, I felt the strong urge to head out to my research area to see if anything was going on. Bob backed out so I ended up going alone, with my dog, Riley.

The temperature was 27 degrees and I was excited to get a chance to wear my warm hunting pants. I paid $80 for these things and like to get my money's worth!

We hiked down to the river and through the we didn't go to grandmother's house. LOL.

I eventually ended up at the tee pee structure that Bob had discovered over a year ago. The condition of the tee pee leads me to believe that it has not been there for years as I had previously speculated. In less than 2 years the structure has deteriorated, or has been deconstructed by teens?

There were absolutely no prints in the snow. I did finally find deer tracks near the pavilion, just one set.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

West Coast Investigation

My mission as the Bigfoot Field Reporter is to share information with the public regarding active research being conducted in the field.

This past August, I attended the event known as Beachfoot, in Lincoln City, Oregon.

I met many fantastic people/researchers there and they are supportive of my mission.

The following is a report by Todd (Todzilla) Neiss of an ongoing investigation.

Hey Sharon!

After speaking with the other principles in the investigation (Peter Byrne, Joe Beelart, and Hal Halderman), I have been cleared to give you a somewhat redacted version of the sighting(s) which took place in the Eddyville/Chitwood area along Hwy 20 (which runs between Corvallis in the Willamette and Newport on the Oregon Coast.

There is a very large 3-year construction project where being overseen by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) in which they are cutting a direct route through the dense temperate rain forest of the Oregon Coast Range (the same range I had my sighting in back in 1993). This cut is about 3 times the width of Standard power line cut (perhaps 300 meters wide) and cuts through some 2nd and third generation fir and spruce growth. Unlike old growth groves, which are populated with huge trees (some over 200 feet high), these groves are intentionally over-planted for mid-cycle harvest/thinning and consequently incredibly dense.

In July of this year, some tracks were apparently discovered by the Project Manager near the bridge abutments #730 & #735 (see attached aerial photo taken October 5th). Sometime after that, someone decided to pull a prank by constructing fake tracks with the use of carpeted shoes. When the contracting supervisor found out, he warned everyone on the project to “knock it off” as he concluded that such shenanigans could jeopardize their project. The original track find is considered legitimate.

In the first week of October, the project was winding down for the winter as this area can get substantial rain and snow in the winter. As the project was wrapping up, up to a dozen workers (both ODOT and the construction crew…who will remain unnamed at this point) were standing on abutment #730 looking SE when they saw a dark figure meandering around a couple of large towable generators with flood-light standards down a ravine about 100 meters away. At first they thought it was a person and feared it could be someone vandalizing their equipment. One of the guys yelled down to the figure which failed to respond or even notice them. Finally one of them hurled a rock towards it which got it’s attention. Upon realizing there was a group of men observing it, the “person” immediately turned and headed for the wood line. It was then that the group realized that what they were looking at was not human.

This is essentially the information we were acted upon. Below is a truncated e-mail received by Joe on October 13th from one of the sources…

Subject: RE: rumored sighting at Pioneer Mtn., Lincoln County, Oregon

Unfortunately, the reason I looked for information was the lack of contact information here. Whoever began the inquiry does not want to be known, I don't know why. Unless it is to keep people out of a sensitive, expensive construction project…

Please be sure this is not official ODOT business. I do know that xxxxxxxx Construction Co, has a field office just west of Eddyville and their personell [sic] were most likely involved. And the project is shutting down for the winter.

The sighting was reportedly…directly south of Chitwood, along Cougar Creek. The cut has bridge columns and large fills for the abutments, and in an area prone to landslides. The best way to get there is to obtain an escort from the construction office. Or pose as a deer hunter.

Since it was deer season and I was actually hunting, we chose the latter. Having stayed with Joe and his wife Sharon at their “sainted” mother’s house outside of Corvallis on the evening of the 17th of October, I contacted Peter and Hal (who live at the coast) and had them rendezvous with Joe and I at the covered bridge in Chitwood on Sunday morning (see Photo).

We located the site of the encounter and made a cursory investigation. Suffice to say we did not find any tracks (or critters) as there had been a substantial amount of rainfall since the sighting. I did, however, take some photos of the area for your use.

In the final analysis, and having seen the area first hand, I am convinced that the likelihood of this encounter and subsequent track find are highly probable despite the solitary hoaxing event.

That’s all for now. Take care and keep up the good work Sharon!

Beast regards,
Todd “Todzilla” Neiss
Sandy, Oregon

This is the view the ODOT and contractors had. The BF was down at the two generators near the bridge supports. Note: This is in the middle of NOWHERE.

Critter view. "figures" at the top of the hill are actually tall light posts approximately near where the witnesses were.

Here is the master (Peter) doing what he does best.

Bigfoot in Ohio

Calling all researchers.
One of my first goals for The Bigfoot Field Reporter is to create a registry of all researchers within Canada and the United States.

My first goal is to have a contact number for every researcher in the state of Ohio.

If you are a researcher in Ohio, or know a researcher in Ohio, please send me contact information at:

I am going to be submitting some writings to be evaluated for possible book publication. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Tri-State Bigfoot Study Group Meeting

The Tri-State Bigfoot Study Group will hold a meeting on Saturday December 5th at the lodge of Salt Fork State Park. The meeting will begin promptly at 7 p.m. and will last until between 9:30 and 10 p.m.

Chairman Don Keating will give a capsulized presentation on alleged Bigfoot sightings or track discoveries over the years that have taken place during or near deer hunting season in Ohio. Keating is asking any deer hunters this week that may have had an encounter with something unusual to contact him. Names will be held in the strictest of confidence.

He will also give an update of reported sightings in Ohio that have surfaced since the October meeting.

There will be lots of raffle prizes given away as early Christmas gifts, an update on the progress for the 22nd Annual Bigfoot Conference and much more.

Don't miss this last meeting until Spring.

Additional information may be obtained by contacting Don Keating at

TBRC Monthly Meeting Info

TBRC Meeting

Saturday, December 05 2009, 11:00am - 2:00pm
TBRC Meeting
Gander Mountain Lodge
3301 Corsicana Crossings Blvd.
Corsicana, Texas 75110
(903) 874-2500
11:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.

The public is welcome!

Local Researcher Follows up on San Antonio Sighting

I have just returned from a stake out of the area, which is located at the intersection of Loop 1604 and highway 151, about ten miles from where I live. The area is somewhat developed, although fairly wooded and located near several creeks. Most of the area is private property and is fenced with barbed wire.

Obviously I was not about to trespass and I’m still not 100% sure of the exact location of the incident. Reporter Joe Conger from Eyewitness News did visit the exact spot earlier today and told me there were some animal bones present.

I plan on returning there with him tomorrow to look for tracks and other evidence.
Best Wishes All! ~
Ken Gerhard,
December 2, 2009,
2:13:02 AM EST.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bigfoot Sightings in San Antonio, Texas

Is BIGFOOT on the Loose in SA????

By Jim Forsyth
Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Is Bigfoot on the loose on San Antonio's west side?

Police dispatchers told 1200 WOAI news they received several calls Monday night about a 'Sasquatch' being spotted near Highway 151 and Loop 1604. Several homeless people contacted police swearing they saw a 'big hairy creature' which was 'taller than six foot three kill a deer and drag it back into the woods.

Police say the folks reporting the Sasquatch sighting 'sounded scared, and surprisingly sober.'

Police opted not to launch a 'Bigfoot Manhunt.'

Link to story

Friday, November 27, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Canton native led the first search for Bigfoot

By Diana Rossetti staff writer
Posted Nov 25, 2009 @ 09:40 AM

At 74 years old, Robert W. Morgan still muses, only half joking, about what he wants to do when he grows up.

Until he narrows the possibilities, here is what the 1954 Lincoln High School graduate already has under his belt:

Morgan led the first expeditions in search of what he now calls “forest giant people” and others variously dubbed Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti and the Abominable Snowman.

He still believes the hairy, strong-smelling giants exist, and plans a private expedition to Washington in June.

He was commissioned by developers of a multimillion-dollar condominium project on Maui to search for the world’s most beautiful fountain.

One of life’s proudest moments, aside from the birth of his only child, a daughter, was being adopted by the then-100-year-old Nino Cochise, grandson of the original Cochise, nephew of Geronimo and the last Apache born free.

Morgan was on a movie set when a hanging scene featuring screen actor Harold “Oddjob” Sakata, best known for his role in “Goldfinger,” went awry, leaving the 270-pound thespian actually dangling by his neck.

“Bill Shatner ran up and lifted him up by his legs, and another guy and I climbed up and cut the rope,” Morgan recalled. The rope that nearly took Sakata’s life is on Morgan’s desk today.

“When Sakata was dying of stomach cancer in a Honolulu hospital, his nurse was Nancy Thomas. She was from Canton. It turned out, I had dated her sister, Gwen,” he recalled, adding that there is a “special lady” in his life these days.


The late Frank Sturgis, sometimes remembered as one of the Watergate burglars but also as a decorated World War II U.S. Marine, enlisted Morgan in a Miami-based, CIA-funded paramilitary group training to overthrow Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

The kid with the piercing blue eyes who grew up on Prospect Avenue in Canton’s southwest end is a successful screenwriter and filmmaker, having worked around the world, including a stint in the former Soviet Union.

He recently completed a two-year radio blog and remains a popular radio talk show guest in the Pacific Northwest.

Currently, Morgan is burning the midnight oil at his home, where bears wandering his deck are the only visitors. He is steaming toward a publisher’s deadline for his latest book, “Citizen Spy,” due for release in January.

The nonfiction thriller reveals Morgan’s own story of teaming with the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Adminis-tration to foil a drug-trafficking ring operated by the Mafia.

“It’s a story about a father who found out drugs were being sold on a child’s playground. He took it to the police and they ignored it, so he tracked down the dealer and finally infiltrated the big guys by making them believe they could fund his movies as a way of laundering money,” Morgan said during a phone interview.

“But when his daughter came to live with him while he was involved with the Mafia, he called the DEA, and they got the FBI. He worked undercover with both of them, and it all ended with half a billion dollars coming back into American coffers.”

The book is an autobiography of a man — Morgan — whose restless mind and desire to make a difference led him into the dens of killers.

Retired DEA agent Norman C.P. Jones and retired FBI special agent Frederick Coward, fast friends with Morgan, wrote the introduction for “Citizen Spy.”

An eight-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, Morgan, who long has shaved his head and sported a Van Dyke beard, stays fit by bicycling. It is obvious that weight-training and the lifelong practice of martial arts still are part of his regimen.

Only two cousins remain in Stark County, Morgan said — Neil Spring of Canton and David Roshong of North Canton.

To learn more, visit:

Why “alive” in the address? Because there was another Robert W. Morgan from Ohio who became a well-known radio personality in California. He’s the dead one.
Copyright © 2009 GateHouse Media, Inc. Some Rights Reserved.
Original content available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license, except where noted.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

News from Eric Altman and Stan Gordon

Eric and Stan were interviewed by the local news station in Pittsburgh, PA, KDKA Channel 2.

Click here for the link to the story

The video should be uploaded shortly. To read the article, please click on the link above!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Want to win $1,000,000.00?

Click here for the details!

The hunt is on this summer, July 10-14, 2010 in Silverton, Colorado.

The Hunt for Bigfoot group is offering one million dollars to the first person to find and photograph a bigfoot!

This sounds like a lot of fun! Check it out!

Short Interviews

Sharonlee interviews Michelle of the Green Hand Book Store

Sharonlee interviews Loren Coleman part 1

The Green Hand Book Store

Here is my interview with Michele, who is the owner of The Green Hand Bookstore in Portland, Maine.

Click here to listen to interview

Upcoming Events

The TBRC will be holding their monthly meeting on
Saturday, December 05 2009, 11:00am - 2:00pm
TBRC Meeting
Gander Mountain Lodge
3301 Corsicana Crossings Blvd.
Corsicana, Texas 75110
(903) 874-2500
11:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.

The public is welcome!

Don Keating and his Tri-State Bigfoot Study Group will hold a meeting on Saturday December 5th at the lodge of Salt Fork State Park. The meeting will begin promptly at 7 p.m. and will last until between 9:30 and 10 p.m

I've scanned the other organization websites and it seems pretty quiet out there.

Ed Runninghorse is going back into the field for his research this weekend. He had video from his last outing a couple of weeks ago, but the video files were lost when he tried to transfer them to his sister's laptop! He said that he feels he owes it to us to go back out and get more information!

Good Luck Ed!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In Memory of Dona Reed-By Craig Woolheater

I appreciate all of the thoughts concerning my mom's passing.

She was an integral part of the TBRC having a Texas Bigfoot Conference. When I decided to hold a conference, I relied on her as a member of the events committee of the Jefferson B&B Association to help me plan the event, venue etc.

The first year, 2001, she and my stepfather cooked and served the dinner Friday night, cooked and served a pancake breakfast that was open to the public and over 100 people showed up, as well as served lunch and refreshments during the conference.

In short, the conference the first year would not have happened without their help and support.

They were involved every year through 2008. They catered the dinner in 2008.

The services have been set for next week in Jefferson.

Visitation will be held from 5 to 6:30 p.m. Monday evening with a Rosary being held at 6:30 p.m. at the funeral home.

Haggard Funeral Home
203 E. Clarksville St.
Jefferson, Texas 75657
Phone: 903-665-3939
Fax: 903-665-3930

Funeral services for my mother, Mrs. Dona Reed of Jefferson, will be held at 11:00 a.m. Tuesday, November 24, 2009 at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church with Father Mani Mathai officiating under the direction of Haggard Funeral Home of Jefferson.

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
209 W. Lafayette St.
Jefferson, TX 75657-2143

Thanks, Craig

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ohio to Maine

On Thursday, I picked up the t-shirts that Craig Woolheater was donating to the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

Friday morning I got an early start to my long weekend of driving. I drove straight through to Whitehall, NY and spent a couple hours waiting for some squatchtivity. Nothing happened so I proceeded on to Rutland, VA where I spent the evening.

Saturday morning was miserable, cold, and rainy, courtesy of hurricane Ida. I kept an eye out for moose or squatch, seeing neither...4 short hours later, I arrived at the Museum.

I made my way in and met up with Loren Coleman, Mike Esordi and Craig Woolheater, they unloaded the shirts and I took a tour of the museum.
Inside the museum, I ran like a little kid over to the Bumbles exhibit and said, "I want to buy this!" Loren said, "Those are not for sale and please don't touch them." I thought everything had a price!

Throughout the day people wandered in off the wet streets of downtown Portland to have their picture taken with the city's newest mascot, the 8 foot tall Crookston bigfoot.

I interviewed Michelle who is the proprietor of The Green Hand bookstore which shares the premises with the museum. Once I finish editing the audio from all the interviews, I will run them on my radio show.

The museum boasts many items that Loren has collected, and donations given to him throughout the 50 years that he has been actively procuring such items.

I don't want to give too much away, but there are thousands of items to see and each one has a story.

We went out later that evening for some Maine lobster. When in Maine.... :)

The next morning I met the boys and Loren asked if I would buy his breakfast...of course I said yes, it was the least I could do for his hospitality. He then said, "OK, since you are buying my breakfast, this is for you." He produced a large plastic bag and handed it to me and upon inspection of the contents, I was so touched to see that he had given me my very own Bumbles! That was worth the whole trip!

Sadly, about an hour after breakfast, Craig was notified that his mother had passed away unexpectedly. Our thoughts, prayers and love are with him at this difficult time.

If you are ever in the area of Congress Street in Portland, Maine, you must stop and visit the International Cryptozoology Museum. Loren will give you a wonderful tour and you will not be disappointed!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I got a really nasty hate mail today. I won't share it, but I also got a fortune cookie today!

The message read, "Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future"

I am a huge fan of forgiveness. Have been doing it all my life.

Life is too short to hold onto negativity.

And, I do have a very bright future to look forward to, so that is all I am going to say.


Update of The Bigfoot Field Reporter Organization

As some of you may know, I have been working diligently to create The Bigfoot Field Reporter as a non-profit corporation.So far the state of Ohio and the IRS have cooperated and I am now able to begin fund raising.Therefore, on Sunday November 29th at 2 p.m. there will be a fund raising poker tournament at The Sons of Italy club in Ashtabula, Ohio. Come play if you are in the area! Details coming soon!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New PA Bigfoot Video?

Well, first of all Biscardi had to get involved so that turns me off to the idea that this is real....
looks like a tree stump to me!

Any thoughts????

Oh and yes whoever posted this video on youtube did not spell Appalachian wasn't me! I know better!

Whitehall, New York to Portland, Maine

Just 2 more days until I begin the eastward trek to Whitehall to check out the local bigfoots in that area then on to the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

I will be delivering t-shirts that were donated to the museum by Craig Woolheater and designed by Mike Esordi of The Believe it Tour.

If you would like to help out and purchase one of these limited edition shirts, the details for ordering are at Cryptomundo here.

Monday, November 09, 2009

New Pennsylvania Activity?

A Dauphin County man, who wishes to remain anonymous, says he may have caught images of Bigfoot with his flip-cam.

He says he was hiking the Appalachian Trail with his wife back in October when he came across what looked like a fort. He started filming, and says that’s when he started hearing strange noises.

“You can actually hear it go ‘huh-ah,’ like a monkey. I mean, deep in the lungs,” he said. “I panicked. The sounds were loud and they freaked me out, to be honest with you. I told my wife we need to get out of here. There’s something up in these woods.”

When he got home, he saw a strange image on the video.

“Here’s this thing standing in the middle of the trail,” says the man. “My wife said, ‘What is that?’ I said, ‘I don’t know.’”

Courtesy of Loren Coleman at Cryptomundo.

Eric, do you know anything about this?

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Skunk Apes Among Us

Historic City Memories: The Bardin Booger

November 4, 2009

The Bardin Booger, Skunk Apes and Pink Dinosaurs

By Geoff Dobson
St, Augustine, Fl

“Hey Mr.Booger, Bardin is your home
and every day you love to roam.
You run through the bushes
and you run through the trees.
Hey Mr. Bardin Booger, don’t get me, please.”
Country song by Billy Crain

Mythical animals are found throughout the world. Oregon has its sasquatch, Scotland the Loch Ness Monster, Vermont’s Lake Champlain its Champ, Nepal the yeti, Wyoming its jackalope and Chubut, Argentiina, its “Nahuelito,” found in the murky depths of Nahuel Haupi Lake.

Thus, it is only natural that Florida should have an animal whose existence is questioned; the Bardin Booger.

The purported existence of the animals is generally proven by blurry, apparently faked photographs. Occasionally, scientific expeditions are dispatched to distant places in a vain attempt to demonstrate the existence of the creatures.

In 1922, when reports of a possible living plesiosaur in Nahuel Haupi Lake were received, President Harding and King George V argued over whether the expedition to Patagonia should be conducted by the Smithsonian or the British Museum. The investigation was finally conducted by Argentines by lobbing sticks of dynamite into the depths to force the creature to the surface. It did not appear. Nevertheless regularly to this day about the time of Chubut tourist season, further sightings are reported.

From 1950 through the 1970’s, there was a spate of sightings of Skunk Apes and other monsters in the swamps and woods of Florida. St. Johns and Putnam Counties were certainly not immune from such reports. In 1984 or 1985, a skunk ape was reportedly spotted near Kings Estate Road and the Florida East Coast tracks. But like many similar reports, it could not be verified. The story was third hand.

Another skunk ape was spotted in the marsh near Vilano Beach in May 2000 by three fishermen. The ape was described as “a real hairy ape man about 5 ft tall” who smelled like skunk. In most instances, however, the reports described a stinky hairy, green-eyed, eight-foot tall man-like creature.

A typical report was a 1975 report of a skunk ape seen in an Orlando area apartment parking lot.

Another 1975 sighting was included within a police report from Dade County:

Dade County Public Safety Dept. Miscellaneous Report #72168-7
Reported by Ronald Bennett,46 w/m 2820 SW 106 Avenue


Police were dispatched 2:26 Am. arrived: 2:31 Am. In Service:4:22 Am.

REMARKS: The report stated that at the above time, date and location of his son Michael Bennet and a friend Lawrence Groom w/m 54 years old.(223-0108) ,while driving down a dirt road towards Black Point near the water dike they observed what appeared to be an upright standing giant ape-like man, approximately eight(8) to nine (9) feet and very heavy set, black in color with no clothes, standing next to a blue Chevy and rocking the car back and forth with great force. The witness further stated they observed a man getting out of the vehicle in a hysterical manner and yelling for help. When the lights of the vehicle that the witnesses were in lit up, the ape like man turned and went into mangroves. The witnesses stated they could hear the thing running through the mangroves. At this time the witness, vehicle was turned around and leaving the area. Upon department they did not see where the man in the blue Chevy went.

South District Station #4 was notified and responded to the area. A search of the area for the blue Chevy and the ape like man produced negative results.

NOTE: The location of the incident can be variously described as the eastern end of 248TH Street SW 87TH Avenue SW. and Biscayne Bay and Snapper Point.

COMMENT: To get from location of the sighting to the Bennett home would take no more than an hour and probably thirty minutes. So it is clear that the incident was discussed at least an hour and a half before the elder Bennett decided to call the Police. Mrs. Bennett said that her son began his story with the predictable, “Mom, you’re not going to believe this, but….”

Indeed, there were so many reports that, according to the St. Petersburg Independent, February 27, 1978, p. 15-A, “The Skunk Ape, Florida’s Monkey Catcher Says It’s Really ‘Big Foot,’” a Florida Legislator introduced a bill giving it a protected species status.

The largest numbers of reports have come from David Shealy who ran the Florida Panther Gift Shop, a campground, and the “Skunk Ape Research Centre” on U.S. 41 in Ochopee. Before the gift shop closed in 1998, it had on display purported plaster casts of the ape’s footprints and, at one time, tufts of hair. The hair unfortunately was allegedly seized by two men, driving a dark sedan, wearing dark suits, white shirts, black ties and sunglasses.

Most of the reports in Northeast Florida came from an area of Putnam County known as Bardin, about seven miles northwest of Palatka. The first reported sighting near Bardin was in the 1940’s near the Etoniah Baptist Church. The area around Etoniah is now part of a state forest but had been settled by the time of the Civil War. Confederate troops scouting Federal movements along the St. Johns River were stationed near there. The area is now a known migration path for the Florida black bear. Thus, it may be speculated that some of the sighting may have been of bear.

Others sightings may have been of Lena Crain who since the 1970’s has dressed up in a booger suit, primarily for festivities at the Palatka Moose Lodge. However, since she is only slightly over five feet tall, there are some difficulties in making a believable booger.

According to David Grimes, “Florida Curiosities: Quirky Characters, Roadside Oddities & Other Offbeat Stuff,” old-timers at Bud’s grocery in Bardin claimed to have seen the booger. One old timer claimed to have spotted the booger running through the woods carrying a lantern. Another caught the booger stealing clothes off a clothesline. A third claimed that he had surprised the booger while the booger was raiding a refrigerator.

The St. Augustine Record, March 6, 2006, reported that the booger appeared at Palatka’s Azalea Festival in Ravine Gardens, carrying an American Flag and a bouquet of azaleas.

Sighting of strange animals in Florida are not limited to skunk apes and Bardin boogers. Around 1939, Mrs. Jess L. Gerardi and her family saw a pink dinosaur-like creature in the St. Johns River. The animal was again spotted in 1960 by a biology student and two friends who were bow hunting along the St. Johns. Again on May 10, 1975, a fishing party of five spotted the animal. It was described as looking like “a dinosaur with its skin pulled back, so all the bones were showing . . . sort of the color of boiled shrimp. One of the fishermen stated that “it looked to her like a dragon.” The animal has since borne the nickname “Pinky.”

The claims of booger and dinosaur sightings may be like sightings of jackalopes in Wyoming. An explanation given for the paucity of jackalope sightings is that the animal is nocturnal. Jackalopes are, therefore, most frequently observed by cowboys emerging from saloons in the early morning hours.

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Michigan Story

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When Ron Kostrubiec visited Wilderness State Park with his family at the end of July, he got more than he bargained for.

Riding his mountain bike along Swamp Line Trail at approximately 6:30 p.m. on July 29, the 41-year-old Macomb Township man was enjoying the earthy smells of nature. Two miles or so into his ride, he turned east toward the Nebo Trail, delighting in deep breaths of pine and damp earth - that is until he reached a "wall."

"I was about three quarters of the way to the Nebo Trail when I ran into the thickest wall of live human body odor that you could ever imagine," he said. "It sent chills up my spine and my hair stood up. It scared me so much, I peddled as fast as I could out of there."

Kostrubiec got back to camp and told everyone about his experience. The next morning, he spoke with rangers but no one could give him an answer about what he smelled. So that evening he went back to the same spot at roughly same time.

"This time I was on full alert. I put my nose in the air and looked around as much as I could but I never smelled it again. That tells me something was there. And I truly believe what ever was there watched me go by," he said.

Not only did he go back to the spot once, but every night until he and his family left. Although he never smelled it again, on one of his "missions," something else happened. While walking down a snowmobile trail by O'Neal and Lawrence lakes, while listening to the wind blowing through the trees, he heard something.

"I was listening to the sounds of nature when all of a sudden from the direction of the smell encounter I heard three faint taps like two pieces of wood being hit together, then a slight pause, then one more and then back to the sounds of nature," he said.

After listening to people talk about Bigfoot, Kostrubiec thinks this is what he may have encountered - and he's not the only one. Shortly after his first encounter, Kostrubiec's 9-year-old son, Anthony, said a young boy by the name of Jack had a similar experience.

"Jack smelled really bad body odor too right behind the campground around the same day as my encounter," Kostrubiec said. "He was riding his bike along a powerline trail when he said he ran into the smell. He said it really scared him and he got out of there and went back to his camper."

The story doesn't end there. On one of the last days of their trip, Kostrubiec, along with his wife, Gina, their three sons, Anthony, Mikey, 7, and Joey, 5, and his mother and father-in-law, took a bike ride on Wilderness Road to a large glacier boulder marked by the Department of Natural Resources.

As the kids were playing on the rock with his wife and mother-in-law, Kostrubiec and his father-in-law walked through the woods when they came upon unusual markings in the ground.

"To understand these markings, picture the ground being a thick thatch layer of pine needles and to really make a mark in them you would really have to kick the ground in a forward motion to even really attempt to get to the dirt below," Kostrubiec said. "But there were these marks that went back into the woods that looked as if you would have gotten on your knees and punched the ground to push the needles forward and expose the dirt below."

The men followed the marks into the woods toward the road where they seemed to stop at the base of a fallen tree. As Kostrubiec looked around, he noticed a footprint.

"Because of the pine needle floor it was more of a impression like you would see in your carpet after vacuuming," he said.

He called for everyone and directed them to come to him without stepping on the trail. When everyone was there, he grabbed a small stick and traced out the footprint.

"It was a right foot print about 16 inches long and really wide," he said. "You could make it out perfectly with a little rise of dirt between the little and next toe. Everyone saw it."

He traced it out a couple more times, all the while not believing what he was seeing.

"Not even thinking of Bigfoot when going out there, my mind and senses seemed overwhelmed," he said.

With no camera, everyone went back to camp.

Since the trip, Kostrubiec has spoken with the Mackinaw City Police, as well as with the State Police in Petoskey. Chief Patrick Wyman with the Mackinaw City Police and Sergeant Jerry Briolat with the State Police Post in Petoskey said neither posts have ever received any report of suspicious Bigfoot activity.

"We've had reports of suspicious activity in the area but nothing related to Bigfoot," Briolat said.

The Department of Natural Resources Law Division also has not received any reports of that nature in the area or any other area in Northern Michigan according to Lt. Daniel Hopkins.

"The reports of activity we've received are cougar or wolf related - nothing Bigfoot," Hopkins said.

Kostrubiec said all of the researchers he's spoken with from the Michigan Bigfoot Organization and the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization said what he encountered in the woods could have been Bigfoot.

Matt Moneymaker, president of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization said, with absolute certainly, Bigfoot creatures exist in some places in North America, but they are not everywhere.

"Reports have been consistent in the last 11 years since reports began to be collected through the Internet," Moneymaker said. "The same kinds of animals are present and that indicates there may be a relatively sizable population."

With several handfuls of reports in both peninsulas every year, Moneymaker said the Great Lakes has a history of Bigfoot sightings dating back to early Native American times. With respect to Kostrubiec's encounter, Moneymaker said there were characteristics that would make it possible that it was a Bigfoot but it's not definitive.

"For all the time I have spent in the woods fishing and hunting in the Upper and Lower Peninsulas seeing bear, deer and other wildlife, I never had these experiences before," Kostrubiec said. "It was a Bigfoot encounter as for the footprint. There is no mistaking that. I truly believe in the events and I definitely think there is something going on up there."

Some other creatures that some people believe may be in area forests, but there is no conclusive proof:

- According to the Michigan Citizens for Cougar Recognition Web site, there have been 74 sightings of cougars in Emmet County from 1990-2009. Mary Dettloff, public information officer with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, said although there are lots of alleged sightings, there have been only two cougars verified by scat, tracks and other biological evidence in the western half of the Upper Peninsula. Dettloff said there's no established evidence of breeding populations of cougars in Northern Michigan.

- According to Dettloff, one wolverine was found in the thumb area of Michigan four years ago. Dettloff said a possible theory is that the creature came in on a Canadian garbage truck.

- Dettloff said there are more than 500 wolves in the Upper Peninsula. A wolf was trapped in Presque Isle County three years ago, however there's been no biological data of wolves in the Lower Peninsula since then.

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