Thursday, August 20, 2009


When Bobo and Slash saw the car, they were like, "Whoa dude! This is F**ked up!" They decided the best course of action was to tip the vehicle over the edge and call it in stolen. it!

Craig of course said no and we removed every piece of gear, luggage, coolers, etc. from the back of the Santa Fe. We climbed into Bobo's truck, but there was no room for Slasher so he rode the back of the truck, up the mountain and removed his shirt at one point while hanging on with one hand!

We finally get to the top of the mountain, which seemed to be about a 5 mile ride, and Mike and Diana are looking at us like, uh oh...where is the car?

Then we told the stories, tried to call loved ones...spotty cell coverage. Then we played a game of hide and seek all through Orleans and Willow Creek.

In our hunt for a wrecker service to extract the vehicle, Bobo went one way, we went another and before long we were separated from the gang. Sheesh!

I stayed at the Bigfoot Motel, while everyone else took care of the tow truck etc. About 9 pm I am upset. I imagined they all went over the mountain...finally I get a call and they got the truck out, for a mere $597.50 fee.

I treated the guys to steak dinners. They deserved it!

Bobo and Slash stayed with Wooly until the whole mess was over. They are my personal heroes and I hope to meet up and hang out with them again some day soon.

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  1. Finally had the chance to upload photos from this crazy situation to the Believe It Tour flickr page. We are just happy all of our guests made it out safely.