Friday, January 22, 2010

Mike Esordi Sets the Record Straight

A few weeks ago I posted an article by James Snyder "I Just Found Bigfoot".

Mike Esordi was mentioned in the article, and now he wants to set the record straight.

The intro to the story is posted here, please click on "read the entire story"

My name is Michael Esordi, and as a longtime and legitimate member of the cryptozoology community, I would like to address a few points in this article by James Snyder (“I Just Found Bigfoot,” Cover Story, January 14).

Read the entire story here

Who is a Bigfoot Researcher?

I can't even begin to count how many people in the world belong to a bigfoot organization, or who are conducting their own bigfoot research quietly, not reporting their findings to anyone. The number has to be in the thousands.

And who are all these people? I know that I have met a surgeon, a lawyer, construction workers, television producers, librarians, authors, teachers, night club managers, motivational speakers, plumbers, salesmen, cooks, factory workers and a lot of unemployed people.

Are they single? Married? Gay? yes,yes and yes. Do they go to church? Do they like to drink? Do they cheat on their spouses? Do they teach Sunday school? Are they shut-ins? The answer to all is yes! You cannot put the Bigfoot Researcher into one category. That is what makes us so unique.

How boring and questionable would it be if all bigfoot researchers where the same type of person? This isn't a cult where we are all brain-washed to act and behave in one certain way.

What motivates these "researchers"? Is it curiosity? Do they seek attention? Are they filling a void in their lives? Do they want to prove to the world that these creatures exist? Do they want to prove to themselves that these creatures exist?
Some have seen the creature. Some have yet to have their first sighting. Does having seen a sasquatch make you an authority? Heck no. Does finding a set of prints make you an expert in the field? NO.

Why does it seem like the whole world of bigfoot research is a competition?
Some researchers get petty when someone else is getting attention. I know of one "researcher" who fabricated evidence, yet, he doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, has a job, and a wife...I wouldn't ever believe a word he says again. Some cowards post anonymously about what they perceive is the foolishness of others.

Like I said, no one is an expert or an authority on sasquatch.

Many people who have done their own type of studying on the creature for years, have formed theories and opinions, but you cannot accept their beliefs as the gospel.

Some people believe that the sasquatch is a shapeshifter, or he is an alien being assisted by ET's and UFO's, those people will get ridiculed. Why? Just because they look at the situation through different eyes? Maybe if you do walk into the woods with your arms wide open, palms stretched outward and look to the heavens, and pray to the forest gods, you just may have opened yourself to a new realm of squatchtivity. Do I think you are crazy? No, I think you are open-minded.

How many books have been written on Bigfoot or Sasquatch? Fiction, non-fiction, articles, blogs???? And of all of these authors, who has seen one of these creatures? Who has a habituation situation? Who is gay, straight, bi-polar, an alcoholic, a Mormon, a Jew, a Christian? and Athiest? No one answer, right?

I have always written my blog fairly, not condemning any one person, or any style of research. I have tried to unite researchers from the west coast to the east coast. I have been having a lot of fun. I have made so many friends and acquaintances, and you know what?

They are Christian, single, married, gay, straight, doctors, scientists, unemployed, bi-polar, thin, overweight, tall, short, young, old...I can go on and on.

I will not stop my quest just because I don't fit someone's mold.

And I pray that all of you stay the same, and keep up the good work, don't let anyone change you by saying you are crazy, you are wasting your time, you are doing it wrong.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Washington State-Bigfoot Tour

Thursday, Jan. 21: "Sasquatch" sneak peek
Take a tour of Bigfoot Thursday

By Ron Swarner on January 20, 2010

Drawing by Rick Spears/Darby Creek Publishing from "Tales of the Cryptids," by Kelly

Fact meets fiction and then rubs noses with history, Native American lore and modern science as the story of Bigfoot will play out in displays at the upcoming exhibit Giants in the Mountains: The Search for Sasquatch at the Washington State History Museum.

This exploration of the Sasquatch story here in the Pacific Northwest focuses on why the geography and heritage found in this area of the globe feeds into the Bigfoot legend. The exhibit studies all aspects of the legend and draws no conclusions.

It opens Saturday, Jan. 23 at 10 a.m. A special "sneak peek" at the exhibit will happen during Third Thursday ArtWalk. Beginning at 6:30 p.m., co-curators Gwen Perkins and Susan Rohrer will lead a tour through the hairy show.

[Washington State History Museum, Thursday, Jan. 21, 6:30 p.m., free, 1911 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, 1.888.238.4373]

This sounds like a wonderful exhibit! AND it's free! If anyone does attend, I'd like a re-cap of the experience!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm bored...

These frigid months have driven most of us inside, waiting for a bit warmer temperatures until we can pursue our passion for Squatching.

I've tried to keep things light here, promoting others, sharing information form the web, etc. But now I am bored.

Yeah, yeah, I know I will get to meet up with many friends on January 29th at the Bigfoot Film Festival in Millersburg, PA. But it's just a film festival!

I yearn to get back out into the woods, looking for prints, following up on witness reports...long nights in the woods listening for tree breaks, wood knocks and creatures speaking gibberish!

If anyone has a story they would like to share, please feel free to send it on in! I need something to tide me over till Spring! :)

Until then, I will finish Dave Coleman's book, Ancient Lake.

The bigfoot in Dave's book is not a rampaging killer as much as he is a black ops soldier!

Unlike Clint Romag's books, Dave Coleman's sasquatch kill one person at a time, when they are in remote this all may change as I get on with the book, but for now, I am intrigued...

Have a great day fellow Squatchers!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010