Saturday, August 22, 2009

When we become the story

So after a while of chatting with Bob and Linda, we decided to go check out the area where a forest ranger had a sighting of a bigfoot in 2005.

We followed Linda and Bob about 5 miles up the road and pulled over.

Linda began relaying the story of how this forest ranger was on her way to work at about 8 a.m. when a large, hairy, bi-pedal creature crossed the 2 lane road in front of her and proceeded up a steep hill with about a 90 degree angle.

The woman was shaken and when she got to work she reported to her supervisor what she observed. The supervisor then went to check out the area around noon, and claims to have seen the creature sitting at the top of the hill staring down.

So here we all are walking across the road, imagining how it went down for the ranger. We were poking around on the hillside when all of a sudden Bob yells out that he thinks he found an impression.

The impression was impressive! I crawled up the embankment and was checking it out when I noticed how deep and distinct was every toe! It appeared as if the creature making the print had stepped or maybe leaped about 5 feet from the road and onto the hillside, but had needed his full weight on his toes to traverse the steep terrain.

I took some pics and Bob was ecstatic! He had just been talking about how disappointed he was in not having found any sign in the years that he had lived in Happy Camp!

Linda and Bob promised that they would come back to cast the print the next morning.

How did it come out guys?

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  1. We poured the cast. Bob hasn't cleaned it up yet so we don't know what we got, but because of the age of the impression we weren't expecting a lot. While we were there we went around to the back of the site and found all the brush had been cleared away. We hiked the hill and found another print but it said "bear" to me. That's not to say the one at the bottom of the hill wasn't Bigfoot...