Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bluff Creek or Bust!

Met up with the entire gang in front of the Bigfoot Museum in Willow Creek. The museum is usually closed on Mondays, but they opened it up just for me since I had never been there before! I felt honored!

I took some video and pictures and those will be forthcoming.

We then headed up the road to meet Steve at his bookstore. He was going to be our guide into Bluff Creek.

We eventually get on the road to Bluff Creek, and the lead vehicle pulls off the road and we follow. I was a little tired and didn't realize that we had actually pulled up to The Bluff Creek Company store! This was the actual place that Bob and Roger got their supplies.

A gentleman approached us and he knew Steve. He was the owner of the property and I asked him so many questions! He did request that nothing be reported about my conversation with him. However, I can tell you that he has plans to tear down the building if he cannot sell the property! He is asking a FIRM $650,000.00. Soooooo, if there is anyone out there who is birthday is August 27th! :)

We then proceed past Fish Lake, which in hindsight would have been the best area to spend the night but anyway... we drove through the mountains until the Believe it Tour van could go no further. We then consolidated all the gear and people into two trucks. Steve led the way down the mountain. It was highly treacherous with just a narrow road with the side of the mountain on one side and a straight drop down on the other. Driving verrrrrrry slowly we finally arrive at the bottom, and there she is! Not Patty, Bluff Creek. It was a very reverent feeling being there. I felt like a kid at Disneyland.

Steve then took us to the film site. It was a nice hike through dense brush and fallen trees. The actual sighting area seemed so small when you see it in person. Crossing over some fallen trees, I fell through a beaver hole, swallowing my entire right leg! I was glad there weren't any angry beavers in the hole!

Took lots of pictures! I know you are all waiting for the pictures!

We hiked back and set up camp. Steve was not spending the night with us and he soon departed leaving us alone, at Bluff Creek with one vehicle.

We sat around, talked, ate dinner and waited for James "Bobo" Fay to arrive.

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