Friday, January 01, 2010

Book Review-Bigfoot Observer's Field Manual

January 1, 2010. How appropriate that I should start the new year by reading the book, Bigfoot Observer's Field Manual by Robert W. Morgan.

It has been a steady 25 degrees all day long. The boys are in the tv room playing Madden 2010 leaving me to entertain myself.

I built a cozy fire and decided that it was the perfect time to read one of my many bigfoot books. In the past year, I have read halfway through many bigfoot related books while in flight to destinations around the United States.

The book is small in size and short in length, a mere 136 pages.

As I began reading about Robert's peaceful and considerate approach, I realized that individuals who go on "expeditions" are doing everything they can to NOT have an encounter.

The chapter titled "Where to begin" offers brilliant tips on how to choose a research area and how to create detailed, legible maps of your area.

Robert provides a bit of hypothetical insight as to what a bigfoot might be thinking and feeling when you enter into his woodsy home. I can appreciate his thoughts as to why rock throwing occurs!

The book was very easy to read and understand and when I finished, I felt like I needed to go back out into the woods sometime soon!

I suggest that any new researcher, or even an established researcher who is not having positive results, obtain a copy of this book and open their mind to a different, more thoughtful approach.

Ohio Squatching

Although we have been hit with a few heavy snow storms lately, (I'm actually watching one now), my fellow squatcher Bob has been doing his thing out and about in the woods of Northeast Ohio.

Last week Bob had something trip his game cam and the camera proceeded to take 3 snapshots, 1 minute apart.

The second frame showed a dark, furry object in the upper corner and his camera had been moved.

We're not saying anything conclusively, but it is fun to speculate that there are bigfoots in the woods of Ohio!

Happy New Year

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve!

I received this message yesterday and finally got a chance to read it today.

It comes from a newspaper called The Register Citizen out of Litchfield County Connecticut

It doesn't seem like a news report, but more like a tutorial on how to handle a bigfoot if they lure you into the woods! I'm going to delve deeper into this story, but if anyone has any firsthand knowledge about Torrington Connecticut, please let me know!

Read on:

Is Yeti back?

The reports and witness accounts of the presence of Yeti in Torrington are growing. It is most likely Sasquatch, or Bigfoot as it is more commonly known.

The Yeti or Abominable Snowman is allegedly an ape-like cryptid said to inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet.

Bigfoot have mastered concealment in the forests.

During the Fall and Winter season the trees are bare leaving them little to hide behind, hence the increased sightings.

Avoid all contact with Bigfoot. They try to lure people closer to them so they may attack.

Bigfoots are very fast and can cross several meters in one step.

Very few individuals have managed to escape a Bigfoot and lived to talk about it.

****On further investigation, this bit was written by a reader of The Register Citizen. It was probably submitted by Bill Green. What a way to start the New Year! LOL. You had me going Bill.