Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hey there

Well I guess to the world I am a drunken, gullible idiot. I thought I was just writing stories for their entertainment value but it appears I am supposed to be an investigative reporter. So I'm told.

I go out into the field and I report on the events that transpire. I don't make things up, I don't cover things up. It is what it is. Just as I am what I am.

I'm human. I hurt. I laugh. I have too much to drink at times. I get angry. I love, and I am heart-broken.

I know many of you enjoy my stories and you understand that I write them for entertainment value and to promote any and all researchers who I have the honor of going out into the field with.

I guess now I have to let others decide who or what I write about and if it comes down to that, I should probably just hang it up because it won't really belong to me anymore.

All I know is that there are thousands of researchers in the woods every weekend and not one of them has ever come up with anything other than probable evidence.

So where do they all get off telling me how to do my job? Here I am trying to unite researchers from coast to coast, only to find out there are cliques and social tiers and popularity contests. Way to go guys, that'll get you closer to finding the truth.

So what if I went into the woods with Biscardi? It was quite boring actually. I have been in the field with Eric Altman, Don Keating, members of the MABRC and other independent researchers and always with the same results. We have a good time, we get in the woods, we hike we tell stories, I take pictures and write a nice little piece for my little blog.

I'm not saving lives. No one is finding Bigfoot. Yet more books are being written and conferences being held and DVD's being sold. But we are no closer than we were 40 years ago.

So everyone please take a fucking chill pill. This is Bigfoot Research, not Rocket Science.

Let's give each other a fucking break.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Melba Toasted

In my opinion
It is immoral, unethical, unprofessional and illegal for a person who is paid to provide a service to claim ownership of the property of another.
If I take my diamonds to an appraiser and pay him for his service of appraising said diamonds, and one of those diamonds turns out to be a very rare diamond, the appraiser cannot retain ownership of my diamond. He/she would provide the appraisal for which he was commissioned and would return the property to its rightful owner.

Melba is selling her "scientific" findings to the highest bidder. She has 19 claims against her because she simply is not capable of providing the service for which she claims. She has not returned DNA evidence that she has received from other researchers. She did not partake in the harvesting of the evidence.
She was paid for her service of analyzing the samples. For her to demand to be included in the payout if some samples proved to be that of a Bigfoot is unethical.
Rumor has it that Richard Substad and Tom Biscardi have pioneered and promoted Melba and have not received their samples back. I’ll give Tom a call and get back to you on that.

I believe that Adrian has paid her dearly to hear the words he WANTS to hear. I have heard that the figure is in the $70,000 range. If you paid me $70,000, I'd tell you your shit smells like roses and that you were the most undeniably handsome man this world has ever seen. Everyone has a price.
Second, if there were 2 bodies that could be touched, poked, prodded and dissected, the piece of paper that would be the DNA results would be a small contributor to the discovery. If you can provide the bodies, we can wait on the DNA, not the other way around.

Are we in it for the money? Let me ask you, if you could quit your job to pursue your Bigfoot investigations, wouldn't you? But only if you could still pay your mortgage, car payment, utilities etc.

Every one of us with a passion for Bigfoot research would do it for a living if we could. However, to knowingly deceive another person for your own personal gain is disgusting.