Friday, October 28, 2011

Tracking Bigfoot-Available on Kindle

Lori Simmons was devastated upon the death of her father, Donald Wallace. As a tribute to him, she continued to work on the book that Donald was in the process of writing about his experiences searching for the elusive creature we call Bigfoot.
"After the passing of our father’s death we needed to fulfill a promise to him. That promise was to share my dad’s knowledge of tracking Bigfoot. It was our father’s dying wish to publish his book called Tracking Bigfoot. Our father Donald Lee Wallace was man who lived in the North Cascade Mt. for the past 30 years. He tracked Bigfoot for the past 28 years. He lived off the land and appreciated each day God gave him. My father battled cancer for many years. I believe that due to the years of living in the Mt. and a trapper before that made him an expert when it came to reading the woods. I remember walking down the trail with our dad to go fishing and he would point out different tracks by the animals that live in the woods. My dad fishing would be putting on his waiter boots and stand out in the roaring river. The beauty that surrounded us. The sense of relaxation. I knew why he was a Mt. Man. He didn’t have to deal with the city stress instead he could enjoy the relaxation of the mountains."-Lori Simmons

The Kindle version of the book, Tracking Bigfoot,is available today. The hard copy of the book should be available within the next week.

For every book sold, $1 will go towards cancer research.

The Bruce Barraclough Eyewitness Account

Who is this Bruce Barraclough?
I had never heard of him until a couple of weeks ago when I was invited to listen to his radio show. Another radio show? Several people told me that his show was actually pretty good and I should give it a listen. I then received a message from Bruce and we introduced ourselves and soon I was on the phone with him writing up an article on his incredible encounter he experienced on his recent Squatching expedition. Enjoy!

Bruce Barraclough- North Eastern Anomalous Research

Georgia Incident-October 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, 2011

Location: Northern part of Georgia, in the Chattahoochee National Forest

Bruce and his group consisting of 4 members were invited to research with Jan Allen and his group, the GBRI (Georgia Bigfoot Research and Investigation.) They arrived at the location on Friday afternoon about 4:30 and began unloading their gear from the vehicle when a member of the other team yelled out, “Up the road one just ran across the road!” The sighting occurred approximately 100-150 yards from base camp. Is this possible? Could they actually have activity already? Bruce could tell this was going to be a very interesting weekend.

They continued to set up camp. It was a quiet evening with the group sitting around the campfire getting to know each other and sharing stories of their personal squatching adventures. At 2:30 am Bruce was assigned the first night watch. He heard some rustling and movement in the woods, but nothing unusual for nighttime activity. At 5 am he woke up another team member to take over the watch. He decided to stay up and chat then they hiked about 50 yards up the road and made some wild animal calls . Nothing happened. They walked about 10 feet up the trail when a rock came sailing at them from behind! They did more calls and nothing else happened.

They returned to camp and the other group members awoke and the new day had begun. The girl who spotted the bigfoot crossing the road the previous afternoon took them to the point where she saw it cross and they found prints. Bruce walked further into the woods and found a tree broken in half, the tree was placed upside down on another tree, he looked around and discovered 3 more of the same exact tree formations forming a triangular area. There was also a bent and twisted fir tree.

They took pics headed back to camp ate lunch then split into 2 teams. Two members stayed at base camp and the other 2 groups split up. Bruce’s team headed towards the area with the tree formations, the other group stayed on the trail. About a mile down the road the other team did tree knocks. Silence. Bruce did tree knocks, again, silence. They did a rock knock then and they got a loud response. On the hike they noticed what appeared to be mountain lion tracks. Bruce being sick with the flu realized he couldn’t descend the hill any further. He stayed behind with a 45 mm weapon as the others continued down the trail. They realized there was heavy movement in the canyon below. Bruce continued on back to base camp. He then heard something heavy being thrown. He then experienced violent tree shaking. He quickened his pace. He felt and heard footsteps assuming he was being followed.

Not being embarrassed he then began talking to his guest. He offered a drink from his canteen to the unknown stalker and left his canteen on the middle of the trail.

He radioed the other group and asked them to retrieve his canteen when they returned. A while later they radioed him and asked him if he had left a turtle shell on top of the canteen!

He joined them to see for himself and discovered the canteen had a turtle shell on top of the emptied canteen!

He believes that the forest visitor left him a gift.

They returned to base camp to discuss the event. Of course adrenaline is running high. A half hour into their discussion Bruce decided to set up trail cams.

He baited the area with every snack item he had in his possession. And nothing touched the items.

Another member had watch that evening and experienced constant movement and the next morning they found various sizes of tracks and they cast them.

He claims that at early dawn, in the blue of the light, he saw a large dark creature run past camp.

Looking for a food source for the creatures, Bruce took his team down the trail they only saw a few deer and a couple of berry bushes. They saw abandoned mines on the map but didn’t find them.

He has no idea what they are eating.

A 19 ½ inch track was photographed, but it was older and had some water damage.

Around 3 pm another person claims to have seen another one run across the trail! They took off in pursuit of the creature but were soon consumed by the heavy foliage. They were then in a vulnerable position so they returned to camp.

Around dusk they set out glow sticks. (cam lights) 4 on every other tree. They split up in 2 groups about 200 yards from each other. No one was left at Base Camp Lots of movement on parabolic. His camcorder battery dies. Instead of going back to base camp with everybody he headed back to camp with his Gen 3 night vision scope and his 45mm. He walked up the trail alone about 100 yards and could see the base camp he saw the campfire then off to the left he saw 2 sets of eye shine. He began making noise to scare off the creatures in case it was bear or deer, but then as he glanced back towards the camp, he saw the huge creature step in front of a tree and stop and stand there and stare at him, motionless. He could see clearly through the Gen 3. He reached for his weapon but couldn’t release it from the holster. He grabbed the radio and called for the group to return to the camp.

From the Gen 3 he assumed the creature was dark brown to black in color. It appeared to be 8 feet using a 6’5” team member as a guide.
The creature puffed up his chest and put out his arms (like a body builder) and turned and stomped into the woods.

It ducked behind a tree on the right hand side, then ducked down behind another tree on the left hand side. Then was gone.

Bruce collapsed from the emotions and needed to use his asthma inhaler. His emotions ran from fear, to exhilaration. Emotions too overwhelming to process.

Then during the night watch they noticed one of the glow sticks begin to move…he decided to wait till others were awake, to go check out the glow stick.

About a half hour before waking the next crew for watch, he heard branches breaking, heavy movement. He got the weapon out and called out into the woods warning that he had the gun out in case someone was messing with him.
He woke up the others and went to check the glow stick. They found out that the glow stick was removed and tied to a lower branch.

He was going into the tent when he caught sight of something. A formation of branches was placed next to his tent! This had to have been the breaking and rustling he heard while he was on his watch. Now it was personal!
To be continued and hopefully photos will be added...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Finding Bigfoot in Kentucky!

The Finding Bigfoot gang will be holding their town hall meeting at the Renfro Valley Community Hall tonight!

Please arrive by 6 pm, filming will begin at 7 pm.

If you have a story, encounter, pictures or other evidence to share they are ready to listen!

artwork by Rictor Riolo

"American Bigfoot scientists and researchers felt hoodwinked by Russian Yeti event"

Source-Doubtful Newsblog

Dr. Jeff Meldrum, professor of anatomy and anthropologist at Idaho State University, has spoken out about his recent excursion to Siberia to examine the existence of the Russian Yeti. Dr. Meldrum was a featured speaker at the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Conference in Youngwood, PA on Sunday, October 23. His conclusion: the yeti evidence was poor and he and other researchers were brought to Russia to add credibility to the local claim that yetis live in the area.

His presentation, entitled “The Russian Connection”, was not the listed topic on the schedule. He noted that he changed his topic upon advice from the conference organizers after the media storm that ensued regarding the announcement that “scientists were 95% convinced” that the Russian Yeti exists. Along with American scientist John Bindernagle, and researcher Ron Morehead, Meldrum was part of the team invited to Kemerovo region of Siberia to discuss the formation of a scientific commission to study the yeti. Led to believe there was significant scientific interest by the academic institutions in the area, Meldrum expressed his dismay when the press coverage was greater than the public and academic interactions.

In his talk, Meldrum described the players involved in the conference that began in Moscow and ended in Kemerovo. Specifically, he named Igor Burtsev, director of the International Centre of Hominology in Tashtagol, Kemerovo region. Burtsev already holds the belief that yetis exist in the area and are a Neanderthal relic population.

Meldrum showed photographs and described how the local Russian contingent greeted and treated the invitees with much pomp and ceremony but little scientific protocol.

As in scientific conferences, the attendees were taken on a field trip to a cave in the municipality of Tashtagol. Meldrum said he began to get concerned about the event when twisted and broken trees were rather conveniently located near the sites they visited. Reservations about what he had gotten himself into grew when he noticed saw cuts in the trees. The guides pointed to every bent and broken tree as marks of the yeti. From what Meldrum observed, the cave was not remote but apparently visited rather frequently with the trail maintained by the local municipality. The group was told the cave was a probable yeti habitation. Inside the cave, Meldrum notes that “right on cue”, isolated footprints and a “nest” were pointed out by their hosts.

Meldrum’s impression was that the “evidence” looked more like a staged event. Only right foot impressions were found, not a trackway as would be expected. His remark about the creature “playing hopscotch?” made it into the local press reports. The print had uncharacteristic pressure ridges that Meldrum described as consistent with that made from a rigid wooden imprint.

When a comment was made that the “nest” hardly looked used, Burtsev jumped into it himself for a photo opportunity, oblivious of any potential evidence that might have been there. A hair sample was collected in the cave but not from the nest.

Read the rest of the story here

Thank you Sharon Hill for that wonderful report!

Monday, October 24, 2011

New Report-Salt Fork State Park

This report comes to me from a very credible employee from Salt Fork State Park.

The incident occurred this past week and was relayed to the employee.

"A muzzleloader hunter was out hunting near the group camp. It was really early, rainy and very foggy. He decided to go back to camp to wait out the weather. He said as he was walking back, he saw something standing slightly uphill, behind a tree and peeking out around it at him. He said he leaned one way to see what it was, and it would duck behind the tree and peek out on the other side of the tree. It was tall and hairy, he said he thought it was a guy in a ghillie suit at first, but it wasn't. He said it ducked around a few more times and then ducked completely behind the tree. He said he walked towards the tree and it was gone and he never saw it walk away or anything. He probably would of gone into more detail, but the guys around him were giving him some grief, so he kinda clammed up. So, I don't know. Those guys have come for muzzleloader season every year for at least the past 15 years and haven't ever seen or said they've seen anything- I believe he probably did see something."