Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bobo and Slash

So there we are sitting around in the dark.
(We are not allowed to have a fire due to the many forest fires. The firefighters are local heroes around here..restaurants open up for them after a long day of putting out fires.)

It was now approaching 11 pm and we had given up on Bobo when all of a sudden, careening down the mountain side at about 60 mph and coming to a screeching halt within inches of Diana's chair, it's Bobo!

This dude is HUGE! He introduces us to his friend Jimmy, and they are two of the coolest dudes ever! They have the whole California surfer vibe going on...squatching in flip flops...they were a riot!

Bobo and Jimmy (aka "Slash") kept us entertained with stories all night long.

It was freezing out. We all retired about 2 am. Bobo and Slash camped further down from our campsite and it wasn't long before Bobo came back to our camp and told us there were squatches in the creek. Mike, Diana and Brad heard an odd whistling all night but that is about all, no sightings, no rock throwing.

To be continued......

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