Sunday, December 06, 2009

Squatching 12/6/09

After reading Todd's report, and with the fresh fallen snow, I felt the strong urge to head out to my research area to see if anything was going on. Bob backed out so I ended up going alone, with my dog, Riley.

The temperature was 27 degrees and I was excited to get a chance to wear my warm hunting pants. I paid $80 for these things and like to get my money's worth!

We hiked down to the river and through the we didn't go to grandmother's house. LOL.

I eventually ended up at the tee pee structure that Bob had discovered over a year ago. The condition of the tee pee leads me to believe that it has not been there for years as I had previously speculated. In less than 2 years the structure has deteriorated, or has been deconstructed by teens?

There were absolutely no prints in the snow. I did finally find deer tracks near the pavilion, just one set.

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