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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Your Input is Needed

I am writing a book about Bigfoot Researchers and I want to devote a few chapters on notable women researchers.

The problem is, I am having trouble thinking of more than 7. Please recommend to me the name of a female bigfoot researcher so I may include her in my book.


email me the info:

Kathy Strain, Rhonda Morehead, Monica Rawlins, Autumn Williams, Melissa Hovey, (does Jane Goodall count?), Linda Jo Martin, (not Janice Carter) Diane Stocking, myself-Sharonlee,


  1. Why not Janice Carter?
    I visited her home and lived there for five week in September 2004 and could had been convinced that she told the truth about BFs living around her property and visiting it and even the basement of her house. Once they leaved footprints in the basement during my stay there in the house and I made plaster casts of prints, they are still with me. No doubt that was a real BF-teenager with curved foot called Squicky.
    And I've seen there in the forest wooden markers made by BFs. And I have found a nest of BFs on her land, we gathered there many hair samples of BFs. And we have found there a clay ball with a bunch of hairs inside it... made also by BFs. Why you don't believe her?
    That is why I believe she observed BFs for thirty years of her life at the farm...

  2. Sorry when writing about Janice Carter I forgot to write that I'm a Russian hominologist D-r Igor Burtsev, 69, I have studied Hominoids for 44 years

  3. Anonymous10:41 PM

    I agree with mr. mughamire. That is, I agree that Janice Carter, has had some incredible encounters with the creatures. I read her book and since I have had several encounters of my own, I know that what Janice describe`s in her book, Had to really happen, cause the description of the creatures, parallel my own findings. There was just to much facts that she described in her book, that only one who really had had an encounter could know was the truth. Such as the hair color, the eyes, etc, etc,. The bigfoot hobist, and the armchair, as well as the serious hunter, does great diservice To Mrs, Carter. and in the end, the world will know she told the truth.

  4. History may show that a lot of people were wrong
    about Janice Carter being delusional. I may be
    one of them. When I saw her on TV claiming that
    BF could speak some words in English I thought
    that was the case. But since then, the study of
    BF recordings has shown that they probably can
    learn language, so English words could be
    learned as well as any other.
    But most surprising to me was that the tone
    of voice she used to mimic BF, sounds exactly
    like a voice I recently recorded in the woods.