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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I am going to take a break until after the new year! So much family stuff going on!

I would just like to say that I have had a wonderful year meeting all of you and traveling across the United States to meet researchers and enthusiasts from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine!

My year in review:

January - Salt Fork State Park - Temps were below zero and my Endeavor slid into a ditch. Not a very good outing.

March - West Virginia MABRC Expedition - Met with Rick Skeen and his wife Sylvia, Nick from North Carolina and Jason from West Virginia and the most awesome Larry Surf from southern Ohio. Temps were in the 30's, Rick and Larry both had heard strange noises in the middle of the night. The wind was almost tornadic. Nothing to report from there, but made a whole bunch of new friends.

April - Local squatching with my partner Bob D. aka Lowrider.

May - The Ohio Conference hosted by Don Keating. I met hundreds of people there. Met up with old friends Mark and Kelly, aka the Mohican Hikers. That was the day the girl fell and died at Hosack's Cave.

Also in May, I attended the MABRC Oklahoma expedition in Honobia. That was a lot of fun and it was my first time on a 4-wheeler :) (I'm like a little kid!). I hiked with Bobbie Lee and Carol, Bobbie fell into the creek...good times. We had strange whistling all night. An armadillo came into camp. And I saw 2 sets of red eyeshine on our night hike.

August - My adventure to the Pacific Northwest! Started out in San Jose to have dinner and a movie with Kathy and Bob Strain and John and Montra Freitas, then drove up the west coast to Bluff Creek California. Met up with Mike Esordi, Diana Smith and Brad of the Believeit Tour!, Steve Streufert, Bobo, Slasher. Spent the night at Bluff Creek, 40 degree temps, (why is squatching so cold?) The next day our car almost falling over the cliff. Then on to Happy Camp to meet Linda Jo Martin and Bob. We found a partial print! Pushing forward to Eugene, Oregon to visit Autumn Williams and her mom Sali, spent the night in her camper then driving up to Lincoln City, Oregon for the Beachfoot 2009 and Peter Byrne's 80th birthday. I can't even tell you how many people I met there! Shall I try?
Tom Yamarone, Bob Gimlin, Paul Graves, Jerry Hein, Cliff Barackman, Todd and Yvonne Neiss (our hosts) Diane Stocking (had met her in Ohio) Robert Michael Pyle, John Kirk and his wife, Hal and Lupe Halderman, the beautiful Rhonda Morehead and her not too shabby dad Ron, Orey Innis and his "not a poyne cone" son Steve, Joe Beelert, Tom Steenberg, Chris Murphy, Patti and Bob Reinhold, Cathy Griffin and more! What an amazing trip that was!

In September was the TBRC conference in Tyler, Texas. Stellar line up of guests and I got to hang out with my old pals and some fun new ones! Lee and John Murphy, Sean Whitley, Scott Herriott, Bob Gimlin, my all time favorite-Peter Matthieson (love him!) The fabulous Loren Coleman, my best friend Craig Woolheater, Monica Rawlins, Chris Buntenbah, anyway you get the idea...

Also in September I went night squatching with Eric, Dwayne and Dave of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society. Had rocks thrown at me all night from somewhere in the woods...what a rush!

October - Attended Bigfoot Discovery Days III in Felton, California. Later that month I attended the Eerie horror Film Festival. I hung out with Eric Altman and Bruce Harrington and again met more new friends.

November - My trip to the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

December - Mt. Clemens, Michigan to follow up on a bigfoot sighting report.

WHEW! Despite having such a fun year, it has been a difficult year. The economy is bad, the passing of loved ones. I pray that you all have a prosperous new year and that we will all work together to share our information and educate the world on the existence of the bipedal primate known as Bigfoot!


  1. Sharonlee,

    Are you trying to tell us that being around you may be some kind of curse? Let's look at the evidence, in your own words:

    "January - Salt Fork State Park... my Endeavor slid into a ditch. Not a very good outing."

    "May - The Ohio Conference ...That was the day the girl fell and died at Hosack's Cave."

    "August - My adventure to the Pacific Northwest! ...our car almost falling over the cliff."

    "November - My trip to the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine."

    Unmentioned here is that we all had breakfast, a call comes in, and during that time, Craig Woolheater's mother unexpectedly passed away.

    Considering, Sharonlee, that you mentioned "the passing of loved ones," frankly this was a real downer.

    Best wishes for a better 2010,

  2. OMG you are right! I am a jinx!

    2010 is the year of the Tiger and in the Chinese Zodiac, I am a Tiger!

    So this year, no cars will be damaged, no loved ones will pass away and I WILL get documented evidence of Bigfoot!

  3. Merry Christmas SIS!!!!!!

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