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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ohio to Maine

On Thursday, I picked up the t-shirts that Craig Woolheater was donating to the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

Friday morning I got an early start to my long weekend of driving. I drove straight through to Whitehall, NY and spent a couple hours waiting for some squatchtivity. Nothing happened so I proceeded on to Rutland, VA where I spent the evening.

Saturday morning was miserable, cold, and rainy, courtesy of hurricane Ida. I kept an eye out for moose or squatch, seeing neither...4 short hours later, I arrived at the Museum.

I made my way in and met up with Loren Coleman, Mike Esordi and Craig Woolheater, they unloaded the shirts and I took a tour of the museum.
Inside the museum, I ran like a little kid over to the Bumbles exhibit and said, "I want to buy this!" Loren said, "Those are not for sale and please don't touch them." I thought everything had a price!

Throughout the day people wandered in off the wet streets of downtown Portland to have their picture taken with the city's newest mascot, the 8 foot tall Crookston bigfoot.

I interviewed Michelle who is the proprietor of The Green Hand bookstore which shares the premises with the museum. Once I finish editing the audio from all the interviews, I will run them on my radio show.

The museum boasts many items that Loren has collected, and donations given to him throughout the 50 years that he has been actively procuring such items.

I don't want to give too much away, but there are thousands of items to see and each one has a story.

We went out later that evening for some Maine lobster. When in Maine.... :)

The next morning I met the boys and Loren asked if I would buy his breakfast...of course I said yes, it was the least I could do for his hospitality. He then said, "OK, since you are buying my breakfast, this is for you." He produced a large plastic bag and handed it to me and upon inspection of the contents, I was so touched to see that he had given me my very own Bumbles! That was worth the whole trip!

Sadly, about an hour after breakfast, Craig was notified that his mother had passed away unexpectedly. Our thoughts, prayers and love are with him at this difficult time.

If you are ever in the area of Congress Street in Portland, Maine, you must stop and visit the International Cryptozoology Museum. Loren will give you a wonderful tour and you will not be disappointed!

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