Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010 Follow-up Report

I headed out with my cameras and audio equipment to check out the property in Dunbar, PA , located in Sasquatch sighting rich, Fayette County.

I was meeting with a fellow researcher who had invited me to come along with him to check on the latest report, one of 4 (alarms going off) by the 66 year old twin sisters who own the property of the multiple sightings.

I arrived at the location to find him, the sisters and approximately 14 feral, mangy cats ranging from 6 weeks to 16 years old.

The sisters were so pleasant and were so happy to show me around the property. There was a large hole in the ground where their beloved homestead had been. The home was built in 1876, but due to years of neglect and abandonment, the sisters had the fire department burn it to the ground.

The sisters are confessed insomniacs and visit the property several times throughout the day to feed the cats and reminisce.

The following report is from the first sighting the sisters experienced in July 2009:

'Witness stated that she and her sister arrived at their family property around 8:30am to feed stray cats and check the property. One sister remained in the car while the other fed the cats. The property is enclosed by high, thick bushes, preventing anyone from seeing into the property from the road, driveway, or other surrounding properties. As the witness walked past the thicket of bushes, she noticed movement along the bushes to her right. She observed a 3 to 4ft tall, gray, fur covered creature picking blackberries from the bushes. Startled and unsure of what it was she was looking at, she stood perfectly still for what seemed like minutes. Shortly the creature must have detected her presence and swiftly escaped through very tall grass. It was at this moment the witness noticed a much larger, taller creature walk out from behind the tall bushes. The taller creature had dark, long hair with a gray beard and built like an extremely large football player or weight lifter. The taller creature stood and stared at the witness for a moment, before turning and attempting to exit through the thick briers/vines. It seemed to be frustrated when it became entangled in the vines, turning and walking further along until it found an opening to pass through. No sound or smell was experienced by witness. Upon further investigation by paranormal researchers, it was determined that the taller creature was over 9ft. tall. Gender was undetermined. Witness stated that the smaller creature appeared to have layers of fur (rabbit like) on its back. The sister remaining in the car did not have any knowledge of this sighting until later.'

The property is abundant with blackberry bushes and abuts acres and acres of Pennsylvania game land.

He and the sisters took me on a tour of the area and eventually took a 5 mile hike through the nearby mountains. We rested for about an hour, it was now early evening.

I then began to ask the sisters question about all of the sightings they have had in the last year. Since their first sighting in July, 2009 the sisters have had 3 more sightings. Here are the reports as they were submitted:

January 5th, 2010-Two sisters driving along ***** Rd. witnessed a large hair covered creature walking up an embankment from a creek, crossing ***** Rd. (dirt road), climbing up the hillside into the woods on the other side of the road. Later investigation revealed two shelter-like structures, a footprint, and a deer carcass.

May, 2010-Witnesses observed a dark hair covered figure walking quietly through the trees on their property at around 2 am in the morning. No dogs were barking and no other people were around. Witnesses could hear the figure stepping on branches as it slowly moved through the trees, and could see its silhouette from the street lights on the road below the tree line. The figure was approximately 25 to 30yds away. The witnesses lost sight of the figure suddenly (suspecting it may have crouched down out of sight).

July 3, 2010-While working with her sister cleaning up brush and mowing grass on her property, the witness heard something walking around in the brush. When she walked over to the driveway to see if she could see what it was that was making the noise, she encountered a 3ft. tall hair covered creature standing on the footpath, within 10 feet from where she was standing. She did not get a good look at its face, due to it turning quickly and running extremely fast back through the brush. No noise or smell was noticed. Follow-up investigation did not reveal any tracks or hair samples. Further investigation is required.

It was a very enjoyable day yesterday.. The weather was gorgeous, the night was clear. Any day Squatching in the woods is a good day...whether you have activity or not.

The sisters loved having company. They talked non-stop from the moment I arrived at 12:30 p.m. until I left at 12:30 a.m. They even invited me to their Family Reunion next weekend.

I feel that there is abundant Sasquatchtivity in the area due to the numerous sightings by other witness as well as the sisters, however, I am not sure that all of the sightings submitted by these sisters are legitimate.

It is my observation that they are not seeking any publicity, however, they crave the attention that comes with eager researchers who will sit and listen to their stories. They are well versed in the history of Dunbar and can tell you stories about George Washington, Christopher Gist and the beginning of the French and Indian War.

My time with the sisters was very enjoyable and I hope there will be conclusive evidence collected in that area in the very near future.

In my haste to report I failed to respect that this was also an on-going investigation site for the PBS. There are many sightings reported in this county and general area that it did not occur to me that I might have given away a location in my report. My apologies to Eric Altman and the PBS.

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