Monday, July 12, 2010

Overnight AM, Mr. Mike, Dementia, and Bigfootery Antics

I just got off the phone after a quite lengthy conversation with the now well known to you, Lan Lamphere of Overnight AM radio.

Overnight AM is an internet talk show that touches on many subjects. A successful radio show is designed to entertain, enlighten, instigate discussions and encourage people to open their minds and consider other points of view.

Lan’s interests have never been Bigfoot oriented as it is well known that he is a UFO enthusiast.

When William Birnes came to his good friend Lan about Mr. Mike, (and yes his name is Mike) they had no idea how cruel and devastating the shark filled waters of Bigfoot Research could be. As I stated in my previous blog post, the people in this field can be quite nasty to one another, even their so-called friends.

Lan wants you all to go away. He doesn’t care if you listen to his show ever again.

The story of Mr. Mike will most likely end tonight as far as Overnight AM is concerned but not without a bang. Overnight AM is not a dedicated Bigfoot show and Lan would like to get on to producing his show as he has done for the past 9 years.

I have a statement from Lan that I would like to pass on to you, the Bigfoot community.

“The reports of Mr. Mike’s encounters with Bigfoot have been highly exaggerated and over exaggerated not on the part of Overnight AM but on the part of Mr. Mike. He is suffering from a form of dementia. Now this is according to the researchers that were there. Whether that is true or not I do not know because I was not there. I only have the Bigfoot community and these researchers inside of it and their integrity and moral compass to go on. That’s all I have. That’s all that anyone who listens to this program has. But there’s more to this story than just hallucinations or chain of events that have led to him reaching out to this radio show and to UFO magazine. There’s more to it than meets the eye. And I think that the story falls within the realm of the pretentious and mean nature of the Bigfoot community as a whole rather than falling back to Mr. Mike’s “alleged” mental illness, hallucinations or instability.”

Overnight AM did not make any claims that this event was real. Mr. Mike’s opinion and testimony was confessed on Overnight AM in his own words.

Did Lan hire a private investigator? Yes. Did the private investigator discover any negative information about Mr. Mike? No. Did the Bigfoot community attack and shred the story as the witness told it? Yes. Do you trust that any Bigfoot Research group is going to tell you the truth about what they found on the property? Even when people in this field turn on each other every day?

Tonight Overnight AM will put the Mr. Mike saga to rest. But rest assured my “friends” the story is not over.

In the words of the infamous Bill Green, “To be continued indeedy!”

And I can guarantee that The Bigfoot Field Reporter will be the only place to get the real story.

More will unfold in the weeks to come, but ask yourself who do you trust? Who can you believe?


  1. Does Lamphere think we're blind as well as stupid? We read his very own statements where he talked about how Mike seemed so credible and genuine, and how Mike "checked out" with the PI, blah, blah. That, Mr. L., is vouching.

    If Lamphere had been so concerned with truth and accuracy, he would never have said ANYTHING until he had confirmation. But no, he couldn't wait to run with it.

    Lamphere pushed this story; he played it; he milked it for all it was worth. HE OWNS IT.

  2. Sharonlee, I hope you know the link to listen to lastnight's show. Either I'm stupid or the website is not very user friendly. Thanks for the updates!

  3. Why would a person with mental problems be in charge of a 90 year old blind person? What were the qualifications of the people who claimed that Mike has dementia. Were they Psychologists?
    I listened to the show and Mike seemed not only sincere but very sensible. One wonders that an organization that makes money off the mystery of bigfoot might be worried that if that mystery disappears then their whole reason for existence is gone.

  4. Sharon,

    I'm a little curious about these Bigfoot/Facebook guys. I am also concerned that Mike is being railroaded in a systematic response by individuals (and a field) who really don't understand the true nature of sasquatch, or human nature for that matter. Minimally, NO sasquatch will stick around when new people show up looking for them. Are researchers really so full of themselves to think that all they need to do is show up with a FLIR, and bigfoot will just show themselves? ESPECIALLY on the first night of their arrival? Do they REALLY know this little about sasquatch? It's almost like they still think he is just some giant ape. Do they? From Jack's Facebook photo, I must wonder ...

    I fear these guys messed up, especially with consideration of what Mike feels he witnessed. I've have experience and my own lesser level of habituation, well they ARE ahead of us when we attempt to catch them on film. Sure the researchers might be able to talk Mike into their findings on some level, but still I've heard no explanation about the 'shadow' on Lan's video at the time the FLIR was being operated. They couldn't explain it on the air and I've seen no explanations since. I REALLY would like to see that video. Seems kind of crucial at this juncture in defense of Mike's character and well being.

    I suppose there is a positive outcome here in that proving sasquatch' existence won't happen in the hands of those who don't understand the nature of these creatures. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, that includes the majority of people out there.

    The sad part of this whole thing is that we have a bunch of so-called researchers who have basically convicted Mike of having delusions. The reality is, they overstepped their own limits of understanding of these beings and of Mike. I've since seen people write some pretty cruel stuff about Mike, all due to their own limits and a need to discount everything they do not understand. If things don't fit within their limited idea of our universe, by God it can't exist. This field is so damned screwed up and that's the problem. Can you blame any witness for not wanting this kind of crap to happen to them? No wonder more people don't come forward. One more witness receives a declaration of 'non compos mentis' (yeah I had to look that one up. lol).

    Sharon, Lan said you would carry the story. So do what you can to get that 'other' video up will ya? Mike's well being may well depend on it. That's truly important here.