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Friday, July 09, 2010

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Squatching

Well Mr. Lamphere sure has gotten us all worked up into a frenzy! Good job Lan!
However, we can't afford to get sucked in just yet, so let's get back to what we do...

This weekend I will be out in the field following up on an incident that occurred last weekend...I will not disclose who gave me the information or where the incident took place.

I will return with pictures and hopefully a good story.

Here is a taste of what the witness has reported:

'While working with her sister cleaning up brush and mowing grass on her property, the witness heard something walking around in the brush. When she walked over to the driveway to see if she could see what it was that was making the noise, she encountered a 3ft. tall hair covered creature standing on the footpath, within 10 feet from where she was standing. She did not get a good look at its face, due to it turning quickly and running extremely fast back through the brush. No noise or smell was noticed. Follow-up investigation did not reveal any tracks or hair samples. Further investigation is required.'

The alleged incident took place on July 3rd at 2 pm.

In the words of Bill Green, "To be continued indeedy!"


  1. Was the creature standing on two legs, did it seem bipedal? I assume it was but the report doesn't say. Looking forward to more!

  2. Be safe and I look forward to your findings!

  3. Yes, she said it ran on two legs faster than anything she had ever seen. She was so startled she stifled a scream and bit her tongue

  4. I'll be uneventful day squatching beats a boring Saturday at home!

  5. Could this be the same "Mike" in Autumn Williams' new book? Does anyone know?

  6. Mr. Mike and Autumn Williams' Mike are not the same.