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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Comment from William Mayes

Every time I open a comment I get nervous inside. Believe it or not, I do get some nasty email!

William Mayes sent me a comment on the Mr. Mike situation and although I wanted to let this story fade away, I felt that William actually read between the lines of my story and he understood what was not said.

William Mayes said...

'Why would a person with mental problems be in charge of a 90 year old blind person? What were the qualifications of the people who claimed that Mike has dementia. Were they Psychologists?
I listened to the show and Mike seemed not only sincere but very sensible. One wonders that an organization that makes money off the mystery of bigfoot might be worried that if that mystery disappears then their whole reason for existence is gone.' ~W. Mayes

We all heard Mr. Mike. I do not know enough about dementia to diagnose the severity of one's condition. But if I were to practice Psychology 101, I would think that Mr. Mike's story might have been a little more...well...demented!

His story in fact, mirrored the accounts of many eyewitnesses! He said they were big, he didn't claim that they were giants towering over his house. He said they were very loving towards one another and had a lot of contact with each other. He didn't claim that they were violent animals trying to break into his home and eat him and his sister. I would think a person with dementia or hallucinations, or a crazy attention seeker would come up with something more unbelievable.

There is more to this story folks. You might not hear another word about this for 6 months to a year...then one day you will be watching television and see something that makes you say...."oh crap!".


  1. Sharon,

    This is David Rodriguez. Over on I've been defending this guy because I've witnessed just how tunnel-visioned this field can be. We have to understand, there are things in this world that cannot be explained. There are report after report of bigfoot doing things that do not fit within the parameters of what a basic physical being should be capable of. I've had my own strange accounts that I cannot explain.

    Maybe in this case we should recognize that some people may be able to see things that others can't? Some people are gifted, some aren't. Those who aren't however, are usually the ones who will pooh pooh this concept. That is to the detriment of all because they may be in the 'majority'.

    But here we have Mike saying he saw something when the FLIR was raised up. The researcher investigated the exact location of an 'admitted' heat signature, but he saw nothing there. However assuming Lan truly had a separate camera up watching the trees, and this caught a 'shadow' in the location they were looking, well something doesn't jive.

    Unfortunately those who have no room for other phenomenon beyond what the world presently knows, won't have a clue on how to investigate this. The majority of mainstream science physicists today prescribe to the theory of other dimensions existing along side our own. Yet we can't even contemplate the possibility within our own field. We want to impress science by not allowing these so-called fringe theories, yet they are mainstream building blocks within science itself. Again, something doesn't jive.

    I for one believe Mr Mike. I will stick to my guns. I too have been reading between the lines and SEE how this field continually progresses forward with its blinders on. Just because researchers couldn't see what Mike saw, is not reason to discount him. Some people see ghosts where others can't. Some people are sensitive to telepathy too. Heck, governments and universities have spent millions on exploring the field of parapsychology, is the bigfoot field so deserving if we can't think outside this ever shrinking box we have constructed for ourselves? There are a number of possible, yet unacceptable reasons for these strange reports that come along. Unfortunately we as a group 'can't go there' because there is no foundation in science. Well, science is progressing. It is trying to prove the existence of other dimensions too. That is even one of the purposes of the Hadron Super Collider. Can we with our giant egos as RESEARCHERS, try to be just a little open minded ourselves?

    Sadly the researchers will probably conclude there is no sasquatch there because they have not seen them for themselves, even while Mike is able to. Never mind that bigfoot probably won't stick around under normal circumstances when strange people carrying gear threaten their safe haven. But if they do have some unexplainable ability, which so many reports seem to indicate, then this mystery may remain a mystery forever. Just last night in a chat room someone described having what sounded like a bigfoot crashing through the trees towards her, but when it reached the road, all she could see was the footstep sounds and accompanied dust in the road before she drove off. Similar events happen fairly often, but such reports are usually buried and those people written off. I even admit to having something similar happen once, something landed on its feet 30' away, and was soon there in front of me, then it blew in my face twice, but I couldn't see a damned thing there. I have absolutely no explanation for it but it happened. So I simply remain open minded. It doesn't hurt a bit.


  2. cont.

    So how will this field wrestle with the possibility that there are aspects about sasquatch that may not fit within what we know about our world? The idea of telepathy is slowly coming forward as there are enough people and researchers who have experienced it themselves. It is not as taboo as some fear it to be, but it is those who fear the unknown who may need to accept they just don't have such ability while others do.

    As for Mike, I wish I could visit with him there. He doesn't need a condemnation from people who aren't open minded at all, or those who aren't there. There are just too many things in our world that defy explanation if you don't know how to look. I'm not saying I know how to look either, but I do keep my eyes and other senses open for the unexplained phenomenon because I know it exists too. I don't think Mike has dementia at all, Mike is just fine. Unfortunately if the researchers are going to 'help' mike the way I think they may, well I don't think its going to be help at all. Any sasquatch present won't want to be seen by the researchers, so they need to accept why they haven't seen anything themselves. Mike may even have a very special gift that the vast majority of ignorant researchers can't comprehend. But if the researchers are lucky, they will succeed in having him placed in a care facility and prescribed pills so he won't see the visitors any longer. What a wonderful outcome that will be right?

    Hang in there Mike.

  3. Wow, thank you Sharon, David, and others -- I have found myself going back to what you all have commented. A nagging feeling that, wait a minute. . . not so fast. As with the dementia; "Mr. Mike" didn't sound demented, he sounded very matter of fact. And as Sharon pointed out, he has dementia but takes care of a legally blind 90 yr old sibling? And so on. . . so it's nice to read comments from others who aren't so ready to dismiss this case . . .