Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Champ Camp!

This is one event that has me so excited. Who says that adults can't or shouldn't go to summer camp!

Attend Champ Camp! Feel like a kid again! Laugh, swim, camp out in a tent, tell campfire stories, make s'mores, take a cruise on Lake Champlain! So much to do.
Treat yourself!

Believe It Tour Champ Camp July 23-25, 2010

Champ Camp Scenic Lake Cruise

Champ Camp lake Cruise A scenic, narrated cruise aboard the Spirit of Ethan Allen offers amazing views of the Green Mountains of Vermont and the Adirondacks of New York. On the cruise you'll get to hear some fascinating American Indian folklore tales, stories about some important historical figures that visited the area, and even a few interesting legends about the lake and it's inhabitants. You also have a great opportunity to see the distinctive geography of the area and the beauty of the lake from a unique perspective.

Plus don't forget to bring your camera and keep your eyes open for a possible Champ sighting. The lake's largest mass sighting of Champ, the Lake Monster, was aboard the Spirit of Ethan Allen in the summer of 1984.

Educational Workshops (Optional)

Campfire Storytelling
There's nothing more exciting than a good folklore tale or spooky ghost story told around a roaring campfire. Pull up a chair and join your host as he shares his good old-fashioned storytelling magic with you.
Lead by: Michael Esordi. As Believe It Tour Founder, Michael brings his interest in the art of storytelling to the camp with some classic tales.

Nature Hike
Explore the amazing beauty of Lake Champlain with a nature hike along one of the nearby trails. Follow your guide as you learn about the area, the unique geography, and the native plants and animals that make the lake their home.
Lead by: Diana Smith. Believe It Tour explorer and avid hiker, Diana has extensive experience backpacking into the most remote areas of the United States.

Lake Creatures Big and Small
This workshop, led by a marine biologist, will explore the fascinating creatures that live in Lake Champlain. Learn about the diverse life in the lake that ranges from the enormous lake sturgeon to the tiny, monster-like opossum shrimp.
Lead by: Katie Archambault. A lover of all things aquatic, Katie's degree in Marine Biology has allowed her to be in the field exploring marine science throughout Maine.

Water Ecology
Get an in-depth look at the lake as you learn about the role of water in the lake ecology and the importance of water quality on the lake life cycle. Learn what water quality is, the chemistry behind it, and how to test it.
Lead by: Craig Woolheater, President of Innerline Technologies, the only licensed green plumber is Northern Texas. He's also the founder of Cryptomundo, co-founder of the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy, and an avid Bigfoot researcher.

Track Casting and Evidence Gathering
This unique class will cover the basics of track casting and how to gather evidence using standard scientific methods. This exciting workshop will show you where and how to look for tracks, how to make a cast once you find some tracks, and how to preserve and collect any field evidence or samples you might find when you're out exploring.
Lead by: Michael Esordi and Diana Smith. Michael has traveled throughout the United States where he has utilized his tracking skills in the field for the last 15 years. Diana is a Microbiologist that was trained in environmental and scientific collection techniques.

Create Your Own Champ
This fun and creative workshop is for all ages. Whether you're a kid or just a kid at heart this class will help you design your very own mixed media cryptid creation as you let your imagination run wild.
Lead by: Michael Esordi. A graduate of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design Michael is a life-long artist and creator of the Believe It Tour characters.

Morning Yoga at the Lake
Nothing could be more relaxing or centering than being outdoors and doing yoga by the lake. Connect with nature in a new way as you start your day with a gentle, but exhilarating hatha yoga class for all levels.
Lead by: Diana Smith. Believe It Tour's very own Yoga Alliance registered Yoga instructor.

Champ Camp Cookout
Join us for a delicious welcome barbecue cookout. What a great way to start the weekend as you enjoy good food, great conversation, and meet the other folks on the adventure.
Lead by: Michael Esordi, Diana Smith, and Craig Woolheater.

More Talks and Workshops... (TBA)

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