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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Follow up on Mr. Mike

I sat and listened to Lan Lamphere's entire podcast on Overnight AM radio.

Strange to say the least. Right away I have questions regarding "Mr. Mike's" story.

He sounds so believable. How can a sweet little old man be making this up? How can he "act" so well?

The location is undisclosed. Fair enough. He describes his property as urban/suburban. His back yard abuts a small forest of about 80' x 125' and through the bushes there is a restaurant/bar parking lot where the family of Squatches dumpster dive at night.

He claims that he is at home taking care of his 90 year old blind sister. He claims to be 70. His sister is 20 years older than him? I guess that could be.
He says he is afraid to leave the house, to pick up a disposable camera, for fear that they might hurt his sister, but he has gone on trips to a fast food drive through to get french fries. He is purchasing blueberries and raspberries and "tossing" them out to the creatures.

His story is so believable though! The incident where a toddler climbed up the telephone pole and the mother frantically grunted at the youngster.

He claims to have contacted a local zoo and spoke to their "primate specialist". Not interested.

He talks about how they mostly lay around all night, and when he approached, the male bared his canine teeth at him in a grimace.

I need more information...maybe I need less...

I want your input!

Why is he calling him "Mr. Mike"? Coincidence that Autumn Williams' witness is also named Mike?

Then Lan goes on to tell a tale of his sighting as a youngster. Has he ever spoke about this before? Who is Lan Lamphere?

Why is this story coming to Lan from a UFO website?

I need answers!

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  1. The sasquatch dumpster dive at the restaurant and then walk over to Mr. Mike's place to sleep it off. It has also been learned that a large crop of hallucinogenic mushrooms has sprouted over night on Mr. Mikes property and the yeti are feeding them to him.