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Friday, July 09, 2010

E-Mails and Messages received

I am going to post some of the emails and messages that have been sent to me to share thoughts and provoke discussion regarding Lan Lamphere and Mr. Mike.

"I listened to the Lan Lamphere's 'Overnight AM' show last night as he continued his interview with "Mr. Mike". Pretty wild stuff going on for sure! To believe that mulitple bigfoot creatures have decided to homestead in this man's front/back yard to avoid the biting mosquitos, is wild by anybody's standards! Not saying I don't believe it, but come on! The fact that this guy lives by a busy highway in a populated neighborhood and the only thing separating these creatures from the neighbors is a thicket of tall bushes is rather bizarre. I truly hope that this isn't another "Art Bell interviews Bugs from the Texas Panhandle" parody! If proof (pictures/video) isn't presented to the outside world very soon, then I guess we can say we've all been sucked in again, just like the "Georgia bigfoot in the freezer hoax"! I keep wondering why we are so gulible to believe these stories, and then I remember it's because we so badly want to prove to all the naysayers that these creatures truly do live among us! Argh! The things we go through for research....LOL! Hopefully this won't end up being another hoax that makes our research look like a bigger joke among the non-believers!

I wish they would at least reveal the name of the state or which timezone this is taking place in. Since Lan indicated that it was late where this "Mr. Mike" was calling from, I have to believe that it must be somewhere in the eastern standard timezone. Wouldn't it be wild if it's in PA or OH? Wonder if this "Mr. Mike" has attempted to leave food out and if so, have they taken it? Lamphere's should allow listener's to give suggestions for testing the creatures reaction to certain objects, food items, noises/sounds, etc. This may be the closest anyone ever comes to being able to research the creatures level of intelligence.

I guess we'll continue to listen and hope that we aren't being sucked in to another Internet radio hoohaha! Funny how this reminds me of when people would gather around their radios back in the 40's and 50's to listen to shows like the Green Hornet, Fugitive, Phantom, and of course the infamous Orsen Wells "War of the World". People got caught up in the show hype and actually believed the characters were real! hmmm?"

and another...
"Before I go to bed and this is all fresh in my mind I thought I would mention something that really jumped out at me tonight. Did you notice how the person from findbigfoot or whatever it is, on Facebook, kept spamming the chat room with links to their Facebook page and then Lan or lance or whatever his name is started saying over and over about the findbigfoot Facebook page and its 5000 members? did you notice that?
Well, today whoever is the owner of the Facebook page posted this over and over Quote:"We have spoken with Lam Lamphere today, "Mike" will be on the show tonight."
hmmm so they had spoken with Lam or Lan today and then this big promotion goes on tonight? and of course they are stringing everyone out all they can but that is just marketing.
This is all very strange indeed and as you and I discussed earlier, what is this about a water supply being there now? and 6 more? a PI hiding in the bushes and 5 small shadows approach him? midget vampires? the ninja PI is grunted at by something small? maybe it was Mr Mike as he sounds like he is about 7 years old?
This is a really weird one and I would not be surprised if we do not hear more on it or it slowly vanishes into the mist known as the internet fueled by the googles"

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