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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's Coming Up?

Artwork by Todd Neiss
This weekend I will be heading to Champ Camp at Button Bay State Park in Vermont.  We will look for the Lake Champlain monster during the day, and Bigfoot at night!  It should be lots of fun!

Unfortunately, due to lack of funds, I will not be able to attend Beachfoot this year! Boooooo! Sorry Todd!

I will be traveling to Oklahoma the first week of October to cover the Honobia Bigfoot Festival and Conference presented by the Talihina Chamber of Commerce.

Guest speakers to include Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Kathy Moskowitz Strain and Troy Hudson of the TBIG

I am working on several small projects that will allow me to get out and report from the field.

Please send me your event information and I will promote it for you at no cost here on this website.


  1. You do know that the MABRC will still be at that event, don't you? And there is no internet access to do your show from and it's already been stated that no recording devices or cell phones will be allowed in the conference. I don't think you will be appreciated there.

  2. I have friends all over the United States. I am welcome anywhere! :)

  3. Sharon has special access to the conference. Only a few media types have access. There will be off duty Oklahoma Police Officers there to ensure policies are adhered too.

    Troy Hudson
    Honobia 2010 Conference Host